Malden Nursery Parade Baby Metal Picture Frame

Malden Nursery Parade Baby Metal Picture Frame

Holds up to a 4 x 6 picture;Metal picture frame;The parade of the nursery toys;Perfect for a boy or girl photo

Main features

  • Holds up to a 4″ x 6″ picture
  • Metal picture frame
  • The parade of the nursery toys
  • Perfect for a boy or girl photo

Verified reviews


Very nice, super tiny.

I know the thing has the dimensions, and of course it’s going to be small if it holds a 2X3 frame. Even though I see dimensions I can’t see that in my head before it arrives, this thing is so itty bitty. Maybe great for a cramped desk space, other than that it is REALLY nice, and super cute!

Aida Arthur, IA


This frame is perfect for a small shelf/area. Very neutral so it fits every decor. I highly recommend it. 🙂

Monique Sod, WV

Perfect and durable

I move a lot so making sure my frames are durable is paramount. This frame is very well made and didn’t sustain any damage when a dog nose knocked it onto the tile from a table top.

Sonya Bakerton, WV


it is such a beautiful and stylish frame. I expected smaller size and was gladly surprised that it is a medium size. Looks great in a baby room.

Aurelia Reddick, FL

Cute frame

frame is cute. it has real weight to it, so it doesn’t feel or look cheap at all. Note that it can only be used for verticle pictures because the images on the sides are set to be vericle.

Kristi Balm, FL

Pretty pewter frame

This is a nice frame. It’s heavy and definitely suggests quality. The lines and edges are smooth. It’s detailed and has a lot going on, so it definitely will be eye catching even amongst other frames, and also looks good just on its own.The finish is definitely more pewter and not at all silver. That’s fine with me – but just wanted to clarify for anyone wondering.

Mona Westerville, OH