Maclaren Techno XT Stroller, Black

Maclaren Techno XT Stroller, Black

The Maclaren Techno XT Stroller Frame combines superior comfort and performance with sporty style The Techno XT has lockable front swivel wheels with reflective hubcaps front and rear wheel suspension and height adjustable ergonomically designed satin finish handles A New Hood design has Air vents when fully open a larger viewing window and a mosquito net

Main features

  • 4-position fully-reclining seat, and ergonomically shaped, 3-position adjustable molded handles
  • 6″ alloy-style wheels with self-aligning front swivel unit
  • Front and rear suspension and rear foot brake
  • Foot-operated linked parking brakes
  • Removable washable seat

Verified reviews


Best stroller for everday use

I cannot say enough wonderful things about this stroller! My husband and I wanted an umbrella stroller because we like to travel as light as possible. The less stuff, the better. To accomplish that and actually have what you need, however, you have to plan and research. So we looked and looked online, read Consumer Reports reviews, and talked to people we knew. We found that McClaren might possibly be the only brand that makes an umbrella stroller for use with kids under 6 months of age. One plus for McClaren! Another major plus is how lightweight and yet sturdy the Techno XT is. How about this? My husband is 6’2″ and I am 5’5″ – and we both love to push it! It turns on a dime. Oh, and the sun shade is huge!Another reviewer mentioned not putting kids under 3 mos old in it, and I just want to include here that we used a head support insert in this stroller at first. It’s a very simple solution that meant we could buy this one stroller and use it for a long, long time.It’s also true that this stroller doesn’t have space for holding much in the bin underneath, and it’s not balanced to hold much on the handles. So if you want a stroller for mega-shopping, look elsewhere. But if you want an amazing, small, and lightweight stroller – this is it!

Keisha Gardiner, OR

Quality stroller but you can get better for less

This stroller is Maclaren’s high end umbrella stroller. It’s lightweight, maneuvers well, and is easy to fold and store.The shade doesn’t cover as much as others that cost less and the basket is lacking, which is common among umbrella strollers. I’d look into theBumbleride 2011 Flite Lightweight Compact Travel Stroller, Oceanor thePeg-Perego Si Light Weight Stroller, Javawhich has an amazing canopy.If you’re looking for more advice on baby gear shopping, visit the website It’s got a crib buying guide, a stroller shopping guide, and tons of research on great baby registry items (what you need versus what you can live without). You’ll also get detailed information on how to prepare for the hospital experience and the months after delivery.

Erma Mount Pleasant, MI

Best Stroller I Have Ever Owned!

With my first two children I did the Graco travel system thing and hated every minute of it. It was big and cumbersome and I was soooo happy when they got out of the stroller phase! We had a loooooong gap between the first two and our little one, so by this time I had heard talk of other things and didn’t wast time with a travel system, instead purchasing a frame for use with the infant carrier and waiting on a stroller until I knew what I really wanted.Unfortunately for me, it took me four strollers to find the perfect match, even trying to be patient about it! Started off with a Peg Perego Uno and it was unbelievably heavy and the wheels were HORRIBLE! So then I found the Bumbleride Flyer and loved everything about it, although the fact that it weighs over 20 pounds kept me from using it as much as I should. So then I picked up a used Maclaren Daytripper and I fell in love with the weight and ease of use, but hated the fact that it did not recline all the way back or have a good sun shade…so one the internet I went to research what other Maclarens might be out there and I lo’ and behold – there’s the XT!!Full recline, super lightweight, one handed fold, you can literally push it with a pinky, adjustable handles for taller folks and somehow simply elegant in design. My daughter is always comfy in it and the whole family is always comfy pushing her in it. I don’t find myself at the store debating whether I should use the stroller or just stick her in the cart and risk the germy yuckiness – it is always easy to grab the stroller and go!Best baby product we’ve purchased by far!

Gilda Mooreville, MS

Durable yet portable. Excellent product

This is a fantastic stroller from birth to childhood. Highly maneuverable with a sturdy feel, yet light and easily transportable. I love the fact that the five point harness is a snap for me to unhook with one hand, yet a child could not open it themselves. This stroller is so comfortable my one year old asks to sit in it even when we aren’t on the move. Don’t be too concerned with the price because this stroller will last for years and through multiple children. When you’ve outgrown it there will still be enough life to pass it on to a friend or family member. One of the best baby products I own. I wish I had skipped over the travel system all together and just bought this to use from birth.

Neva Ethel, AR

There is no perfect stroller but love this one.

Most reviewers said enough about this stroller. I agree that it misses:- a cup holder,- better basket,- better unfolding system (current one requires to use 2 hands and/or putting it down on the ground); I had to take 1 star because is annoying especially when holding a baby, and I have to use it several times a day.But I absolutely love:- reclining option (full flat for naps),- awesome shade (works in almost always sunny Las Vegas, also great for naps in the store, baby can fall asleep faster in the “cave”),- strap button is great, it unsnaps very easily,- easy breaks system,- option to rest the baby’s legs.I wish they would make this stroller still in charcoal/light grey color, which is more unisex.Also it can be pushed with 1 hand and the ride is smooth (I own Maclaren Volo and it has the same quality even with smaller wheels).I also like that the sit is not only mesh sack but my son can sit almost upright and watch the world.

