Maclaren Cup Holder, Charcoal

Maclaren Cup Holder, Charcoal

Convenient cup holder easily attaches to the buggy chassis and is designed to accommodate cups, bottles and cans in a wide range of sizes. It holds containers up to 1.1 pounds. Fits Maclaren and most umbrella buggies.

Main features

  • Convenient cup holder easily attaches to buggy chassis
  • Designed to accommodate cups, bottles and cans in wide range of sizes
  • Holds containers up to 1.1lbs
  • Fits Maclaren and most umbrella buggies

Verified reviews


Perfect for my wagon!

I don’t own a McLaren stroller, but this cup holder looked like the perfect solution for ourMac Sports Folding Utility Wagon in Red. My toddler always loves to have her cup of water wherever we go, but gets annoyed if she doesn’t have a set place to put it. I chose this cup holder because of how it attaches, and took the risk that it would or wouldn’t fit on the side of the wagon. I posted a picture so you can see it, in case any of you parents have the same or similar wagon for you kids.The cup holder is sturdy and holds standard cups, the same shape/size as would fit in a car’s console cup holders. The attachment mechanism is easy to use, and very strong. It doesn’t slide around, nor does the unit slide on the metal bar once attached. I’m thrilled with my purchase! 🙂

Eula Ariel, WA

Just what the stroller was missing!

I found myself frustrated every Sunday morning walking to the local farmer’s market, but unable to buy myself a delicious iced coffee after the walk there because I didn’t have a cup holder on the stroller; and frankly I’m not coordinated enough to hold a cup and push a stroller. I am now a very happy mommy every Sunday morning 🙂 A most worthy purchase.

Allene Cunningham, WA


A little hard to open the latch to even get on the stroller, but once on, so perfect and doesn’t stick out much when the stroller is folded up.

Jeanie Wagener, SC


After using several generic cup holders on my quest (that never stayed on bc of the square syle of the bars on the stroller), I was delighted to see maclaren finally has a cup holder of their own. It fits perfect, easy to install. I’ve been using it for a couple of months with no problems.

Mellisa Jasper, AR

Best cup holder to date for Maclaren stroller

I have 3 Maclaren strollers and other strollers. I have been constantly looking for cup holders for the past three years. I looked at all cup holderrs available on the market. I was very excited that I found this cupholder one day on amazon when I was just browsing.I was not disappointed. It is very simple in design, stays on the square tube of the stroller, moderately easy to detach if need to. It is not huge, but the top ring gives a little to accommodate bigger drink. Maclaren finally offers a cup holder! I just wish it comes in black also to go with the black-framed Maclaren models.This cup holder will also fit other strollers with square tubing of same size as the Maclarens. Examples may be. Mamas and papas umbrella stroller and inglesina swift.It is two piece design that slide on each other onto the stroller frame. It stays on the stroller very well. I like to install it out towards the back instead of to the side of the stroller.It is the best cup holder for Maclaren stroller to date.

Hallie Elkland, MO

Sturdy cup holder & fits wide neck bottles!

This is a great cup holder. It was difficult to remove the attachment piece the first time from the package, but once you install it on the stroller frame, you can easily remove it and put it on another stroller. Although it can be easily removed once installed on the frame, it is extremely sturdy & durable. We use it with the Maclaren Techno XT and Volo.The package comes with instructions on how to properly install it.Unlike theMaclaren Universal Organizer, Black, this cup holder fits wide neck bottles includingBorn Free Twin Pack Wide Neck Bottles, 9-Ounce!

Chasity Rayland, OH

Gets knocked off

I’m hard on my umbrella stroller. I had the Triumph, and the cup holder kept getting knocked off. The cup part just slides onto the bracket and can slide off in the opposite direction too. It would be better if something locked it in place.

Bethany Garrochales, PR


Not wowed, not disappointed. Was a little tough to get on, but we have used it with no issues. Hoping it becomes a better investment down the road, as we use our stroller more.

Rebekah Rock Spring, GA

So easy to use

This was so easy to put on and it works SO well. I love it and am so glad I bought it. It doesn’t shift or wiggle at all, which I think is amazing.

Nan Rosholt, WI

Wish it was better

This is a little too flimsy for me. We bought it for a vacation in San Fran because I knew I’d be pushing my son around the city most days. Every time I folded up my stroller the cup holder came flying off. We ended up throwing it away

Marietta Abbott, TX


This works great on the MacLaren stroller. Holds water bottle and holds a travel coffee mug. Makes me very happy.

Rosetta Diggins, MO

works but design is lacking

sticks out to the side and often gets hung up on things, and often if the drink is too large and has any sort of rubber/silicon on it, like a water bottle it will come off with the drink. the design is not the greatest design.

Tracy Uhrichsville, OH


Ok, but it’s far off to the right side of the stroller…not in the best position. I’d like it better if it was up more towards the top.

Lessie Northport, MI

Must have.

If you have a Maclaren, this is a must have! I have it on my Quest and use it all the time!

Gayla Vershire, VT

Easy to pop on, does what it’s supposed to do

I use this on my Volo and it stays snugly in place no matter how many times the stroller gets tossed in and out of the trunk. Not super flexible with size, but I haven’t found a cup that doesn’t work yet. I guess if you drink Big Gulps you’d be in trouble. But anything normal fits just fine.

Marilyn Mount Liberty, OH

Perfect Addition to my Techno XT

I just needed a little something to have a water bottle in during my daily walks. I think it is perfect. It is easy to put on and snap off, which is important, because if your folded up the stroller with it attached, it could get bent or broken off. Overall I was worried about the ease of putting it on and taking it off, but my worries were unwarranted.

Consuelo Carson, NM

Five Stars

Awesome fits my stroller perfect and holds my coffee which is even better

Janis Morrison, TN

I like it

We use this on our Maclaren Techno XT and love it. It’s easy to fold the stroller up with the cup holder attached. It adjusts to hold different sized cups. Handy over all.

Lois Kinderhook, IL

great on my maclaren triumph stroller

The lack of cup holders on my maclaren triumph stroller was just sad! I added this one and am very happy with it. Great for holding coffee cups, starbucks cold cups, etc. I also added a infantino neoprene organizer which makes the stroller much more functional.

Colette Lillian, AL

a must have

Don’t waste your time and money buying any other cup holder for your Maclaren. This is a great product. In fact I bought 2 of these, one for me and one for my husband, on each side of the stroller.

Arlene Warrenton, OR

Great buy!

This product does the job as described. It has never fallen off the stroller or cracked. Even when I squeeze the stroller in the most narrow places, this cup holder stays on. It has stayed on the stroller through countless flights (with the stroller gate-checked). It holds the majority of my drinks. It won’t really fit any super-sized cups, but that’s not a problem since my water bottles and coffee cups are narrow.

Adele West Point, GA

Perfect fit

I should’ve bought this one the first time around rather than spending any money on an off brand universal thing. This cup holder fits perfectly on the maclaren. Easy to install and very doable.

Abby Weston, VT

Clip and go!

Love these, bought 2 of them for our Maclaren stroller. It clips on easily, and doesn’t interfere with opening/closing. Sippy cups and soda cans fit no problem. Wish I had bought them sooner!

Tia Navarre, MN