MAM 3 Pack Anti-Colic Bottle Boy, 8 Ounce, Colors May Vary

MAM 3 Pack Anti-Colic Bottle Boy, 8 Ounce, Colors May Vary

The MAM ulti vent wide mouth transition bottle system is designed to be as close to breast feeding as possible in a reusable bottle. All MAM bottles are constructed of bisphenol a free materials. The orthodontic nipple is made of ultra soft silicone and encourages baby to use a natural suckling action similar to breast feeding. The ulti vent valve is sensitive enough to ensure baby a constant, air free flow of liquid. Removable bottom makes bottle clean up a snap. The new one piece MAM valve is highly sensitive to baby’s suckling, assuring a constant, air free flow. Your baby will feed quietly for longer, uninterrupted periods just like breast feeding. Less air intake means less spit up and gas. Features sealing cap for spill free travel. MAM shaped orthodontic nipple, BPA free, trusted by mothers for over 20 years. The bottle comes with a wide mouth for easy filling and an easy to read scale for accurate measuring. Includes a removable base for easy cleaning. Includes 3 8 ounce boy bottles, each with one slow flow nipple.

Main features

  • Wide mouth system made to be as close to breastfeeding as possible and are easy fill
  • MAM bottle is bisphenol free and comes in assorted blue
  • Orthodontic nipple is silky soft silicone
  • Easy to read scale for accurate measuring
  • Anti colic MAM valve means less gas for baby; Colors may vary, you may receive in one of the following colors: blue, light blue or purple

Verified reviews


Love the idea, love the nipple, find the bottle annoying

For my first child I used the Dr. Brown’s bottles, but after a year of washing all those parts and using the pipe cleaner on the straw, I was determined to find an easier bottle with my second. I definately still wanted something that was anti-gas though, especially since my second child had reflux and gas issues, so an old fashioned bottle wasn’t going to work. I tried the Mam bottles and loved them at first. My very finicky baby took very well to the nipples, even though he had trouble with almost every other brand of nipple. So the nipple was an automatic winner.The bottles themselves were okay. They were different looking, and cute, so I liked that. I never got past the nagging feeling that water from the bottle warmers were going to leak into the bottom part of the bottle, and I even wrote the manufacturer asking about that and they assured me that couldn’t happen.Because these bottles are thicker around the bottom, they take forever to heat up, especially if you have a picky baby like mine that insisted on a really warm bottle.I tried using the Mam nipples on the Born Free bottles, but they leaked horribly. And since my baby refused any other nipple when he was young, I was pretty much stuck with this bottle. After a while I was just as tired of putting together the top and bottom parts of this Mam as I was in using the Dr. Brown’s straws. Luckily as he got older (around 6 months) I was finally able to switch him to the Born Free bottles. After so much trial and error, I really do think the Born Free ones are the best bottles and the least pain in the butt for an anti-gas bottle. But the Mams do have the best nipples.

Octavia Pittsview, AL

I love this bottle through its faults

• Reduces spit up!!!
• Nipple is fabulous ~ especially if still breastfeeding as well. It’s large enough at the base that it still seems comparable to breastfeeding.
• The bottles are really comfortable to use ~ big enough, wide opening for making formula without spilling it all over, not too many parts.Cons:
• The 8oz marking on the bottle is incorrect. This isn’t too big of an issue since the 220ml line is exactly 8 oz.
• The bottom of the bottle can leak. It hasn’t leaked much, just a couple drops when it did.Overall I love these bottles! They are a HUGE improvement over just using the medela nipples on a breastmilk storage bottle, so I’m going to keep them even with their flaws.

