Luvable Friends Flannel Receiving Blankets, Blue, 4 Count

Luvable Friends Flannel Receiving Blankets, Blue, 4 Count

From our premium Luvable Friends layette collection of unique baby clothing and baby care products, our flannel receiving blankets are made of only the softest cotton flannel for the softest touch on your baby’s gentle skin. Each set comes with 4 unique blankets all wrapped in a beautiful matching ribbon to make the perfect gift for any baby. Each blanket is unique and carries a unified theme. Blankets can be used for play time, cuddling & even as a nursing cover!

Main features

  • Multi Uses, Sleeping, Cuddling, Stroller Cover, Nursing Cover, Burp Cloth
  • Machine washable
  • Perfect when travelling
  • Arrives with Gift Ribbon for easy gift giving
  • 28 x 28 inches
  • Arrives with Gift Ribbon for easy gift giving!

Verified reviews


Luvable Freinds 4-Pack Balankets – Pink

We found these Luvable Friends 4-Pack Flannel Receiving Blankets to be very pretty, too small in size, and of not of such good quality compared to other receiving blankets that we purchased.

Bridgett Lovelaceville, KY


The colors are great, but they do fade with the many washes. Also, the side seems are starting to come off. But they still work!

Helene Pine Grove Mills, PA

Love these but…..

Love these but they are just a little too small. The colors are fabulous but the small size means that they are very hard to use to swaddle.

Mia Mc Cracken, KS

Too small

The size is too small. Also it’s not really flannel,but cotton flannel which is much thinner than I expected. It might work better as burping cloths.

Eleanor Gilbert, WV

Good for Burping but not to Swaddle

You get what you pay for with these blankets. They are too small for swaddling, but they ended up working well for burp towels. They also didn’t stay soft after washing. My baby is now 3 months old and these are already too small to even lay over top of him in the stroller. If you’re looking for a thin summer swaddle, go with the Aden and Anais blankets. They are large and stretchy…perfect for swaddling. They are also great for a thin breathable blanket to go over a car seat, stroller, or a breastfeeding baby. They are a bit more expensive, but I purchased one pack of 4 and they are still holding up well after numerous washes.

Joan Graham, TX

Too small!

These are too small to swaddle a real baby! I use them as oversized burp cloths instead. I’ll give them to my sister to use with her dolls.

Consuelo Bremen, KY

Thin but useful

I live in the tropics so these blankets come in handy sometimes when the temperature is really hot but you still need to use the blanket to protect the baby from surfaces. They are quite thin as previously discussed but good for the price and has many uses.

Ollie Hiram, MO

Cute but fair quality

These are really cute blankets and when my daughter was born, people especially loved the little elephant one. However, the blankets are fairly small and really only good for using as spit up blankets. Also, two of the four started coming apart on the edges after a few washes. I still use them, but they probably won’t make it to another baby.

Lilia Neola, WV

Four Stars

these are cute but the material could be nicer

Allie Artesian, SD

Poor Quality

The patterns are adorable. However, the fabric is very thin, and the stitching on the edges does not appear as if it will last. I have other receiving blankets, so I expected these to be as sturdy as the ones I have used before. They were not.

Gayle Comptche, CA

Not pleased

Bought these and they are wayyyy too thin. I expected them to be much thicker. The colours are also too dull, it could have been brighter. I will not be using these as recieving blankets, instead I’ll find something else to do with them. If you are looking for something thick please dont buy these. Not worth it.

Eugenia Essexville, MI

Cute patterns

The first set I bought had a hole in one of the blankets, but a replacement was sent promptly. I like the patterns on the blankets, but wish they were a bit heavier weight.

Stephanie Cave City, AR

Adorable but seem thin

These are very cute. Good price for four pack. Gender neutral colors. They do seem a little thin to me, but hopefully they work for things.

Dianne Baldwin, LA

Don’t waste your money!!

Receiving blankets are so small and light weight that they feel cheap! I could hardly swaddle new baby so now use as burp rag…I bought 2 sets and they are useless.

Elsie North Platte, NE

Pretty small

Cant really swaddle in these because they are too small for it. After washed they are not really all that soft either.

Jesse Everton, AR

Love them!

These blankets are smaller than my Carter’s receiving blankets, but they are still a good size for my small baby. They are super soft after washing. Love the colors and patterns.

Janell Weston, VT


These are the size I would expect from receiving blankets, and they are nice and soft. They seemed thinner than I expected when I first took them out of the package, but oddly they didn’t feel thin at all after I washed & dried them. They are exactly what I was looking for.

