Magic Moments Learning Seat

Magic Moments Learning Seat

Designed to grow with your child as he or she first starts realizing the world around this wonderful early-learning seat puts educational and stimulating toys within easy reach. A large mirror gives Baby a view of a favorite face—her own—and then adds dangling toys below. Flashing lights accompanied by classical music and nursery rhymes stimulate development and interaction, giving that little one lots to look at and listen to. The seat itself is stable and extremely comfortable, with 3 gentle-touch vibration settings. Plastic. Imported. 23Hx15Wx29D”.

Main features

  • Music, songs, rhymes, and lights stimulate baby
  • Cozy bouncy seat gives baby solo play and relax time
  • Three levels of vibrations
  • Magic mirror responds to baby’s movement with changing visual imagery

Verified reviews


New Mommy to Matthew

I bought this seat as a last resort for my 2 1/2 month baby because he didn’t seem to like any of the other ones. Putting the seat together was easy and quick. The directions were very easy to follow. I put my son in the seat and he became very excited. Now every time I take him out of it he starts to cry. The voice that speaks and sings is very soothing. The volume is not very loud but I think it is perfect for his little ears. He loves the hanging animals and very quickly learned to knock them to make the mirror light up.I know not every kid is the same but my son seems to enjoy it.

Nona Southside, TN

BEST OUT THERE! Even better than Kick N Play!

I have both the kick and play and this and I found this to be MUCH better. Here is why:1. the fabric is SO much softer2. the music is much more entertainig and not annoying. Also the music isnt so loud like the K n P3. There is 3 vibration modes, unlike the 1 with the K n P. Also, the vibraion turns off after awhile as to not wear out the battery. Also, the vibration is MUCH quieter with this one.4. The base seems much more sturdy.5. The mirror is much larger and the lights are more entertaining.6. There is many different modes for interaction, unlike the KnP which only has 2 options.As you can see I REALLY love this and so does my 1 month old daughter. You just cant go wrong with this purchase! I save $10 and bought it at Target ($39.99).

Judi Little Falls, MN

Great Seat. Even more than I expected!

The Magic Moments Learning Seat is even cuter in person. I just received it today off of my baby registry. I researched every bouncer that Babies R Us had and this was the one I chose. I am so glad I did. It was a sinch to put together and the instructions are easy to follow. When it was all set up I tried it out to see all that it did and I was even more surprised at how much it did do! It has three settings of vibrations, two sound controls and even the lowest is great for baby. It has three setting for the tool bar to either tell colors, play classical music or say animal names. It has a kick buttom at the bottom that lights up colors too and all of this is displayed on the mirror. My baby girl isn’t due until June so I’ll have to do an update when she is here but I am positive that she will be just as excited as I was!

Sherrie Grelton, OH


Overall this is great. My only complaint is that it doesn’t have a mode where you can just play music without the accompanying light show that flashes in the baby’s face (or at least I haven’t figured out how to do so). The lights freak out my 3 month old. So, for now I can only sit her in it and use the vibrate mode. She likes her Fisher Price infant to toddler rocker (which is just $29.99) better. I’m sure she’ll like this one better when she’s a little older.

Rocio Deer River, MN

An excellent investment!

This is one of the best gifts we received! We’ve used this “bouncy” seat every day since bringing our baby home from the hospital two and a half weeks ago. The vibrations really calm her and lull her to sleep, and she already shows interest in the flashing lights and sounds. We’ve even let her sleep in this chair at night when she’s too fussy to sleep soundly in her cradle. My only complaint – a VERY minor one – is that the straps on the 3-point harness are a bit too short on the sides that get threaded through the back of the seat. They tend to slip back out through the seat back when the straps are unbuckled, which means fishing around and pulling them back through when it’s time to buckle the straps again. However, this really is a MINOR inconvenience and it doesn’t detract whatsoever from my 5-star rating. I would definitely recommend this learning seat to anyone with a new infant!

Rae Nome, TX