Abigail Bowman, ND

Better System Than Dr. Brown’s

There are some things people need to understand about the MAM bottles and Dr. Brown’s bottles versus other “vented” bottles on the market. These two brands of bottles are true “ANTI-COLIC” bottles, not just vented bottles like Tommee Tippee or Avent. Anti-colic bottles prevent air from traveling through the milk inside the bottle at all, whereas a standard vented bottle keeps air from being swallowed by the baby through the nipple, but doesn’t prevent air from traveling through the milk inside the bottle, which can cause gassiness.That being said, a true anti-colic bottle is a complicated system, and I have yet to find one that doesn’t consist of 5 parts or more. The Dr. Brown’s bottles work really great, but they are a pain in the butt to clean – not because there are 5 parts but because those 5 parts require a PIPE CLEANER to clean out. These MAM bottles are SO much better simply because they don’t require that stupid pipe cleaner to clean the pieces out. Yes, there are 5 pieces, but if your baby gets colicy or gassy from a standard vented bottle, then a true anti-colic bottle is the way to go and the extra cleaning time is worth every second in exchange for a happy baby.Regarding the leaks, most people were complaining that the bottles leaked when they HEATED THEM UP. There is a scientific explanation for this and a VERY simple solution… When you heat up the contents of a sealed bottle, it expands and increases the pressure inside the bottle, which in turn forces the contents out through the vent system in the bottom of the bottle. Simple solution: UNSCREW THE TOP OF THE BOTTLE WHEN YOU HEAT IT! As long as the bottle has some way for the internal pressure to escape when you heat it up, you won’t have any leaks. I had the exact same problem with the Dr. Brown’s bottles, only the milk would travel up through the center straw and out the holes in the top of the bottle when you heated them. Problem was solved completely as soon as I started unscrewing the top when I heated the bottles.

Carrie East Jordan, MI

A pretty good replacement

I bought these bottles to try & compare them to the Dr. Brown’s and Born Free bottles I was lugging around…in glass. They are a good replacement overall: light weight & extremely tight caps. However, the idea of the “colic reduction” isn’t really any benefit in this bottle…my little man has acid reflux….& they will leak on you if you don’t have them assembled just right. You will know immediately if they are leaking…they just start spilling out on the counter. Also, they don’t fit into my high tech bottle warmer either.The great thing about these bottles that keeps me using them is that you can completely disassemble & reassemble these bottles for optimal cleanliness! I love that I can actually clean these bottles & know that they are indeed…clean. I don’t have to use a bottle brush, so there is no worry of microscopic scraps inside that might hold bacteria. And that keeps me using these bottles along with my Born Free collection.

Tammie Oregon, OH

Great bottles, misleading product description.

Update – I guess the bottles I got may not have been the bottles everyone else gets. This set of bottles (both the blue and green sets) have always come with a level 2 nipple for me. I have ordered four sets of them. Some from here, and and they all came with level 2. But another customer said they got level 1 nipples. So who knows.Love these bottles. We used these four years ago with our son and loved them, unfortunately we gave them to a friend and are now having to buy more for our third child. Because of the wide style they are easy to clean and because the bottom unscrews there are no areas a bottle brush or rag can’t reach. We never had any problems with leaking, I think most of that may be user error. Just make sure everything is sealed up when you re-assemble the bottles. The product description indicates these come with a slow flow nipple, they do not. They come with level 2 nipples. I have purchased this set and a set of all green bottles. Not sure what nipple the 5oz bottles come with, but the 8oz bottles come with nipple level 2 designed for 2+ months. (MAM nipples are level 1 – slow, level 2 – medium, level 3 – fast and x cut – for thick liquids). On a personal note – I think the smaller 5 oz bottles are pointless and a waste of money. You will eventually need to purchase the 8 oz bottle as your child gets larger, so go ahead and get them in the beginning and buy the slow flow/level 1 nipples. When your child gets a little older switch back to the level 2 nipples that came with the bottles.

Latasha Jackson, NE

Love this

Conviniently effective in reducing gas. We noticed the difference with our baby. He had colic in his 3rd week and we tried different bottles. We were not successful not until we got MAM bottles. He still has gas to some degree but not to the point of endless crying and we were able to manage the gas issue more. The only issue with this bottle is that leakage is very possible if you put the parts incorrectly, we learned it the hard way. But once we got it right, we have a great bottle & a happy baby.

