Maclaren Quest Sport Stroller, Black/Champagne

Maclaren Quest Sport Stroller, Black/Champagne

Make your child feel completely comfy in this ultra lightweight Quest stroller by Maclaren. Features include a four-position fully reclining seat with an extendable leg rest, height adjustable 5-point harness, ergonomically shaped three-position height adjustable handles, wheels with front swivel unit and linked parking brakes. The water resistant hood comes complete with a UV safe viewing window to allow little ones the chance to view the world regardless of weather pattern. Includes rain cover and storage basket. Seat is removable and machine washable. Includes carry strap for easy portability. Measures 31″L x 18.7″ W x 41.8″ H. Weighs 13.9 pounds.

Main features

  • Holds up to 55 pounds
  • Multiple seat positions
  • One hand fold
  • Includes carry strap
  • Appropriate from Birth

Verified reviews


overpriced, overrated, century-old design

I really WANTED to love this stroller. It’s gorgeous. I have owned it for 90 days and am sending it back. It is fine for a short trip to the mall but nothing else. Considering the price I paid and the other reviews I have read (foolishly AFTER my expensive purchase) I cannot see why a reputable upscale baby manufacturer would be excited to call this their new and improved 2013 model. Here are my 2 issues (and why would they not be issues with a $250.00+ stroller??)The Very Small Canopy- Seriously?? Is skin cancer a new and confusing medical issue to the London folks? Because it’s been an issue here in the US for a while. Even cheap Walmart umbrella strollers have better canopies then this. I have seen similar strollers that have the whole brace tilt foward, which I stupidly assumed this did. Nope. Not a chance. When sitting in the upright position your baby will get a total of maybe 5 inches of sun coverage. But…..this is not a problem at all! Because you can call Maclaren and for an additional $45.00 they will send you a "UV sun visor" that clips onto your strollers hood. Does it match your very expensive stroller? Nope! In fact, it resembles a Hefty trash bag. But, it *does* have the Maclaren logo on it so everyone will know it was expensive! Yay!The Front Wheels/Dirty Hood Issue- Whenever you fold this stroller up the front wheels press tighly against the canopy. leaving remains of wheatever you just recently rolled through for everyone to see. After only 90 days this is absolutely disgusting looking.

Kristi Eggleston, VA

Poor amazon price, great product.

I kept telling Amazon about it being about $40 cheaper at SAKS FIFTH AVENUE with FREE SHIPPING (without being “on sale”)! Don’t always assume that Amazon has the best price! When you Google, check the sites too because a lot of them have FREE SHIPPING when you spend so much (less than the price of the stroller) that isn’t calculated in Google Shopping price estimate!Quest Sport (2012) vs. Quest (2011 and older)Larger Sun Canopy – you “may” not have to purchase the additional shadeLonger foot rest for smaller childrenFoot rest support with metal, not plasticReclines farther (but not flat, so no kiddos younger than 3 months)Straps can be taken out for cleaning or to be replaced.Quest Sport vs. Most lightweight strollersRear wheel locks are at “12 O’clock” and won’t be engaged when going down steps.Smaller basket than some strollers- BUT remember this is meant to be a QUICK stroller, not something you’re moving into.Buckle requires two hands to open- This is a GOOD thing, not annoying. If your kid isn’t IN the stroller then what’s the point of having one?Handles are higher (not adjustable) for taller moms or moms that wear pumps.The seat fabric can be detatched for cleaning and or replacement.Seat fabric provides some padding for a more comfortable ride.Straps are adujustable so the stroller will “grow” with your child!Straps can be replaced for cleaning or to be replaced.Distance from seat to sun shade is about 27″ and can allow for a taller child to ride.Fabric that helps with moisture control.AMAZING control with steering- even one handed and you won’t experience “bouncing”!Locks into place with one click when folding- great for when you’re packing up AND holding baby!Folds up nice and small- Length, width and height! My BOB only folds to 1/3 the size and is over 25lbs! I needed something lighter for going into town.Quick folding time/effort- great for when you’re packing up AND holding baby!Shoulder strap on stroller so you can get through tight areas (airports/restaurants) or even just packing up the car. Hands Free!Safety specs are world wide! This is a plus if you travel a lot!Personal Note: Invest in the right stroller the first time. You can try to save money and buy cheap ones, but you might be spending just as much money in the long run when replacing the cheap ones ALL the time (tax, shipping, gas and your own precious sanity)!

