MAM 2 Pack Original Silicone Pacifier, 6+ Months, Colors May Vary

MAM 2 Pack Original Silicone Pacifier, 6+ Months, Colors May Vary

MAM original 6 and above months silicone orthodontic pacifiers have been developed in cooperation with the international children medical research society and are recommended most by dentists and orthodontists. MAM’s patented silk nipple is silicone with a difference: it’s silky soft. No other silicone feels softer. These pacifiers are sized for ages 6 and above months. Will not damage your baby’s developing teeth or palate. A wonderful, soothing item for your baby. MAM pacifiers are always in the right position. Includes 2 BPA free pacifiers. It comes in assorted colors of blue, pink and green.

Main features

  • Age appropriate designs
  • Good for the skin thanks to air holes and MAM’s unique inside surface
  • Symmetrical nipple ideal for baby’s jaw development
  • Orthodontic, always in right position; Colors may vary, you may receive in one of the following colors: blue, pink and green

Verified reviews


I chose boy colors and got girl colors!

My SON loves these pacifiers. I chose the pacifiers that are blue and white with racecars on them. However, I opened the box, and to my dismay, received HOT PINK pacifiers with peacocks on them. My husband will not be pleased when he sees our SON with HOT PINK, GIRLY pacifiers.

Daisy Bradenton Beach, FL

If your baby doesn’t like other pacifiers, try these…

My son has tried so many different types and brands of pacifiers, only to find that MAM are the only ones that he likes. The Avent ones are a close second but they fall out easier than these. My son used the smaller MAM ones before but after 4 months or so he wanted something bigger, and this was it. When choosing a pacifier, try to consider the kind of bottle nipple your baby likes. Mine uses the Playtex bottles, so I suppose he is used to a larger nipple. The gerber pacifiers were very highly recommended to me, so your baby may like those if they use a bottle with smaller nipples, such as Dr. Browns bottles. Anyway, good luck and I hope this pacifier will work for your baby too. It has saved us from hours and hours of complaining. 🙂

Monika Norton, MA


I have gone through so many nooks with my son throughout the last 7 months. These are the only ones that stay in his mouth and he loves it. He will actually whine for the nook alot! I had problems with other nooks sitting funny on his face or going up his nose, not with this one.I love that it allows his skin and face to breathe. It will definitely be hard to break the habit. I call it the “emergency button.” All I have to do is hand him this MAM nook when he’s crying and instantly he stops. I am so thankful and highly recommend it. Easy to wash, dishwasher safe!

Jody Eagle Lake, FL

Look no further—You have found the best pacifier.

I tried the MAM in a fit of desparation. We had tried every single pacifier out there–soothies, Nuk, Avent, etc. from several friends’ recommendations without much luck. My son liked using a pacifier, but for some reason had issues keeping some of the other models in. None of my friends had used the MAMs, but I tried them on a whim. I have to tell you, they’re amazing.I realize the ‘binky debate’ is a very personal matter, so take this advice as you will, but I am a huge MAM fan. One of the key features of this product is the design. When the fall (or are thrown), nine times out of ten they will land with the part that the baby sucks on facing up in the air. The little circle ball on the front is weighted, so generally the pacifier will fall in a way that makes it guilt free to pick up and pop back in baby’s mouth. I’m also a huge fan of the designs. Ordering on amazon can get a little dicey with the boy/girl factor, but I have found that if I get a girl set, I just pop a circular name label on the end and use that in the car/daycare binky bin.The only other thing that some moms might find annoying is that you can’t use traditional pacifier clips. you have to use the MAM version. I’ve found that they work fine. The plastic clip is not as strong as a metal mitten clip, but it works. The plastic part that attaches to the actual pacifier is great and we’ve never had any issues with it falling off.I do prefer the MAM air version, as the plastic around the mouth is open and gives the baby a bit less plastic on the face. This model was especially helpful when my son was teething and drooling all over the place. He tended to get less irritation on his face with the air version.

Cheryl Glen Ullin, ND

Best ones we’ve had yet

And yes, we didn’t get the colors we wanted either but…it states you don’t get to choose. Our 6 mo. old boy certainly doesn’t seem to mind his purple peacock pacifier…they stay in his mouth better and either direction goes in correctly so you don’t have to think about which side goes up.

Kara Braggs, OK

At last…

We tried many other pacifiers and couldn’t find one that my daugther would keep in her mouth. We tried the MAM 0-3, but it was too small (even when she was newborn). Finally I decided to try the 6 month size and FINALLY it stayed in. We breastfeed and use Born Free bottles so I think she was needing a pacifier with a larger nipple.

Christa Breezy Point, NY

The only ones I buy

After trying every brand out there, we are a committed MAM family. I love them because she loves them, but even more, she uses the outside when teething. I love a product that serves more than one purpose!

Florine Copeland, KS