make my day Baby Bib, Black Tuxedo

make my day Baby Bib, Black Tuxedo

Wonderfully soft, the make my day baby bib can be used over and over again and still look great. Made of 100% food-grade, BPA-free silicone, these stylish bibs are also extremely functional. All styles are stain resistant, dishwasher-safe and have a built in crumb catcher and the adjustable strap fits sizes 6 months to 3 years old. Bib measures 11-1/2 x 8 x 1-1/2-inches. They’ll look so good it’s a shame they’ll cover themselves in peas and carrots. Simple and practical, designed to make your day.

Main features

  • Made of 100% food-grade, BPA-free silicone
  • Bib has a built in crumb catcher; Adjustable strap fits sizes 6 months to 3 years old
  • Stain resistant, dishwasher-safe
  • Available in different colors and designs
  • Black bib with tuxedo design in white

Verified reviews


Best bib ever!

I love love love this bib. Catches everything (well, mostly). Just wipe it down and you are good to go! Plan to get another.

Paige South Salem, NY

Does what it’s supposed to do.

It was working really well at first, catching the food that my baby would drop and the liquids that would spill. Unfortunately, baby also liked to mess with it and pour out the stuff in the pouch. I think it would help not to get liquids in it or to empty it out periodically and I think it would work wonders on a less curious baby.This bib is a really soft silicone and seems pretty comfortable. Can’t compare with other brands since I went straight and bought this from a friend’s recommendation. The catch part of it stays open like its supposed to and there are “buttons” the back to keep it around the babies neck. There are multiple holes also to adjust the fit.Besides my baby’s tendency to make a mess anyway, he only think I would worry about is maybe tearing, but only time will tell.Overall, im glad I purchased this out of all the other baby bibs out there.

Miriam Smithfield, KY

Yes, love it

This is our solid food/high chair bib. Soft but sturdy. Easy to put on. Can be as snug or loose as you want. Room to expand for a while (probably last us a year or longer). Easy to rinse off & air dries quickly between feedings. Durable (we tossed it in our checked bags for the last vacation). Great at catching water while our daughter learns to drink from a cup… She stays dry while we soak up a few Tbsp of water from the bib… great because she can go nuts on the dribble without us worrying about her getting soaked.

Shanna Miles, IA

A great product for the snacking baby/toddler

When I slice up fruit for my 10 month old to self feed it goes everywhere and leaved everything super sticky… this bib catches all of the fruit that falls and then my baby actually eats out of the pockets once her tray is empty

Billie Rio Rico, AZ

This adorable and easy cleanup; just wipe clean with a antibacterial wipe and done!

This cute pink bib has a little necklace imprinted into it and imprinted buttons. Adorable. Upscale look of the new silicone bibs for toddlers — not really for infants, sorry.

Tessa Elrama, PA

Great Bib!

One of my favorite bibs. I have it in purple and pink. Very soft and easy to clean. Highly recommend.

Martha Burden, KS

durable, easy to clean

Much nicer than any other bib we’ve tried. They’re silicone, so they may be more thick then you’d like, but our daughter likes them more than the alternatives.

Iva Hickory Plains, AR

A necessity for messy eaters

the bottom part that catches the food is essential and the whole thing is made of one piece of silicone so it’s super easy to clean. no seams for food to get stuck in, dries quickly. my only complaint is that the holes in the neck part have started to rip a little so we can’t use the tightest hole anymore, we use the next wider one which is fine.

Rosemarie Idleyld Park, OR


I love love love this bib!!!! It catches almost all food baby drops as he is figuring out how to feel himself. If fact, he sometimes uses it as a buffet! The neck is comfortable for baby, and the latch is easy to use, rarely pulls baby’s hair. Super easy to clean. I only have two bibs in my house instead of an endless supply of cloth bibs and laundry! I highly recommend these bibs. I got mine at my baby shower and I have actually given them as gifts. All my friends agree that it is great.

