Made For Mom Snack Trap, 3 Pack, Gender Neutral

Made For Mom Snack Trap, 3 Pack, Gender Neutral

The 3 Snack Trap is the original mom invented anti spill snack cup; designed with moms in mind. Two handled plastic cup with a soft plastic lid cut into flaps. The soft flaps allow little hands in and out for snacks, but snacks stay put if the cup is dropped, thrown (yes babies throw things) or tipped over. The Snack Trap is big enough for fingers, but small enough to prevent ‘fist fulls’. It is great for home, the car, restaurant, or anywhere baby goes. Plus extra lids are available to keep the snacks in place and fresh when you’re not using it, or to turn it into a traditional sippy cup. Gender neutral colors with friendly animal imprints are favorites of babies everywhere. Give the vacuum a rest, and don’t forget to buy one for grandma’s house. The Snack Trap has been independently tested and certified lead free, BPA free, latex free and it meets or exceeds all safety standards for infant feeding products.

Main features

  • 3 anti spill snack cups
  • Prevents spills and controls portions to prevent ‘fist fulls’
  • Promotes fine motor skills
  • Fun animal imprints
  • BPA free, latex free, lead free

Verified reviews


Sounds like a good idea but really a complete waste…

The idea sounded intriguing so I figured I’d give it a try. To my suprise these cups gave me even more work. My son easily took the top off of it after I made sure it was on very secure and had a blast shaking his cup full of cheerios all over my entire car. So, I figured OK, let me try one more time just at the off chance I didn’t have the top on perfectly. Nope, same thing. A complete waste. We threw ours in the garbage, no luck here on these.

Sally Tennant, IA

Try the Munchkin snack cup

If you have a child who is active or a wiggler, don’t bother with these cups. My 11 month-old easily scatters the contents of this cup everywhere when she waves her arms or bangs the cup on the table. Munchkin’s version is much better.

Darla Gypsy, WV

Too hard for a little kid

This is a good idea, but for a little kid, it’s a little complicated. My son doesn’t like that he get’s his hand stuck in there between the wedges (and he’s 1), and then trying to get it out, he dumps cheerios all over. Good thought, but I think it needs to be redesigned.

Katy Roby, TX

Lousy service or actually no service at all!

After we use the snack trap a few times, I noticed dirt can go into it and the food is not kept fresh because there is an opening on the lid. I tried ordering a cover lid for these, but their website was not processing my credit card. I called AND emailed the company more than once and no one responded back to me. What kind of business are they in when they only listen to their voice mails once a week? And what is the point of a “snack trap” when it doesn’t really trap the food in? And it doesn’t keep the food fresh but make them stale. I don’t like to just throw the snack trap containers into the diaper bag without putting a plastic over it. Anyway, have changed over to the Munchkin brand. They are cleaner and BPA Free. At least, someone from that company answers their phone like within 2 rings. Anyway, we tossed these out and I gave my family and friends the Munchkin brand.

Elda Mecca, IN

Waste of Money

My friend recommended these to me when I began feeding my son solids (cheerios and other snacks). The idea is cute, but it just wasnt comfortable for me. My son figured out how to take the lid off as well as taking half of the food out at once, so it made lots of mess. Its also not comfortable to have in your diaper bag. I tried using the link rings and attach it to his stroller but the food tends to spill out. Overall it was just a waste of money, switched back to ziplock bags and its been almost a year and found nothing that can beat the ziplocks.

Maura Moundville, MO

Pretty good snack cups

These cups serve their purpose in that my 10 month old can use it and not have all of his snack dumped out in one second. However, it doesn’t take him too long to make a mess with it! I do think they’re a good value, though.

Tisha Woodburn, IN

super cute but your taking a chance on colors ..

these are cute .. great but of course you could live with out more fun just to look at them .. function pretty well ..i only wish we did not have to take a chance on colors i bought these for my son and prayed that the boy colors would come in ..

Jenifer Calistoga, CA

Doesn’t come with lids that go over the open lid

I bought this brand because we had one a long time ago and loved it. That one came with a plastic lid that covered the open lid so you could put it in your diaper bag and not worry about crumbs leaking. I’m not happy about having to spend a similar amount of money again just to buy the lids that I assumed came with it. Also, the package says that it doesn’t recommend putting the open lids in the dishwasher. We’re going to anyway, because we won’t use anything we can’t put in the dishwasher, I hope it works.

Heidi Foster, MO

Very nice

My 18-month-old uses it every day. She walks around the house during snack time with it and it keeps everything clean and crumb-free. We also let he use it in the car. Very useful!

Sierra Miamiville, OH


These are a nice thing for kids to have so they can carry around their snacks without spilling all over the floor. It takes a few minutes for them to figure out how to get stuff out, but start with a favorite treat and they’ll pick up on it pretty quickly. Easy to clean, etc. However, once they learn to pull off the lids, its just like any other little plastic cup!

Lillian Elliott, SC

super handy

Love the snack trap! Keeps my 13 month old baby entertained with some crackers or cheerios a long time in the car, on the airplane, etc. Can’t imagine doing without these.

Tara Mooreland, OK

Almost perfect

My 14-month old daughter loves these snack cups. She can monitor her snack time, eating as much or as little as she needs. She loves carrying around a snack cup in one hand and a sippy cup in the other.The only reason I give it 4 stars, is because she has a tendency of keeping her hand in the flaps while walking around. This makes single Cheerios fall out here and there. But, nothing compared to giving her snacks in an open bowl. I’ve only used them on Cheerios so I can’t comment on other snacks (she tends to choke on Goldfish so she only gets those while sitting in the high chair).She hasn’t tried taking off the lid like other reviewers, so that’s not a problem for us (at least not yet). We use them all the time and I definitely recommend them.

