Maclaren Quest Sport Stroller, Black/Champagne

Maclaren Quest Sport Stroller, Black/Champagne

Make your child feel completely comfy in this ultra lightweight Quest stroller by Maclaren. Features include a four-position fully reclining seat with an extendable leg rest, height adjustable 5-point harness, ergonomically shaped three-position height adjustable handles, wheels with front swivel unit and linked parking brakes. The water resistant hood comes complete with a UV safe viewing window to allow little ones the chance to view the world regardless of weather pattern. Includes rain cover and storage basket. Seat is removable and machine washable. Includes carry strap for easy portability. Features: Ages 3 months & up 41.50” Hight x 19” Width x 31.5” Depth

Main features

  • Lockable treaded 5″ dual-swivel wheels
  • Adjustable 5-point safety and harness 4-position reclining seat
  • Extendable leg rest for comfortable support
  • Foot-operated linked parking brakes
  • Removable washable seat

Verified reviews



I debated which stroller to buy via online reviews and decided to just go to a big box store and take a look at them. The store only carried Maclaren, Jeep and Chicco (no UPPAbaby or Britax). Here is what I found:I looked at the Maclaren Quest, Triumph and Volor, Jeep Reclining Umbrella, Chicco C6. I narrowed it down to the Quest and Triumph and ultimately picked the Triumph based on color =)Maclaren Triumph Stroller, Charcoal/SilverMaclaren Quest Sport Stroller, Coffee/Sky BlueMaclaren Quest and Triumph: Very similar to each other, differences noted here. Both reclines to same spot, Quest only has two positions, Triumph can be reclined to any position between fully upright and fully reclined. That said it doesn’t recline all that much. The two positions on the Quest would be sufficient. My four month old (13lbs) fits fine in either stroller. I did add a padded headrest (the ones they sell for car seats) just to make her a little more secure. The stroller still folds up with the headrest in it. The Quest has an extended foot pad. It will keep wind, etc… off babies legs once they are long enough to hang off. The actual seat size isn’t any different. The big functional difference between the two is that the Quest had a pocket on the canopy (between the handles). The pocket is large enough to hold a wallet, cell phone and keys (not much else). Has a velcro closure. Quest also has a couple of small side pockets – not sure what you would put in them though. You can buy stroller organizers for $20 that will attach to the Truimph which include zipper pockets and cup holders.Maclaren Volo Stroller, BlackMaclaren Volo: Is 2 lbs lighter than Quest and Triumph. The thin mesh seat made me nervous about how well it would hold up and that it would be too cold for baby on slightly chilly days. Also doesn’t recline. For $30 more I thought it was worth the recline feature and slightly heavier/cushier seat. The weight savings didn’t seem all that significant over the Triumph or Quest.Jeep All-Weather Reclining Umbrella Stroller, PinkJeep Umbrella Stroller: Just felt junky and not well made.Chicco Ct0.6 Capri Lightweight Stroller, TangerineChicco: Felt relatively high quality but at 5’7″ I kicked the wheels while walking. Wouldn’t be able to stand that. The blue and black are cute but the orange is hideous and I love orange. It is a very bright almost neon orange. Nice that is comes with a carrying bag.Wish I could have looked at a Britax and UPPAbaby but I liked the Maclaren so much that I decided to just go with it!UPPAbaby G-Lite Stroller, JakeUPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller, DennyBritax B-Nimble Stroller, Red

Jeannie Cedarvale, NM

Very nice but has drawbacks

We got the Coffee/Sky Blue and like it so far. It’s light (12 lbs w/o hood), has great maneuverability, nice breaks, and is easy to open/close. This version/color does come with the carrying strap, the new (round) hinges, but no rain hood. The peekaboo window is kind of useless since it’s in the back (you have to bend down to peek at your little one). Wish the leg support extended further (it’s not long enough for our sizable 2yr old; probably more useful for babies under one). We use a clip-on cup for snacks and strap-on shade for extra sun protection. Overall decent stroller for the price.

Myra Rodney, MI

Very light, very easy to use

This stroller is expensive, but it is really the best stroller we’ve used. It is light and folds up to a pretty managable size. It has a carrying handle attached to one of the legs so you can just fold it up and go, and it also has an attached shoulder strap. It did come with a rain cover. Reclining the seat is pretty easy, and it has solid rubber wheels which are durable (instead of the cheap plastic wheels most come with these days).Make sure you read the instructions carefully. Folding it up was difficult the first couple of times because we weren’t quite doing it right (you have to set the brake, press another lever, and fold). Also, unclipping the 5-point harnass takes quite a bit of handstrength. My husband can do it without an issue, but I have a very hard time since you have to simultaneously press buttons on the front and back of the harnass.Giving it 4-stars because I wish the harnass release worked a bit easier, but overall we absolutely love this stroller.

