Luvable Friends I Love Mommy and Daddy Baby Burp Cloths, Pink Daddy, 3-Count

Luvable Friends I Love Mommy and Daddy Baby Burp Cloths, Pink Daddy, 3-Count

This 3 Count of baby burp cloths by Luvable Friends is made of terry cotton with embroidery. These are absorbent for parents and soft for baby. Great idea for Father’s or Mother’s Day gifts. Like this item? Why not check out our Luvable Friends I Love – Embroidered Drooler Bib. Matching styles and colors, all with the adorable “I Love” sayings. Makes a perfect gift set.

Main features

  • 65% Cotton / 35% Polyester / Fiber Filled
  • Bound Edges for Longer Last
  • Soft and Absorbent
  • Matching 3pk bib available from Luvable Friends
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


descent burp cloths

I like the material of these burp cloths. They are super soft and pretty absorbent. My only complaint is that they are a little small. I wish they were bigger. My baby tends to spit up a lot and so they get soiled very quickly. I prefer to use the prefold cloth diapers as burp cloths.

Marissa Nome, TX

Love them.

I love these burp rags! They are the perfect size for your shoulder. If your baby spits up a ton it could take one burp rag per spit up explosion.

Vivian Leonore, IL

Absorbent and fun

I ordered these about a month ago and was immediately pleased upon opening the package. They are soft and fluffy, and thicker than many other burp cloths I’ve seen for this price. Highly recommended.

Jeannie Ridgely, TN

Thick and Absorbant but Narrow

These burp clothes are thick and readily absorb whatever is spilled on them, but they are significantly narrower than other burb cloths. Just hope that your baby’s aim is good within the width of them I guess?

Young Blair, OK

really thin

Not the first product from this brand I buy. They are very very thin. It is for a gift so cannot say anything about liquids going through. But the bath towels I had and which feel same "thickness" did not absorb a lot after baby bath.

Jenifer Decatur, IL

These are great and fun! Wish they were softer and a bit bigger

These are fantastic looking and they hold up well with many repeated washings. I do wish they were a tad larger and a bit softer (the 2 designs that were printed on are a bit rough, as you can feel the design a bit).

John Black, MO

Scratchy! Do not buy.

Terrible. I ordered this set as well as the SpaSilk brand. This set is cute, but VERY rough and scratchy. I cannot use it as a burpy cloth nor as a washcloth. Painful when rubbed against skin.

Amanda Five Points, AL

Work well for the price

i think these burp cloths look nice and I purchased them for my newborn girl. They seem like decent quality and they do work. I just wished they were wider. Seems like when we get some good spit up action of the little one the cloth gets drenched very quickly and sometimes it gets on my clothes since they aren’t very wide.

Alisa Honokaa, HI


Just received these. Love them. The quality is really nice and the fabric is nice too. I would recommend these.

Sabrina West Roxbury, MA

Cute and Affordable

If you want a burp cloth that looks better than the cloth diapers but don’t cost an arm and a leg then buy these. They arn’t as thick as the more expensive burp cloths or cloth diapers but they wash well and are very affordable and cute for the quality you get.

Nan Heppner, OR


I love the price. I love how soft they are. I love this set in general and would recommend to anyone.

Irma Elmwood, WI


I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 because the material wasn’t as thick as I would have liked it to be, but besides that I love it. I actually use these as washcloths as well as burp clothes because the material is very absorbent.

Kathie Rockwood, IL

So sweet, soft, and just the right size!

These were a gift, and so sweet! These fit perfectly in the diaper bag and just the right size to set over your shoulder. The terry cloth fabric helps to keep these burp cloths from slipping off your shoulder.

Lolita Gibson, TN

Best Burp Cloths

These are my favorite burp cloths, they are so absorbent and cute, as well as soft and thick. Also the perfect size for over the shoulder. I keep buying more and more, so I can throw my other brands of cloths away.

Noelle Otter, MT


These are so soft and thick and seem to cover Daddy’s shoulder really well…the width and length are very nice…of course nothing can save you from projectile vomit…lol…but work well for after feeding shoulder snuggling…soft and cushy against our sons sweet face.

Kitty Kirkwood, DE

Burp cloths

Thick, soft and cute, but seams ripped on the very first gentle wash/gentle dry cycle before the first use, so not very durable.

Ericka Tyrone, PA

To cute

Never enough burp cloths!! Got for my sisters baby shower in June!! I love the designs! Yet another great price!

Susanne Bear Lake, MI

nice for the price

Nice for the price and a cute design. I use them as a burp clothes for my daughter a perfect size to go over your shoulder while you burp your baby.

Allison Nashville, KS


Perfect shipping time, perfect packaging, absolute love fabric and awesome size, couldn’t ask for better quality, very happy with my purchase& when another baby comes to family will order again!!!

Dorthy Cape Coral, FL

Work Well, But Poor Stitching

These bids work really well and soak up my 2 month olds spit up really well without soaking through. Unfortunately, when they arrived, the stitching on the “I” in “I <3 Mommy” was coming out and when I washed it, it came out completely so now its just a heart and the word mommy. Despite this, I would still recommend this item.

Esperanza Eva, AL

Five Stars

I loved these burp cloths. They are super soft and super cute

Marla Stony Creek, NY

They do the job.

Other than I wish they had not included the white ones they do what they need to do. Since they are burp clothes I think they should be thicker like the ones I had growing up but for the newborn they are working fine. I can’t say for sure about when he gets older, I don’t think so but I could be wrong.I grew up with the double thick white square ones whit stitching on them that make little squares and those for sure worked but I haven’t found them yet.

Leanna California, MO

Good quality and very cute!

I bought these for my husband, we are expecting our first daughter and he wants everything that says “Daddy’s girl” or anything of the sort. I was expecting a cheap terry cloth rag that we wouldn’t use much. I was pleasantly surprised with how absorbant they are. These are definitely something that we will get good use out of!

Nannie Conestoga, PA

cute burp cloths that absorb well

These are my favorite burp clothes–and I have a LOT of them around the house. Very absorbent terry cloth, and they wash well. Wish I had registered for more of these for my baby shower. Highly recommend!

Kimberlee Newburg, ND