Michaela Cromwell, CT

Good BPA free bottles

These bottles are really nice.They come completely apart, so they are easier to wash, no bottle brush needed.All the parts are built to last, and have held up well.the bottom are really nice, they dont leak and when baby is drinking the milk,they wont creat a vacuum inside the bottle.They eat more naturally, like when they are breast feeding.All the different size have interchangable parts, so if you get different sizes, you wont have to worry about different tops or bottoms.Make sure you screw the tops on correctly, you can cross thread them pretty easily, and milk will spill.Also, when putting the nipple back into the top ring, hold directly onto the end, and pull through to seat the silicone nipple. It works much better than trying to seat it by pushing from the base.

Kerry Hesperia, MI

Different from description

The description says the bottles come with SLOW flow nipples, that means level 1 nipples. When I open the package surprise level 2 nipples. I need level 1 for my newborn, what a disappointment to wait for the package to arrive and is not what you want.

Eliza Tuba City, AZ


I bought these handsome bottles for my 10 week old’s growing appetite. The disassembled style was a major selling point, as were the nipples designed to prevent colic by controlling air flow. They were a hasty purchase in advance of going back to work, and I regret buying them.The downfall of a bottle with a separate base and body is, unsurprisingly, leakage. No matter how much I juryrig these bottles, tightening the top and bottom to the base firmly, they leak. The main culprit appears to be the bottom white seal. Instructions say to push down the silicone ring into the blue base, which has several holes in the bottom for drainage and sterilization. I’ve done that and everything short of supergluing the ring in place. As a result, moisture seeps through the ring after preparing breastmilk or formula. The problem increases when the bottle is tilted, like when you want to feed your hungry, crying infant. Who wants to wear milk this morning? With the MAM bottle, be assured you and baby can share in the soaking experience.I have followed instructions provided to a tee, and still get the leak effect. Beads well up, and sometimes the seal seems to give out with an impressive splatter. I have plenty of soaked shirts and countertop stains as testament to my experimentation, but I’m having absolutely no luck. The bottles themselves may perform as claimed, but since I cannot seem to use them without causing a second coming of Niagara Falls, it’s all speculative. The nipples are sturdy and the plastic is constructed very well. Pulling off the top cap takes considerable strength, ironic since all the liquid wants to run out the other end.I’m returning these for a refund.

Elvia Wyoming, PA

Disappointed – and had such high hopes

I really wanted these bottles to work. I was trying to find an alternative to Playtex Ventaire and Born Free. I have twins that are 6 months old and can hold their own bottles. I currently use the Playtex Ventaire 6oz bottles. These bottles do not leak. Even when you hold them upside down neither breast milk nor formula will escape from the bottle or the nipple. Now that the babes are a little older I need bigger bottles. When held upside down the nipples leak. My babies cannot feed themselves without getting milk and/or formula all over their faces.Big sigh.And the reason for finding an alternative to the other brands? My two year old just stopped asking for an afternoon bottle and I didn’t want him to think by bringing out the Ventaires again that they were meant for him. And the Born Free are just more expensive, but I just placed my order for them.

Kaye Bethlehem, GA

non colic bottles

These are a pain in the bum to put together. If you do not get the bottom gasket in just right they leak. However, they work, less air in tummies means less spit up, less gas, less burping, less crying and for that I am willing to fuss with putting these things together. Also we have a little guy, 6 weeks, who can suck down a bottle in seconds flat. These are a little slower for him to drink than the Nuk or the playtex.

Lea Jacksonville Beach, FL

A pain!

These bottles look cute and despite the great reviews I agree with the reviews saying they leak. These bottles leaked everywhere! My fiance’ and I were more than frustrated with these. I’m glad we only bought 1 pack to try only about 12 dollars wasted. I’ll stick with my Tommie Tippie bottles for sure.