Marylou Calvert, TX

Nice stroller, but terrible harness buckle

I own the Maclaren Easy Traveler stroller base (which I LOVE!) for my carseat and upgraded to the Quest Sport, as my baby is now 4 months old and it’s just a little easier to have a regular stroller than to heave her car seat and stroller base around. I tried out the Quest at TRU; however, I had all 3 of my kids with me and I basically just pushed a few strollers around, practiced folding/unfolding, etc. I didn’t put my baby in any of them because, well, I’m a harried mom. I wish I had! I decided to order the Quest (the one I preferred over the Volo/Triumph and the Combi models available at the store) on Amazon because it was cheaper and I got free shipping with Prime. It arrived quickly and was just as nice as I remembered…but I could not for the life of me get the stupid harness strap to work! I used brute force to *finally* get one side of the harness to unbuckle, but the other side remained firmly buckled. After messing with it for quite a long time, I did manage to finally get the whole thing unbuckled, but then it was a nightmare to shove the buckles back in!My husband messed with it when he got home from work and finally gave up. Either we got a lemon or the buckles are just nightmarish to operate. The top button sticks like crazy and the back button (they must be pressed simultaneously) doesn’t move.Amazon was really great about returning the stroller – and I’ll go back to TRU to try out the harness/buckles on the Quest to see if my stroller was a fluke.

Caroline Gasburg, VA

Umbrella stroller with all the bells and whistles

I did a lot of research on the right umbrella stroller for a trip alone with my 11 month old daughter and finally decided on the Maclaren Quest. I have to say that I couldn’t be happier with my choice. I think its important to point out that this is an umbrella stroller, so it isn’t going to compare to a full-sized stroller in a lot of areas, but this is the best umbrella stroller I’ve seen.PROS:- Can hold the weight of my diaper bag hanging off the back, even if my daughter isn’t in the stroller. This is huge for me since my diaper bag won’t fit in the basket underneath. I consider my diaper bag to be medium-sized and its not extraordinarly heavy, so I’ll say a bigger, heavier diaper bag might not yield the same result.- RECLINE! This is another huge plus for me. I wanted my daughter to be able to nap in this stroller and I didn’t want it to be a big pain to get the seat reclined when I wanted her to lay back. The one-hand recline feature truly is a one-hand job on this stroller and I couldn’t be happier with it. It also has an adjustable foot rest so that my daughter’s feet can be up when she’s sleeping or swinging around wildly while she’s sitting up (she’s a kicker).- Relatively easy to fold up and un-fold with baby in tow.- Can be used for newborns. My daighter is almost a year old now, but we plan on having more kids and I wanted to find an umbrella we could use for a smaller baby in the future. Make sure you look at this when shopping around because many umbrellas aren’t made for smaller babies.- Still comfortable for older toddlers. I noted this under the bullet for cost under the CONS section below, but this was the deciding factor in choosing the Quest over some other umbrella strollers.CONS:- The basket isn’t huge. I’ve been spoiled by my UppaBaby Vista which has a HUGE basket underneath, but like I said, its not really fair to compare this to my full-size stroller. I couldn’t fit my diaper bag in the basket of the Quest, but I was able to throw my jacket and a big water bottle down there with room to spare.- Its hard to access the basket when the seat is fully reclined. Again, this is probably the case on any umbrella stroller.- The sun shade isn’t all that great. I was considering purchasing the UppaBaby G-Luxe and the one thing I liked about the G-Luxe over the Quest is the extended sun shade. Of course, Maclaren will sell you an extended sunshade, but I haven’t chosen to spend the money on that yet. There is also a little plastic viewing window thing on the shade thats in kind of an awkward spot and I find to be pretty useless.- No cup holder included. This is another thing that comes standard on the UppaBaby G-Luxe that doesn’t come on the Quest. You can purchase one for about $10, though, so not that hard to remedy the problem.- Cost. This one is obvious, but the Quest is pretty expensive for an umbrella stroller. I had no intention of spending this much on a second stroller, but justified the cost by promising that I will be able to use it for years to come. Other reviews I’ve read and watched on youtube convinced me that an older toddler will still be quite comfortable in this stroller in a few years.

