Made For Mom Take Me with Tether, 2 Pack, Black

Made For Mom Take Me with Tether, 2 Pack, Black

Two ‘take me with’ tethers so you can ‘take’ the blanket, rattle, toys and snack trap with you and never lose them. Tether connects almost anything to your stroller, highchair, car seat, etc. Keeps everything within baby’s reach, off the floor, and out of the lost and found.

Main features

  • Attaches to the snack trap, toys blankets, etc
  • Connects babies things to the stroller, highchair, car seat, etc
  • Keeps things within baby’s reach, off the floor, and out of the lost and found
  • Never attach tether to any part of child
  • BPA free, latex free, lead free

Verified reviews



I bought these to go along with the snack traps which are a waste. Just a poorly made product (the snack traps). I haven’t even taken the tethers outof the package, they might be good for other things besides the snack traps though.

Gwen Jewell, IA


My son is really into throwing everything he is done with onto the floor. Not just dropping, but throwing with vigor! Our friends and family think it is hilarious. We, unfortunately, were so sick of getting things thrown on our toes/broken toys/dirty bottles & pacifiers/etc. This little contraption is a lifesaver! It connects to just about anything and in my opinion is really easy to get on/off. My only complaint is that the tether is not adjustable in length.

Lakesha Placedo, TX

It does its’ job

I got this bc my daughter would pull things off the links and throw them, so I figured it was time to get something she couldn’t open on her own. So, it does do its’ job. Since getting this product, I haven’t lost any snack cups! However, the thing I find annoying is the way you attach items forces you to clip and un-clip the whole thing from your stroller, or wherever you are using the product. I wish it had a clip for the stroller, and another clip for the cup (I have seen other products that do this). I trust this brand, and thought I would like this product, which is why I got this item. Like I said, it does do its’ job, I just wish it was easier to use and I didn’t have to take the whole thing off each time.

Yvonne Worthington, PA

Does what it should!

The product does what it should but I believe the picture is a little deceptive, as it’s fairly short. My daughter is small and if I strap this to the tray on her stroller, she can’t reach it unless I have her propped up.

Kerri Howard Lake, MN

Easy to use

A handy and practical way to attach toys and other teethers to strollers and carseats. Black coloring helps conceal dirt.

Karen Zirconia, NC