MAM 2 Pack Trends Silicone Pacifier, 6 Months, Colors May Vary

MAM 2 Pack Trends Silicone Pacifier, 6 Months, Colors May Vary

MAM trends 6 and above months silicone orthodontic pacifiers have been developed in cooperation with the international children medical research society and are recommended most by dentists and orthodontists. MAM’s patented silk nipple is silicone with a difference: it’s silky soft. No other silicone feels softer. These pacifiers are sized for ages 6 and above months. Will not damage your baby’s developing teeth or palate. A wonderful, soothing item for your baby. MAM pacifiers are always in the right position. Includes 2 BPA free pacifiers. You may receive this item in pink, blue or green.

Main features

  • Recommended most by dentist and orthodontists
  • Good for the skin thanks to air holes and MAM’s unique inside surface
  • Symmetrical nipple ideal for baby’s jaw development
  • Orthodontic, always in right position
  • Colors may vary, you may receive in one of the following colors: Pink or Blue

Verified reviews


“Colors may vary” does not equal boys colors

Ordered "colors may vary" hoping they’d be blue or green. They are pink which render them useless for my little boy. Waste of money.

Stacey Red Oak, IA

Good pacifier…unhappy with color choice

The pacifiers are fine, and would have rated this product higher, but as it says “colors may vary,” and we received very pink, clearly-intended-for-girls pacifiers. I was hoping that since “colors may vary” and you can’t choose your color, that they would be more gender neutral. Thankfully we have a very secure 4-month old boy 😉 haha

Rosanna Bryant, IA

Great Binks – Only one my baby takes

I just reviewed the MAM Air pacifiers and do not like that variety. However; this is the variety we use all the time. I like that these binks are closer to a breast than other ones. In fact my exclusively breastfed baby only took these and now one of these pacifiers helps my 19 month old soothe herself when she is upset. She uses it less and less but it is nice to have in the car or at home if needed.I adore all of the fun color combinations and cute designs. This listing is for assorted styles and we have many different styles, boy and girl. These pacifiers work with the MAM pacifier clips if you have a spitter. They are also sold in plastic cases that can be used to sterilize your baby’s pacifiers. The newest version has a MAM logo on the nipple – it does not effect the pacifier’s functioning.I really like this style of MAM pacifiers. However the MAM air nipples do not come fully clean and will start rotting on the inside of the pacifier. This is our first choice, and I highly recommend it for children 9 months and older. My little one did not take this variety at 6 months.

Pamela Coldwater, OH

Favorite pacifier

These are my toddler’s favorite pacifiers. They seem really comfortable and don’t fall out easily. However, when the item description says colors may vary, understand that you may end up with two bright pink pacifiers for your little boy like I did! I wish the desired color could be specified.

Ramona Tyngsboro, MA

Six month old grandson loves these

Henry loves his new bigger Mam pacies and he is confident enough in his manliness that he doesn’t mind if some are pink and purple.

Rachelle Gerton, NC

Our favorite Binky

Our daughter came home from the hospital with 2 binkies, and they made life great, till she stopped taking one for about a month and a half. We tried them again in frustration, but as she was closer to the 6 month range, we tried a mam style i had, and she loves them, and doesn’t sleep without it! Shes is a much calmer baby with Binkies!

Nellie Lithonia, GA

Great Pacifier

Pacifiers can be pretty personal for kids, one kid loves one brand another kid hates it, fortunately I found out early that these are the ones that my son adores. As far as the color goes we rolled the "roulette wheel" and got pink–not the boy color I was hoping for–but hey, my son is pretty secure in his masculinity 🙂

Selina Kent City, MI

already placed second order

My 10-month old loves these. He won’t fall asleep without one. I had to place a second order so I would have spares for daycare, the diaper bag, etc. They are basic and what you’d expect from a paci, just slightly larger for the older infants. They don’t like the sterilizer, though. It turns the rubber part slightly yellow and smells like they are overheating. Guess I should have followed the directions that say not to put them in a sterilizer.

Marietta Malinta, OH

Don’t go by the picture!

Ordered from my iPhone based on the picture. Like the other reviewer said, what am I going to do with two bright pink pacifiers? I thought I was getting blue. Even if colors vary, you can see the color right through the case. It takes 1 second to offer/pick a color for packing, and what about green? Or ANY neutral color? These are great pacifiers, though baby bites through them after about 6 weeks. Just ordered from another seller that lets you specify color, and for the same Price.

Harriet Inman, NE

The only pacifier my son liked.

We tried a few pacifiers when my son was born. Turns out MAMs were the only ones he could keep in his mouth. Now that he’s older, we sized up. Still a bedtime favorite.

Lesley Hunt, TX

MAM is great!

Through 2 kids these have been our favorite pacifiers. My 2.5 year old went through a phase of chewing holes in them so this was a restock order to replace them. I highly recommend them, especially for fussy babies that don’t seem to want any other type of pacifier.

Donna Crab Orchard, NE

only pacifier my son will use

these are the only pacifiers my son will use. i have them in many different colors. i don’t understand the differences between the varieties though. wish they made a 100% silicone one. i don’t love my son chewing on the plastic parts.

Lizzie Rawlins, WY

as expected

bought these for my daughter and was happy to received girly colored ones. my daughter will only use these type of pacifier

Beth Hyattsville, MD

Best pacifier! And comes with great travel case too!

I have an 18 month old daughter that did not start using a pacifier until we moved her from a bottle to a sippy cup. We tried several different brands to help soothe het at nap time and bedtime and this brand is by far the best! They come in great bright colors and even have some that glow in the dark in case the pacifier gets lost by baby in the middle of the night. The pacifiers also come in these great little cases that hold 2 pacifiers which are great for throwing in a diaper bag or purse. The cases are microwaveable so you can sanitize the pacifiers in them too! This is a great product!

Gwen Falmouth, MA

Don’t risk it if you want a particular color.

I have a boy. I decided to take a chance on the color, thinking the odds of getting a boy acceptable color would be good. Wrong. Got pink and purple.

Victoria Portsmouth, NH

Great Pacifiers

These are the only pacifiers that my baby will accept since she was a newborn. She is breastfed and I even tried giving her the “breastfed baby safe” kind of pacifiers that are shaped differently, but always spit them out but she always held on her her MAM pacifiers.Great brand!(I’ve always picked mine up in Walmart so I don’t have to play around with being shipped the wrong color, I don’t have patience for that kind of funny business!)

Diane Everetts, NC

Great for little faces

I have two little girls and these were the favorite pacifiers for both.The area around the mouth seems to be smaller than that on other pacifiers, which seemed to be more comfortable for them and easier for them to hold.We usually give these as gifts and have had people ask us where they can find them because their babies love them.

Alta Coal Township, PA

Baby Boy Loves Mam

My lil guy, 7 months old, loves Mam pacis. These are no exception. Dishwasher safe, I put them in the dishwasher rack I bought for small baby items such as this. I’ve also boiled a pot of pacis on the stovetop and these have held up just fine.Once in a while I have noticed he will get some slobber into the mouth piece of these pacis. If I shake the paci the slobber finds its way out, but that does kinda creep me out to some degree that they aren’t waterproof. Then again if slobber can get in, air can too and I don’t expect to get a mold problem or anything similar so this is probably a moot point.Overall I would definitely buy again.

Colette Griggsville, IL

Good at any age

It says 6 months, but my baby loved these early on; refused every other pacifier. They are great size and cute.

Lorrie Union, NH