Eunice South Thomaston, ME

Umbrella stroller with all the bells and whistles

I did a lot of research on the right umbrella stroller for a trip alone with my 11 month old daughter and finally decided on the Maclaren Quest. I have to say that I couldn’t be happier with my choice. I think its important to point out that this is an umbrella stroller, so it isn’t going to compare to a full-sized stroller in a lot of areas, but this is the best umbrella stroller I’ve seen.PROS:- Can hold the weight of my diaper bag hanging off the back, even if my daughter isn’t in the stroller. This is huge for me since my diaper bag won’t fit in the basket underneath. I consider my diaper bag to be medium-sized and its not extraordinarly heavy, so I’ll say a bigger, heavier diaper bag might not yield the same result.- RECLINE! This is another huge plus for me. I wanted my daughter to be able to nap in this stroller and I didn’t want it to be a big pain to get the seat reclined when I wanted her to lay back. The one-hand recline feature truly is a one-hand job on this stroller and I couldn’t be happier with it. It also has an adjustable foot rest so that my daughter’s feet can be up when she’s sleeping or swinging around wildly while she’s sitting up (she’s a kicker).- Relatively easy to fold up and un-fold with baby in tow.- Can be used for newborns. My daighter is almost a year old now, but we plan on having more kids and I wanted to find an umbrella we could use for a smaller baby in the future. Make sure you look at this when shopping around because many umbrellas aren’t made for smaller babies.- Still comfortable for older toddlers. I noted this under the bullet for cost under the CONS section below, but this was the deciding factor in choosing the Quest over some other umbrella strollers.CONS:- The basket isn’t huge. I’ve been spoiled by my UppaBaby Vista which has a HUGE basket underneath, but like I said, its not really fair to compare this to my full-size stroller. I couldn’t fit my diaper bag in the basket of the Quest, but I was able to throw my jacket and a big water bottle down there with room to spare.- Its hard to access the basket when the seat is fully reclined. Again, this is probably the case on any umbrella stroller.- The sun shade isn’t all that great. I was considering purchasing the UppaBaby G-Luxe and the one thing I liked about the G-Luxe over the Quest is the extended sun shade. Of course, Maclaren will sell you an extended sunshade, but I haven’t chosen to spend the money on that yet. There is also a little plastic viewing window thing on the shade thats in kind of an awkward spot and I find to be pretty useless.- No cup holder included. This is another thing that comes standard on the UppaBaby G-Luxe that doesn’t come on the Quest. You can purchase one for about $10, though, so not that hard to remedy the problem.- Cost. This one is obvious, but the Quest is pretty expensive for an umbrella stroller. I had no intention of spending this much on a second stroller, but justified the cost by promising that I will be able to use it for years to come. Other reviews I’ve read and watched on youtube convinced me that an older toddler will still be quite comfortable in this stroller in a few years.

Loraine Arcadia, IN

love new maclares quest!

I am so happy with this purchase!I own a 2009 quest, and I have to say this new quest has a lot of improvements!1. one hand recline…at last! I hated the old mechanism2. almost flat recline, I would not recomend this for newborns though, I used it when my son turned 2 months and it was ok.3. there a net that comes out under the leg rest which is perfect to keep your child from slipping down.4. extended leg rest much more sturdy.5. handles are a bit higher.the only thing I would change is the hood. hope It would be bigger or at least they could insert a pop up extension!anyway, I love this stroller!!

Wilma Pyote, TX

I love Maclaren

This is my second Maclaren Quest stroller. I bought my first one 6 years ago when my first child was about 6 months old. I had gotten a TON of use out of it, and it still looked brand new. I’ve traveled with it, done Disneyland and the zoo with it, you name it, it’s been there! So, when my husband unfortunately ran over the wheel of my old stroller with my car and bent it beyond repair, I knew I’d have to replace it since I have an 18 month old child who is still using a stroller. The improvements over the last 7 years have been good ones. The basket it bigger, the brake is better and the folding and carrying is a little easier/better. I’m so glad I replaced it and that the new one is just as wonderful. It really is the best umbrella stroller. You will get YEARS and multiple kids of use out of it, I promise!

Bernadine Erie, IL

Great Vacation Stroller for Bigger Kids

My son is six years old (48 lbs) and we don’t normally use a stroller anymore, but we sometimes need one on vacation, where we do a lot more walking than usual. We had three trips coming up and my son had outgrown his old vacation stroller, so after doing some research I purchased this one during a really good promotion from Amazon. We just got back from the second trip–to Disney World and the stroller performed wonderfully. The included rain cover kept my son perfectly dry in a Florida downpour, while my husband and I ran around in ponchos. Even toward the upper limits of its weight capacity the stroller handles well (as long as he keeps his feet on the footrest and off the ground or wheels!).It folds up easily, has a shoulder strap and handle for carrying, and it fits on a Disney parking tram. The canopy helped shield my son from the sun. It’s been great! Our next big family trip is to NYC in the Fall, and I’m looking forward to seeing how we like using it there.The new model has the hinge completely enclosed, so there are no worries of injuries to little hands. The recline features are good–my son can sit up, recline a little, or recline almost all the way back, which apparently is still comfortable for him, after a long day of fun, even with his feet sitting on the foot rest. If the seat is reclined all the way back, it does block access to the basket under the seat.We also purchased the JL Childress Gate Check Bag for Umbrella Strollers to use with this stroller and it has also worked well on both trips. The bag comes back filthy–I’m so glad all that dirt doesn’t get on the stroller! There’s enough room in the bag for the Quest, a small booster car seat and a full sized blanket (we tie and wrap up the stroller for extra protection).

Sarah Forestdale, RI

Great stroller

I would definitely recommend this stroller, it is light, comfortable, resistant and simple. It fits everywhere and you can put you car seat for the first three months if you do not like to wake the baby up

Allene Rexville, NY

needs better sun coverage

If you live anywhere that the sun shines ever this stroller isn’t a good option. The sun canopy doesn’t move and at pretty much any time of day the sun seems to be directly in the baby’s face. Was an absolute pain in the butt fitting the stroller straps on the baby the first time we used it. It took so long that I missed the window to leave the house and we had to do "nap time" again… It also seems to be really dirty looking already – the sun canopy has dirt smudges all over it. Can’t believe how expensive this stroller is for what you get.

Valerie Conklin, NY

the best out there

I confess I was at first reluctant to buy this because of the hefty price tag. I had initially bought a cheap $20 umbrella stroller from BabysRus (their own brand/line of umbrella strollers). It was awful – it hurt my back because the handles were way too low. (I am only 5′, 3" tall, mind you). And the whole thing was so flimsy. So we decided to splurge on this MacLaren stroller, and it was the best investment we ever made. It’s COMFORTABLE – my 8-month old son even SLEEPS in it. (A napping child is a godsent for any parents who could use a break from entertaining their child!). It folds very easily as well!We use this stroller everyday — so it is definitely worth it!!

Nola Vinton, VA