Lottie Mill City, OR

You need some of these!

best bibs i’ve tried! easy to clean. catch all food. soft on neck. neat design. definetly get some of these!

Jeri Fulshear, TX

Easiest bib!

Washable says it all! I need to order my son a blue one! Catches fluids too! Makes clean ups at feeding time so much easier!

Sherrie Morovis, PR


We ordered a variety of bibs to try. This bib is very easy to wipe down after a meal, and can be used several times before washing in the dishwasher. My little one doesn’t really like putting it on, but once it’s on he fine with it. Tip: be sure to empty the bottom bowl before your little one!

Mia Sugarloaf, CA

it Works!

Definitely catches most of the crumbs. Not too heavy or uncomfortable for 16 month old. He doesn’t mind wearing it for meals at restaurants. Very easy to clean. Great quality.

Hollie Clayton, GA

Good bib

Pros:- Kept the mess off my baby’s legs.- easily washed and re-used (only need one of this)Con:- Baby likes to munch on the bottom of the bib, thus spilling all the food in the trough out

Melba Osburn, ID

Best Bib on the Market, but BEWARE FAKES FROM AMAZON!

UPDATED AGAIN 6/21/14: I hate to give a 1 star review for the best bib on the market, but people search for low reviews to see what issues customers have with a product and I believe my experience warrants a warning to others. After returning the 1st counterfeit bib to Amazon, I followed the customer service rep’s advice and ordered another one in another color, but this time through a different Amazon seller (the same seller who sold me my first authentic bib back in February). Guess what? ANOTHER counterfeit! After doing some digging, I’ve found that Amazon bundles all the merchandise from 3rd party sellers into one huge bin, and whenever you order an item they grab at random. So it really doesn’t matter which seller you choose. The fact that I had two bibs in a row be counterfeit leads me to believe that Amazon has a problem when it comes to these bibs. They refunded my money and let me keep the bib the second time it happened, but I strongly suggested that they needed to inspect and control their inventory. I found a local store and bought one there instead, for a dollar cheaper, and it’s an obvious “real” Make My Day bib and has met my expectations. BEWARE WHEN ORDERING THESE FROM AMAZON.UPDATE 6/3/14: I ordered another one of these bibs because I love the original one I ordered so much. The pink one I recently purchased was fulfilled by Amazon but sold through the vendor Home Clever. The one I received was a counterfeit! The silicone was inferior and thinner. There was no “Make My Day” logo on the front. The back font was slightly different. And it was packaged in generic plastic bag packaging. I’m very disappointed that I have to go through the hassle of obtaining a return label, driving to UPS, waiting for a refund, and trying to purchase a “real” one again. The bib itself is awesome, but please beware that you receive what is actually advertised. The purple one I’ve owned for many months has been used every day (oftentimes many times a day) and has held up like new.ORIGINAL REVIEW: I ordered the lilac and received a very dark purple instead. I wasn’t too bothered by it, but be aware if you order the purple! Otherwise, this bib is awesome. It’s much softer than any other silicone bib I’ve found in stores, and seems to catch the food really well. The neck buttons are easy to hook/unhook and the bib is really lightweight, but sturdy.

Jerry Cropseyville, NY

perfect bib for novice self-feeders

Soft and high quality material. My toddler seems to be comfortable when wearing it. Does a good job catching food. Sustains well through heavy daily use and cleaning. Would highly recommend to the parents of little kids learning to self-feed.

Lorie Dunlevy, PA

No more mess

I bought a lot of bibs for my daughter before I finally found this one. She was starting to eat by herself at 14 months and it was always a mess on her legs and tray. I used to have the plastic one when I was a kid and I decided to look for the same kind. I found this one in silicone and it’s much more convenient in terms of comfort for the kid and folding when we are traveling. With my son, we tried the plastic one, he didn’t like it at all. We switched the bibs with my daughter, she didn’t want the plastic one either. It’s too rough on their neck and they can’t move. So, we love these bibs and I bought the four of them, 2 per kids.

Arline Salt Lick, KY