Jasmine Holy Trinity, AL

Excellent lightweight and compact stroller

My grandchild lives in Manhattan, where everyone either walks or takes a subway or taxi cab to go to restaurants, stores, the doctor, etc. rather than driving their own car as in the suburbs where I live. For neighborhood walks my grandchild uses the Bubaboo Cameleon stroller (which I have reviewed on Amazon), which is a marvelous stroller, but not practical for traveling in cabs or crowded subways because it is heavy and not compact when folded. However this stroller is just perfect.Unlike the Bugaboo, the Maclaren is light weight, much easier to fold and close, and easy to carry with a carrying strap. It is also easy to peer over and see my grandchild even though she is facing forward. Although keeping a large diaper bag on the handles is a bit clumsy, it can be done. There is also a pocket under the handles for storing a phone, keys, etc.The seat is comfortable, and the buckles are easy to use and secure my grandchild very well. The hood is more than ample to provide shade on a sunny day.Bottom line: For traveling when you need a lightweight and compact stroller that is durable and well made, this stroller is a good choice.

Bridgette Atkins, IA

Just perfect

We went up one level when buying a Maclaren since we wanted to extendable foot rest, and we are so glad we did it. Our baby is still too small (7 months) to bend her legs over the edge, so having her feet supported as her legs stick straight out is such a nice feature. Yes the sun shade is small, yes the wheels are small, but remember this is a portable umbrella stroller and you can’t have everything. I like how it comes with a rain cover, and I love how small and light it is. If I wasn’t so lazy I would post a photo of it in our car, believe it or not we have this in the back of our Mini Cooper, without the seats down. That is a TINY space, and I don’t think many strollers this large would fit there. The quality is really high and the styling is cute, we are very happy with the purchase and for spending the money.(A note to other Mini owners, the stroller JUST barely fits sideways in the trunk, a few inches above the floor where there is a slightly wider space.)

Jeanine Valmora, NM


Searching for the “perfect” stroller; what a frustrating journey! First child after 10 years of marriage! After many weeks of research I chose the 2012 Maclaren Quest Sport, Denim Limited Edition. I LOVE IT!!!!There are many great features but these are the reasons why I ended up choosing this stroller:-I’m short (4″9′), BUT this stroller is actually a standard size stroller. Totally perfect for someone who is about 5″5′ – 5″9′ I believe. Many strollers now tend to cater to TALL people and leave the short people to the cheap $20 umbrella strollers. Sucks. It’s still a bit high for me but that’s going to have to do. I usually wear heels anyway. ; )-I go shopping a lot with my baby girl, so we needed something that can recline flat to almost flat for her naps. Note: 2012 version can recline all the way down!!!!-I needed a big canopy. YAY!!!! THE 2012 DENIM EDITION HAS AN EXTENSION TO THE CANOPY (UNZIP AND BAM, huge and beautiful. The two sides allow air to circulate!) Note: The “regular” 2012 Quest Sport does NOT offer this canopy extension!-Easy to clean! Easy enough to put a liner on it! $25 additional.-Beautiful, stylish and sturdy stroller! People be breaking their necks to look at it, or look at my baby, I don’t know. LOL! I receive many compliments for both!-I love the leg extension. Super easy to put up for her to relax or nap. 2012 version’s extension is made out of medal, not cheap plastic!-Very light stroller considering all of the functions!-Folds nicely and fits my little SUV!-Hubby is really happy that it’s a stroller he’d be comfortable to push around (I originally wanted a very girly stroller). I’m happy it’s denim and different.Cons:-Not as easy to navigate with one hand as I had imagined (a must for shopping)-4 stars because Maclaren don’t include a cup holder. Many people have the same complaint; I don’t know why the $12 bucks is worth it for Maclaren to lose stars. Why can’t they just add it with the stroller? I bought cup holder on the side because it’s a must on a stroller.-Price, $300 bucks for a stroller is a bit out there. Cost more than my daughter’s beautiful crib-Bag on the bottom is almost useless. Don’t even consider putting a SMALL bag in there. Just assume you can put baby’s little blankie or doll in there. I bought the Universal bag for $25.-Though it’s called “sport”, it’s bumpy for baby. Even just for a little stroll.All in all, I still LOVE my stroller. I’m really glad I chose it. I don’t think there will be a “perfect” stroller because every body has different needs and wants, so this is the best it’ll come for me.Good luck and happy stroller shopping!

Karin Viroqua, WI