Luvable Friends “I Love” Baby Burp Cloths, 3 Pack, Blue-Daddy

Luvable Friends “I Love” Baby Burp Cloths, 3 Pack, Blue-Daddy

Luvable Friends “I Love” Baby Burp Cloths – 3 Pack – Blue/Daddy This 3-Pack of baby burp cloths comes with the classic “I Love…” embroidery theme and matching artwork on the first burp cloth, a stylish “I Love” print on the second, and a matching solid color with “…Loves Me” embroidered on the third. Features include: •65% cotton, 35% polyester •Machine washable •Embroidery theme •Matching artwork  

Main features

  • 65% cotton, 35% polyester
  • Machine washable
  • Embroidery theme
  • Matching artwork

Verified reviews


Burp Cloths?!?

Really?These would never work as regular burp cloths, if my son throws up,he gets it EVERYWHERE.What the hell are these tiny little things going to do?We tucked them across his swaddle me in case he was sick,they worked wonderful for that.Also they are super cute.

Corina Sabana Grande, PR

Nice Quality and Adorable

Just want all to know it’s made well and if you are buying this as a gift, you get my thumbs up. These are so cute. I love that 2 out of 3 have a cute saying “I love Daddy” and “Daddy loves me.” Very nice:)

Leanne East Texas, PA


I got these in blue. They are really cute… as other reviewers have said, they are probably not the softest in the market but it would be a stretch to say they are harsh on baby’s skin! My baby spits up quite a bit so i go through quite a lot in a day. I also end up using all sorts as burp cloths! hand towels, wash cloths, name it…The price is pocket friendly too…Would i buy them again? Definitely!!!

Alexandra Arley, AL

Good burp cloth

This is a good burb cloth. I didn’t realize babies burb up so much milk but this did the job of protecting my clothes.

Lakesha Fremont, IA

Our favorite burp cloths!

We love these cloths! We have the pink “I love mommy” and ” I love daddy” ones and they work better than any other burp cloths {our other ones just soak right through} we have bought and they are very very cute! Very happy with them and at $4 for a 3 pack they are perfect!

Louise Kandiyohi, MN

so rough on the baby skin

we tried these burp clothes for 5 months and then we just gave up,it was too rough on the baby skin so if u wanna use it for burping only it fine but don’t wipe the poor baby face with it.

Madeleine Beaman, IA

Wasn’t impressed

I bought these and was disappointed. They are small, thin, and not soft. Maybe I’m just spoiled after having received much better quality burp cloths as gifts for my baby. Burp cloths are very handy for newborns, but having tried others I definitely wouldn’t recommend these.

Carrie Ages Brookside, KY

Just for looks

I purchased these cloths because of the decal and gave them a chance considering the lower reviews. What a waste of money….1) The cloths are just too narrow, they honestly won’t keep the majority of your shoulder or even the length of your hand covered,2) The material absorbs just like a terry washcloth,When my son dribbled, even slightly, and I wiped him clean, I had to fold up the cloth afterwards and put it in a knot-it bag so it wouldn’t dirty anything it touched. My son is now in his projectile vomiting stage… these cloths have become obsolete. My only use for them now is for that occasional one time use.Basically, forget about staying dry with these cloths. I love Luvable Friends, their items are usually fairly priced, reliable and cute… but these cloths were just not worth the price or the detergent.

Darla Lake Toxaway, NC


i got these as a baby gift for my friend they were really cute and i think she liked them

Tia West Ridge, AR

Daddy loves these!

These have been used the most out of all of our burp cloths. We actually have higher quality burp cloths but the design does it for him. The texture is sort of a like a terry cloth but not as rough and thinner. They have held up decently through washings but there are better quality burp cloths out there. These are shaped long and thin instead of being trifold ones like normal burp cloths

Pat Gray, PA


i didn’t like the shape of these the babies r us clothes worked better and roll up small these were a bit thick for me.

Christian Coleman, MI