Maclaren Triumph Stroller, Coffee and Silver

Maclaren Triumph Stroller, Coffee and Silver

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Main features

  • Single hand fold with adjustable shoulder carry strap
  • Easily adjustable strap recline system provides multiple positions
  • Lockable 4.5 “dual swivel wheels
  • Foot operated linked parking brakes
  • Removable washable seat

Verified reviews


Love this stroller!

This stroller is sturdy, lightweight, and easy to operate. I love that it turns so easily! We have a Combi that makes it almost impossible to open a door and swing the stroller through. This Maclaren does it with no problems. Only wish we could find a sturdy cupholder for the stroller.

Freda Inverness, CA

just okay

You have to factor in the additional cost that will come with this stroller: you will need accessories. At least a bag or cup holder or something to put a bottle, a toy, your keys, etc. Overall this is an easy-to-use piece and looks relatively sturdy (for an umbrella stroller). Yes, as the other reviewers said: it does tip over if there’s nearly any weight on the handles – so you cannot hang the diaper bag there (if you do, you’d better remove the bad before the kid who otherwise serves as a counterweight). Also right are the other reviews about the adjustment of the seatback: it’s a joke. It barely adjusts and it is difficult to accomplish even that with the bizarre clip. It does not come upright but leans back quite a bit (far more than your average high chair, for example).

Lori Erie, IL

I am keeping it – but it could be improved slightly.

Love this stroller. You can’t beat the one handed steering and the maneuverability as well as the smooth ride (suprised for small wheels). These wheels are a slightly softer compound which I think also help to make the ride smoother (I compared it to the Inglesina Swift which I also purchased but returned as it was too tall).The height on this stroller is nice for my 5’0" frame but I wish still that it was an inch or two shorter. I also wish that their recline mechanism was more like the Inglesina Swift as it is so easy to use. I also had to rig some additional snaps on this stroller (a simple fix) to make it sit more upright and the fix was very slick and easy to do. The other thing that would make it a bit nicer would be an added pop out on the sun canopy as the one on the Swift is so much bigger. However I do like this softer cottony like fabric on the Maclaren better than the more wipeable fabric on the Inglesina (go figure).Ultimately I kept this Malaren Triumph over the Inglesina mostly because of the maneuverability, soft wheels, one handed steering, and fabric. If I was basing my choice on ease of recline and the mechanism and the sun shade, the Inglesina would have won for sure.

Catalina Mobile, AL

Not the best for this price range

Maclarens are known for quality umbrella strollers and this fits the bill, but it doesn’t have some of the extras other strollers have in this price range.The PROS:- folds easily and small- super light- buckles are easy to use and detachThe CONS:- basket is way too small and flimsy (you can’t put any heavy things in it like books/water bottles)- shade doesn’t cover entire face throughout the day- wheels are plastic and bumpy on most terrains (even smooth pavement)I’d go for theBumbleride 2011 Flite Lightweight Compact Travel Stroller, OceanorPeg-Perego Si Light Weight Stroller, Java.If you’re looking for more advice on baby gear shopping, visit the website It’s got a crib buying guide, a stroller shopping guide, and tons of research on great baby registry items (what you need versus what you can live without). You’ll also get detailed information on how to prepare for the hospital experience and the months after delivery.

Minnie Rhodes, MI

Can’t beat Maclaren

We have an old techno XT but were looking for something light for our vacation. I love this stroller. It keeps up with an active family, is light, compact and comfortable

Lela East Williamson, NY

Great, light stroller

This was our 6th stroller purchase in the past 8 years. We have several other Graco strollers and a Joovy, but we were looking for a light weight stroller that did not take too much room in the car and was good for travel. This purchase was intended to go to Disney with us, and we have not yet gone on that trip, so I cannot tell you how it works for that yet. But what I can tell you is this is a very easily folded and light stroller that seems comfortable for my daughter. I like that it reclines, although not all the way. One complaint I have is that it doesn’t sit upright fully. It is at a slight recline even when the seat back is up all the way. I am trying to figure out a way to rig it so it stays up farther, but no luck so far. I would also recommend getting a cup holder or some sort of organizer to put on this. We were used to the parent organizer that come on Graco models and this doesn’t even have a basic cup holder. We purchased a cup holder to hold our daughter’s sippy cup and a parent organizer that straps onto the handles for our drinks, keys and phone. Overall, it suits the purpose. Hopefully it will hold up well on our trip.

Zelma Little Valley, NY

Just Okay…

This stroller is really great, but if I had to do it again, I would have bought one of the UppaBaby umbrella strollers. The seat on the UppaBaby is a bit higher off the ground and the UppaBaby has the extendable sunshade. With the MacLaren, my toddler can get himself out of the shoulder straps, stand up, and walk around while still belted into this stroller. The sunshade also doesn’t cover as well. We had to buy a separate shade to attach to the stroller to actually cover him up when it’s hot and bright outside.

Felicia Inverness, FL