Keisha Milford Square, PA

Don’t buy the copy products!

These cups are awesome. The tops are such a soft plastic that my daughter can easily grab her snacks. I have only had this brand, but have some friends with other brands, and ouch! The tops are such a hard plastic and once they saw mine, purchased this brand. I like all the colors and graphics – although I have scrubbed some of the designs off, so now I try to wash them a little softer 😉 Super product!

Caroline Cranberry Lake, NY

Useful. Tidy. Great idea.

I was given this as a baby shower gift and have been waiting to use them. My 8.5 month old is able to use the “traps” with ease. He hasn’t, to date, tried to take the lid off. I’m sure that’s a possiblity, but so far so good.

Jacklyn Coulterville, IL

Awesome snack trap

These are great snack traps. My 1 year old has no trouble with them at all. She hates to sit still to eat so it’s nice for her to be able to carry her cheerios around with her! It included one solid lid which was a pleasant surprise!

Luisa Mannboro, VA

best idea ever!

I love these snack cups! we have a dog who is always hounding my daughter for her snacks. with these cups she can drop it and they dog doesn’t get all the contents!

Nikki Placitas, NM

Love these!

I purchased 2 of these a few months ago and I love them. They are great for out and about and I purchased the snap on lid so I just keep in diaper bag full. I am buying more because I lost one and I cannot live with out several for home and out, helps keep my floors clean! Some of the other brands reviews say kids got lids off, my daughter never has and I dont think she could as its on there good.

Alberta Louisville, MS

waste of money

this didnt keep snacks from being all over the place. my child just thought it was a game to try to get the snacks out of the cup. waste of money.

Rebecca Marshall, MO

We love it!

This is not a mess free snack solution. As the other reviewers stated, the lid can be removed, and if you hold it upside down & shake repeatedly, crumbs will come out & some smaller snacks can also come out.BUT, before this product was invented, what was the alternative? A bowl? My 1 year old dumps those over within seconds. The snack trap works great in our house. My daughter loves to be “independant” so holding her own snack cup is great for her. I don’t fill up completely – just enough for that particular snacktime. I usually carry some extra snacks in the diaper bag to refill for her.I also really love the stay fresh lids. They work great in the diaper bag to make sure that the snacks stay “good” and don’t go stale to quickly.

Monica Wilson, WI

Love these for my triplets!

Not only do these work great cuz it’s a three pack for my triplets, but they really do help keep the cereal off the floor! They are great for breakfast in the morning, snacks in the car, snacks in the wagon. Easy to toss in a bag. Love ’em!

Camilla Dayton, VA

Good concept, bad design

My 11 month old daughter removed the lid within minutes and I had Cheerios everywhere. Since then if she doesn’t take off the lid, she shakes it upside down to get the Cheerios out and scatters them everywhere that way.I’ll keep looking for a snack cup that she can use without making a mess.

Geneva Crozier, VA

Not worth the money

This is a piece of junk if you think you’re getting a spill proof cup. All my 15 month old son has to do is shake it and Cheerios fly everywhere.

Beth Garnerville, NY

Waste of money, poor design.

The idea behind these bowls is interesting, but they are a huge fail. My twins tried them a few times, but the rubbery lids would get stretched and cereal would still fall out. Sometimes little hands got stuck in the lid and they couldn’t get them back out. It’s much easier to just make a plate on the coffee table and let them go at it.

Autumn Lakewood, PA

Snack Trap?

Alright, I will confess that I bought this at Babies R Us because I liked the concept of the trap. I thought that this would be great for my little one since she is 10 months old and loves hand feeding herself. The lid stays on when she eats, however she pulls out fist fulls at a time. Also she likes to shake it upside down and dump it all out. So, maybe not the best idea for under 2 years of age. I guess I will look for something that she can’t make huge messes with when we are traveling. I would suggest to friends, but only for the age it really doesn’t matter to have special lids on it so they pick food out one by one. This one doesn’t work for me at least this young of age.

Donna Cranford, NJ

Cute but not functional after a few uses

Product are cute but not very functional. After a few uses the tops get bent and now snacks spill everywhere when we use them. Also tops not to be put in dishwasher …. Quite a pain

Renae Assawoman, VA

Snack Trap

What a terrific invention!! We give our daughter all sorts of foods in these cups (Cheerios, Veggie Booty, Cheddar Bunnies, etc) and the innovative lids really help keep the mess to a minimum. Now that isn’t to say we never have to clean Cheerios out of her carseat or stroller, because we definitely do! Still, she is by no means ready for a baggie or an open container, so without these containers she wouldn’t be able to “snack on the go.”My daughter is almost 19 months old and cannot get the lid off the cup, but I have heard of children who can. I think my child is too interested in the food to spend time wondering about the lid!

Jeannette Rockton, PA

Lid too firm

I thought these snack traps would be perfect, but all they do is frustrate my daughter (14 mo). She has the dexterity, but the material on the lid is too firm I guess. She gets her hand in and then just won’t pull past the teeth to get the food out. I’ve tried it over a few months with different tactics and each time I end up holding the flaps open so she can reach in (which defeats the purpose of her being able to self-feed with reduced mess). I’ll be trying a new manufacturer for now and maybe when she’s older these will work better.

Georgina Ringold, OK

must have

great for cheerios, etc… although its not 100% spill proof, it is the best think i used with toddlers…i buy them as gifts

Jacquelyn Noma, FL

Use these everyday

We love these at our house and use them everyday. I would recommend getting the top covers too, especially for using while out.

Courtney Drury, MA

Good value!

My daughter loves it! It helps promote independent eating. The only downfall is that there is only 1 full cap (so no snacks fall out) and there are only 2 snack trap lids. Product came on a timely manner and would recommend this to any mom!

Brandi Bogue, KS