Natalia Peaks Island, ME

Very Soft and lovely colors

When I first saw these blankets online I fell in love with them. I hoped they would be nice and soft and they are. The colors are neutral and I love them. Good product and from what I feel good quality material.

Sandra Coolspring, PA

Better to go to the fabric store, and just buy some scraps

I received a package of these as a gift. I really wanted to like them. The colors and patterns are cute and cheerful. And, those colors and patterns are the only positive thing about these.The fabric is thin. It’s flannel, which normally would mean it has some weight. Nope, regular cotton like a button down shirt would be made of is almost the same weight and almost as absorbent. You can kind of use these as burp cloths, but they aren’t great for that, and really a standard kitchen towel would be better.Each blanket is small. These can’t be used to swaddle a baby. They are 28 x 28 inches. I can’t even tuck these under the edge of the bassinet and cover the baby with the untucked part. Even worse, the edges are surged, not hemmed, and that combined with such light weight fabric, means you would have to iron the blanket after washing in order to get the full size. The blankets wrinkle horribly at the edges after a wash, so you loose 2 inches on each side. I have other blankets with surged edges made of heavier fabric which don’t wrinkle like this, but for this fabric, it’s just absolutely not how the edges should have been finished.I will cut mine into four equal pieces, and just use them as rags to wash bottles, etc with.Please don’t buy these for you or for someone else. They are a waste of time to try to use and a waste of resources to manufacture or buy. You would do better to buy a package of wash cloths or handtowels to clean with, or just go to a fabric store buy some fabric and cut it into larger squares using pinking shears so the edges don’t unravel.Update: After about four washings each, the serging on the sides has pulled out, and I had to cut it off. So, I have an unfinished edge. The soft fluffy part of the flannel has also washed out of the fabric, leaving something that is a mix between flannel and cheese cloth. I suspect that as I continue to use these for changing table covers, they will turn completely into cheese cloth after about 8 washings each.

Fay Holbrook, NE

great comfy blankets

Love the colors and the light weight material. Hold up well when baby spits up on them. Super soft too.

Lacey Deer Creek, OK

nice, but too small for a receiving blanket

these blankets are soft to the touch. they look nice, but looking at them they seem too small for a receiving blanket. i’m sure we’ll end up using them for burp cloths or a light blanket for the baby. i’m giving it 3 stars only because i don’t think they’re labeled correctly as a receiving blanket.

Alexandra Wellesley Island, NY

Luvable Friends Flannel Receiving Blankets , Blue

The colours & peterns are so fresh.I have purchased these before in Pink for my daughter’s baby & she has received lots of comments on how nice they are.I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Lucia Shobonier, IL

love this item

I love these receiving blankets. They are so soft to the touch and they keep my grand baby warm. I will be purchasing these again for my nieces twin girls. Beautiful in color. Highly recommend these.

Eileen Still Pond, MD

Ripped in wash before first use

They look cute and are great for burb cloths but definitely not large enough for swaddling. One of the blankets ripped on the side in the wash before first use. Guess you get what you pay for. Thank goodness for Amazon’s generous return policy.

Julia Balsam Lake, WI

They serve their purpose

These aren’t my favorite spit cloths. It’s like they just cut random squares that aren’t even straight. They clean up any spit or drool as necessary but is recommend bigger cloths of a better quality.

Darcy Oak Island, NC

Luvable Friends 4-Pack Flannel Receiving Blankets

I should’ve known! I read some of the reviews but I thought what the heck, not all of them are that bad. These little things are paper-like and they’re way too small. Good thing I paid with a gift card or I’d be returning.

Marguerite Payne, OH

Love these blanket

I Love these blankets they are really nice and my daughter will be using them once her baby arrivals. My daughter loves them also

Sharron Westfield, NC

Nice blankets

These blankets are soft and nice. I only gave 4 stars because I wish they were a bit larger. It’s not going to take very long for baby to outgrow the size. Our little guy was 7.5 lbs when born and the blanket was just large enough for a snug wrap. He will outgrow the size within weeks. Not sure how well it will launder, because it was a gift for a great-grandson.

Pearlie Sandstone, WV


These are nice but they look like they are used slightly. The patterns are adorable as displayed in the picture posted.

Audra Flanders, NJ

Soft and helpful

Used them for wiping mouths and everything in between. They work great. I’d def recommend these to someone looking for this type of blanket.

Letha Akeley, MN