Maclaren Universal Organizer, Black

Maclaren Universal Organizer, Black

Maclaren Universal Buggy Organizer – Twin – Black Perfectly sized to keep all essentials close at hand. Features: Large expandable mesh pocket Perfect for toys, snacks,or a change of clothes Features a smaller compartment ideal for keys, cell phone and valuables Includes two bottle pockets Adjustable Velcro straps attach to dual handles on umbrella-style strollers Product Dimensions: Weight: 0.62 pounds 0.78 x 23.2 x 15.21 inches

Main features

  • Universal organizer black
  • Large mesh pouch
  • Velcro attachment fits most strollers
  • Folds easily with stroller

Verified reviews


Pain in the Neck

I received this from my mother-in-law (she bought every conceivable accessory for our stroller). At first I liked this because it gave me more storage and cup holders. The only function that I actually used was the cup holders, which don’t work as well as a hard cup holder would. While I used this bag, it caused more frustration than anything. It was always getting in the way and I was having to fold it up so that I could see what I was doing when folding it. The final straw came 6 months after using it. We had been having issues getting the stroller unfolded and I was considering sending the whole stroller back. As a last attempt, I took the bag off, and miracle of miracles! The stroller folds up fine! In my opinion, don’t waste your money, just buy a standard cup holder!

Corrine Rockport, TX

Good Product–Description NEVER says it is intended to hold drinks for adults!

My first baby is not here yet, but I have a Maclaren Volo and added this to it to give me some storage that is more accessible than the under-the-buggy mesh carrier. I test drove it in my house, and tried adding some items I figured will be essential. While it is not gigantic, I anticipate that it will hold what I need to while we do something like stroll the neighborhood or go to the mall. I like the organizer, and I don’t have any complaints about it so far. Maybe the reality of having a baby in the stroller will change this; but, I am happy with it for now. The stroller can easily fold all the way down with the organizer still attached, and it looks like it will give me room for essentials without forcing me to dig around under the stroller to get items out of the basket.Interestingly enough, most of the bad reviews for this seem to ding the product for the lack of a cupholder for an adult size beverage. I don’t know if the reviewers who wrote those reviews bothered to actually read the product description. Had they read the description that is available as of my posting time, then they would have plainly seen that this product is not advertised as something that is designed to hold cups with beverages for adults. It says it holds bottles! Clearly, a baby bottle is not the same size and shape as a Big Gulp, a fast food soda cup, or a Starbucks cup.:) My husband is very handy, and he will probably add a separate cupholder for me before I do much strolling with the Mac. I scored the organizer for a sweet price when it was on sale. I read the product description before ordering, so I was not expecting to receive a product to hold a drink from a fast food company or a mall food court restaurant. If you are looking for a product that does that, then skip this or buy and attach a separate cupholder designed for adult beverages.:)

Benita Friendship, WI


Like others have said, this organizer is great because it is flexible. This means it can be left attached when folding up the stroller, and doesn’t get in the way when carrying or storing a closed stroller. However it is very poorly designed. The cup holders are so floppy, most drinks (and sippy cups) flip over in them. The cupholders are also very narrow so only small drinks (maybe a can of soda) would work – we have had no luck with grande-sized cold drinks or bottled drinks. The middle compartment is so small, I hardly feel comfortable placing my cell phone in there. The large mesh pocket is a great size, but the velcro closure on top is so darn sticky, it’s impossible to open with one hand. I am glad I have this organizer since my Maclaren Volo is bare bones, but I often find I mainly use it to hang things off of (hang a sippy off the edge of the top, throw a sweatshirt over it), rather than items inside it.

Rebecca Cashion, OK

Pretty good

I have not tried other types, so this is a lot better than nothing. It fits well and folds up with the stroller no problem. The cup holders really only fit bottled water (maybe soda cans I haven’t tried that). The inner pouch is deep and breathes which is great, but with the bag pulled across the handle bars, it is not as accessible as I would like because of the velcro. That may be because I typically have my hands and arms full with kids and their things. It’s really a great addition to the stroller, I just gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because it seems like it could be designed better. Also it arrived quickly!