Adeline Lawndale, IL

Great for Travel & City Strolling

I am a firm believer that if you use stroller a lot– there is no one perfect stroller. You need 2.Our first every-day stroller is a City Mini. It is stable, large canopy, folds quickly, smooth ride.Our second stroller is the Maclaren Techno XT. We use it mainly for vacations– air travel or any time when space in the car is limited.Pros:
• Very durable and well-made. We bought one used– it is about 5 years old now, and still works perfectly. Has been in the belly of a plane, to Brazil 2x!, used in the rain, thrown around. Other strollers would have died by now hands-down.
• It is always a smooth ride. No weird sqeaks, breaking wheels or parts, wobbling.
• For my larger baby (he has always been 90th percentile)– the wider seat makes all the difference. At 16 months, I tried him in the Quest– and it was just too narrow, he was scrunched up. This Techno XT will last him much longer.
• Great re-sale value. You’ll get probably around 50-60% of it’s value when you are done and want to re-sell. Other stroller brands you might get 30%.
• Perfect for strolling in tight spaces (the mall, the fair), and great for the city (made it much easier to use the subways in NYC).
• Very lightweight.Cons:
• Expensive! Plan to use it for multiple kid or maybe buy one used. A used Maclaren is way better than a new “lesser” brand.
• It is hard to hang bags from it (because it is lightweight/compact) and a very small basket. But… all travel strollers are like this, so that is why a second stroller really is needed for everyday use.

Inez Wellesley Island, NY

Great stroller!

We bought this stroller for our one year old daughter. We wanted something easy to keep in the car for short trips to the mall or around town. We tried out almost all of the umbrella strollers at our local baby store, and our daughter seemed most comfortable in this one. The two features that sold us were:-the adjustable handle height. My husband is 6’6″ and I am 5’10”, so we needed a taller stroller.-the easy recline feature. Other strollers rely on a little string or strap to prop the seat-back upright. This stroller has a nice mechanized seat reclining feature which is much sturdier than a little string.Overall this stroller is quite expensive, but worth the money. It is light, smooth, sturdy, easy to use, and comfy for my daughter.

Felecia Pleasant Hill, CA

Looks good so far.

Received the other day via the mail. Have to admit Amazon had a great deal at the time and was able to get this for cheaper than any used version. I am not sure why the price fluctuates so much, but glad I got the deal when I did.Instructions were pretty easy to follow. The only challenge I found was the harness was a bit hard to unclip on one side.I do wish it would fold up more compactly. Once the stroller has been unfolded after the first time, it really has a large foot print. Oh well.I used a friend’s stroller that was a bargain buy, and at 5’10 I was hunched over. I was really excited about the handle bars and how nicely it steered.I appreciate that it is lead and phthalate free. I really didn’t want to go with a Maclaren because they are everywhere, but this is the only brand I found to make this claim.Have used this for several weeks with my newborn daughter and I LOVE it. Easily navigates the rather uneven Brooklyn sidewalks. I especially appreciate the one handed pushing. Overall, glad I purchased and don’t feel like a sidewalk hog compared to some of the other strollers out there.

Jeri Grand Prairie, TX

Great great great stroller!

This is a great, small, secure and lightweight stroller. The price-quality ratio is great. I’d definitely buy another Maclaren if I needed to.

Kerry Gore, OK

Might be the only stroller you need!

As a first time mom, I agonized over and researched strollers to death. I was so sick of looking at them by the time I picked one. I ended up with the Uppababy Vista, which I loved but it was just so big and heavy! It was almost impossible to get in and out of the car with a baby on your hip. Enter the Maclaren. My baby was right at 3 months when we got it, we were going on a long roadtrip and my husband was refusing to bring the uppababy, due to it’s huge size. I can easily unfold or fold this with baby on my hip. The recline is a dream, I wish our BOB, which we use for running, reclined like this. I was so worried about lightweight strollers and chinky wheels, but these are definitely not chinky and our little guys gets a smooth ride. My husband is 6’3″ and he isn’t hunched over pushing it! He is very comfortable heightwise pushing it. The basket sucks, but it’s a small stroller, what do you expect. The canopy is great! We are very happy with this purchase, and I wish I wouldn’t have blown the money on the vista. You will definitely get your money’s worth on the maclaren!Baby is 9 months old and this is still the only stroller for us! It has been on a plane trip, gate checked without a bag, and it did great! A couple of scratches, but that just builds character. I really wish I didn’t blow all of that money on the Vista. While it’s nice, it just isn’t necessary and the Maclaren does everything we need! Oh and my sister in law had another fancy umbrella stroller, an Inglesina I think. And while hers was a little smaller and lighter, there was not doubt that my baby was more comfortable and the umbrella on the Maclaren kept our baby out of the sun, while her’s just didn’t do the trick. I couldn’t be happier!

Nita Albion, OK

After 8 months…

I appreciate the extendable handlebars as we are tall. We have upgraded with the quilted seat pad and two cup holders, both of which are useful and well-designed. I like the locking foot rest and use it regularly.I wish our 2011 model had one-handed seat recline as the 2012 does, as it is cumbersome to use both arms. The under-seat basket is quite small and inaccessible when the seat is fully reclined. The latching mechanism for storage seems like it will break before long. The straps are very difficult to adjust.Overall, I am only moderately pleased with this purchase. I have seen many that appear to be of lesser quality, and a few that seem to have better features.

Lakisha Ellsworth, WI

Bittersweet is 2010 model!

The Techno XT is a great stroller! But the Bittersweet color is an older model (2010). The seat reclines differently (you need to use your both hands to recline it), they have improved it in newer model. Also the wheels are a bit different (you don’t really feel the difference). Everything else is perfect!

Madelyn Heppner, OR