Malawi – 6 Piece Bedding Set.

Malawi – 6 Piece Bedding Set.

This set is equally as adorable for a boy as it is for a girl and is ideal for decorating a baby’s room when the sex is still unknown. The set includes a quilt, crib bumper, bedskirt, fitted sheet, diaper stacker, and curtain–all made of soft, 100-percent cotton. The quilt, bumper, and curtain are appliqued with patchwork squares and an assortment of safari animals and exotic trees. The main fabrics used are an attractive assortment of muted blue and green chambray and yellow and blue plaids. The tab curtain measures 5 feet across and has 4-inch tabs for gathering over a fairly wide rod. The included diaper stacker is appliqued with a giraffe at the top and has a built-in hanger for hanging off the edge of the crib. The matching crib sheet is yellow plaid. –Cristina Vaamonde

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Our Baby’s room looks FANTASTIC!

We knew we were having a girl & when we saw this theme at Babies R Us we knew this was it! We registered for every matching Malawi item available-rug, switchplate, wall art, lamp, nightlight, picture frame, club chair, table & chairs, toy chest, receiving blankets, etc. Went a little crazy, but it all looks so cute-it makes us happy to walk into her room! We painted the wall butter yellow-matching the giraffe & put the border & window valances up-it looks terrific. The sheets wash very well. Get this set-you’ll be glad you did!

Lydia Sulligent, AL

Poor Quality

The stitching is coming undone everywhere. I returned the blanket to the manufacturer and got a replacement blanket (which took forever) and it is coming undone too. And everything shrank when I washed them. Everything wrinkles really easily too. Over priced and poor quality if you ask me.

Ann Rappahannock Academy, VA

Don’t Get A Crib Set

I would not recommend buying a crib set. We have this one and it is cute, but I found out after it was purchased that using bumpers is not recommended due to the possibility of suffocation and SIDS. The valences hang down really low, so we were unable to use them with our blinds. Babies are also not supposed to sleep with a blanket on top of them, so we have yet to use the comforter. We did get the rug, found the set of pictures that match, and use the crib skirt. They are cute in his room. We did like that this set would work for a boy or a girl too.

Zelma Anchor Point, AK

Great for a Boy or Girl

We got this set 5 months ago (before we knew whether we were having a boy or a girl). We painted the room a soft yellow and put up the matching border. It looks beautiful. The border went up really easily and we have had no problems with it coming “unstuck”. I wanted to do a “wild animal” theme and wanted to stay away from commercial characters like Disney. This set was perfect.The set comes with 1 sheet, comforter, bumper, dust ruffle, and one curtain. My only regret is that we didn’t really need the whole set and would have saved money if we could have purchased only the itmes we needed. We never used the curtain. The comforter can’t be used in the crib. Who knew babies can’t use any kind of blanket for the first year? I do set it down on the floor as a mat sometimes though. But, since this is my first child, I went all out. We also bought the matching light switch and the wastebasket. Then you can always accessorize with stuffed animals (giraffes, lions, etc)that are inexpensive and easy to find. I also took some of the extra border and cut out some of the animals to use as stickers in a few spots on the walls (like over the changing table). My son loves to try and grab at the animals and it keeps his attention as he is being changed.Last note – I threw the whole set in the washer on gentle cycle with Dreft and then into the Dryer and had NO shrinkage.

Alexis Vining, MN

Beautiful Animal Theme Set

My husband and I love this set. We don’t know if we are having a boy or a girl, so we wanted something for either and that could grow with our child. The actual colors and fabrics are much prettier than on the website. We painted the walls a medium blue and two dressers, one yellow and one green to match. We purchased animal knobs at a home improvement center for the dressers. I washed the bumpers with Dreft on delicate cycle and hung to dry, they came out beautifully, it held its shape and there were no rips. I washed and dried the sheet on delicate and had no fading and very few wrinkles. I haven’t washed any of the other items yet because they won’t be touching the baby. (We are hanging the quilt on the wall for now.) We purchased or registered for many of the coordinating accessories, but we like that we can add almost anything animal theme to the room and it fits in nicely. Everyone tells us how gorgeous the room is and we can’t wait for the baby to arrive in a couple of weeks to see how he or she likes it.

Catalina Ragley, LA

Great set!

I really like this set and so does my little girl! She likes to look at the animals on the bumper pads and on the border. I use the quilt to decorate our glider since she can’t use it in her bed.I gave this set 4 stars instead of 5 because I thought the bumper pads were really hard to get on. We managed once I went over and looked at my friend’s bedding set. I think it should come with instructions. My advice is to tie the pads to the corners of the crib first. Then go back and do the other ties. You really have to pull to get it to line up. Once you get the pads on, it looks great!Also, the border came off in a couple of places, but we got some wallpaper paste, and it worked just fine and has stayed up ever since! It looks great with her blue walls.Instead of buying the wall art, we cut a few squares out of the extra border and put them in frames. It looks great and is a lot cheaper!Overall, I really like this set and would recommend it.

Doris Eastaboga, AL

The Cutest Nursery Theme!

I like this bedding set. Our baby loves the animals. We also got the mobile, the lamp, and the wall hangings. It’s great for a boy or a girl, so you will get lots of use out of it. The colors are nice and neutral, but cheerful enough for a baby’s room! A great bedding set all around. The comforter part is kind of impractical, but great as a decoration.

Eula Duxbury, MA

Love it – mostly

We bought this set plus the lamp shade, light switch cover and frame. I wanted something gender neutral so that future children could also use it. However, for the last 18 mos that our daughter has used it, I felt a little regret that I didn’t get something more girly because quite frankly while this is “neutral”, it’s more boyish with the blue and green. I do agree you could throw in some pink and purple to make it work better for a girl.As far as quality goes, it’s satisfactory. The sheet is holding up ok after dozens of washes but like most people have mentioned, this set wrinkles very easily. I just ironed the diaper stacker and skirt and it looked fine again. The comforter is stiff and polyester feeling. Clearly, it’s more for decor than for function.All in all I like it.

Staci Milaca, MN