Winnie Potomac, MD

Maclaren Organizer

I just recently received a 2013 Maclaren Volo in solid black as a gift. I really love it as a second stroller for public transportation & quick trips. I purchased this organizer in charcoal, the charcoal cup holder by Maclaren, and a black/charcoal Maclaren seat liner.I love this organizer as it doesn’t cause the Volo to tip, & the stroller closes with this attached. I use the 2 bottle holders for my son’s Pura Kika sippy cups, & they fit inside nicely (without the silicone sleeves). The middle pocket is perfect for my iPhone 5, and the large mesh bag is great for quick access to toys, books, hats, my wristlet, etc.In the bottom basket I store the rain cover & mosquito net, along with an A&A; swaddle blanket, a sweatshirt, & Skip Hop Pronto. I clip my KK water bottle to the handle of the stroller with a Built 24-30oz. bottle sling w/clip, & use the Maclaren cup holder for my iced coffee. I definitely recommend this organizer & the Maclaren cup holder for your stroller. They make the already fabulous Volo that much more convenient!

Ilene Lake Station, IN

Just OK

I was all excited when I got this. But now I find it’s not super useful. I could barely get my water bottle to fit into the cup holder. The cup holder seems flimsy so I doubt it will work with disposable cups (the drinks you would get from a fast food joint that you would most likely be having with you). The storage pocket is hard to open easily with one hand as it velcros shut. But it is still better to have this than nothing at all, because I myself can not get access to the bottom storage basket in my MacLaren.

Alyce Overton, NV

We ordered 2 or 3 and chose this one.

We ran through the top rated universal stroller bags and ended up with this one. The mesh bag makes going through the disney bag check quicker and it holds a fair amount of stuff. It also doesn’t set the stroller off balance and allows it to be folded when empty. Using a Maclaren Stroller

Sasha Mica, WA

Decent product

Very necessary for carrying extra items and when having to fold up the stroller to jump in a cab or head down the subway steps. Cupholders mainly hold slim sippy cups and water bottles. Not made for travel coffee cups, etc… Very thankful that I have mine, although I wish the cup holders were bigger. Front small pocket is perfect for keys and cell phone. Mesh bag in the back with the velcro closure is great for all other items. Still worth it to purchase.

Robin Iberia, MO

Its ok…pros and cons

I use this on my Maclaren Quest Sport. Pros: you can fold it up with the stroller, and has extra storage for cell phone and maybe a diaper or two and travel wipes container. Cons: didn’t fit Avent bottles or larger sippy cups (we use Tommee Tippee), cup holders only fit pint sized waterbottles & other plastic bottles (like 20 oz soda for example)- and a definite NO to those paper take out cups(we learned the hard way) I bought a cheap cupholder seperately (Munchkin). Overall, it is worth buying to save yourself some aggravation with the hard-to-access basket on the Maclaren stroller when seat is reclined.

Brenda Bristol, VT


The "cup holders" are more like bottle holders. They are small, but insulated. It fits our stroller well (Maclaren Techno XT). I love the 2 pockets! The smaller one is perfect for phone and keys, and the larger one really can hold a lot.

Chasity Charlotte, IA

not so sure

We added this to our stroller, but it doesn’t really do much to help. The main compartment is nice, but overall it just seems ot get in the way.

Kristi Tonopah, AZ

Not practical

Everyone gets this for their Maclaren because the Maclarens don’t have a handlebar console. But I don’t find it extremely practical. I can count the number of times on one hand that I’ve put something in the big pocket, and I could never fit any cups or waterbottes into the cup sleeves, so that was a waste.

Roberta Fayette, UT


Must have. It has space for bottles (standard neck), a pouch for my phone, space to throw in pacifiers and what nots.

Francis Galena, AK

Very Convenient

I used this organizer on my Maclaren Triumph while on vacation and it saved me from having to carry a backpack or diaper bag. I put a folded diaper pad with diaper and wipes in the bottom basket of the stroller along with a camelbak bladder filled with water, and everything else I needed at hand went in the organizer: sunscreen, sunglasses, baby onesie, teeshirt for me, burp cloth, and in the smaller velcro pocket I kept my wallet, iphone and lipbalm. I used the cupholders for my sunglasses and a burp cloth. It wasn’t a problem folding the stroller with stuff in the organizer (although I did have to take things out of the stroller basket). It was so nice not to have to carry a purse or camelbak or other backpack or diaper bag.

Mavis Wellborn, FL