Sophia Bloomington, ID

Impossible to get the caps off!

I was really excited to use this bottle, because I wanted a good anti-colic system which didn’t require the many parts of Dr. Brown bottles. However, I ended up abandoning it for the Similac SimplySmart bottle. Here’s why:1. The cap is impossible to open. I thought it would loosen with use, but I couldn’t stand to wait a significant amount of time. I once asked my husband to open one for me, and he almost instantly went to get a flat-topped screwdriver. There is no other bottle I’ve tried that has this problem, and I find it inexcusable. This was the most significant reason I hated this bottle.2. There are no 1 ounce markings on the bottle, which is difficult for newborns. Our baby required accurate monitoring of how much he was taking at first due to medical issues, and I found it frustrating not to be able to see anything less than 2 ounces.3. The bottle is opaque, which makes it hard to see the line when filling the bottle or the markings when checking to see how much the baby drank. This is especially true at night, when I had the lighting on low. Very annoying–there is a reason most of the bottles out there are clear.4. Water leaks out of the bottom. I never had a real formula leak, but water would somehow get trapped in the sealing ring at the bottom, and I would get wet when I shook the bottle to mix it. This would always make me panic that I had placed it incorrectly and that formula was leaking. I was never sure that it wasn’t formula, though, in the middle of the night when I was groggy.

Madge Ortonville, MN

Best Bottles and nipples! Go for it!

My son likes the nipples of MAM bottles better than other brands. The bottles are easy to clean. LOVE IT!

Lee Unionville, MD

Bought for a friend

I use these type of bottles for my daughter because of the nipple. With other nipples she gets so frustrated and cries through out feedings. The only downside is if you don’t put the bottom on really good the bottle tends to leak. It took me a couple of tries before I got the hang of it and every now and then I still mess it up.

Saundra Sylvan Grove, KS

Great nipple, too many parts

Love this bottle since it’s the only bottle my son will drink out of, the nipple shape is great since it matches the pacifier (MAM) he uses. He was a breastfed baby and we needed a bottle to give him on occasion for pumped milk and he would NOT suck on other nipples, but would this b/c it is just like his pacifier. He still struggled b/c he suffered from "nipple confusion" which I’m still not convinced exists…they just want the real deal, not something silicone or not real to drink from-it’s not confusion its just being opinionated :)I give this product 4 stars b/c of the anti-colic ability of the base and the nipple shape, but if I were to rate it on all the parts, I should be giving it a 2-3 stars…it has SO many parts to clean and put back together and it not put back together just right it leaks horribly. It leaks from the base and the top screw on lid, even if it seems you have screwed it on correctly it might not be. It’s really not so awful, but you have to double check everything to make sure you aren’t about to dump milk all over your baby, which we have done in the middle of the night requiring a clothing change for him and for myself.Outside of this great bottle, just wish the rubber nipples were available more readily…apparently they exist, but never could find them.

Rose Belvedere Tiburon, CA

MAM Bottles

I am VERY pleased with these bottles. My now 8 month old son has been using these since he was 3 1/2 months. I previously used the Playtex drop ins. As a young infant, he had belly problems. He was getting lots of air and gas. I switched him to Gentlease, and that helped, but until I started the new bottles, I had no clue how much better he could feel. I was staying at my in-laws for a week visit, and ran out of liners. When I went to the store, I found these MAM bottles, and that was the first time I had ever seen them. I used the MAM soothers, that my son loved, and I figured I would try these. What initially attracted me to them was the nipple, and the shape of the bottles, I found them more comfortable to hold, and I thought that he would be able to hold them better. The very first time he used one, he loved it. He drinks his formula so much better and he never has had any problems. I do sometimes get aggravated with all the different parts, but the ability to clean them so well is worth it. and as stated in previous reviews, if you do not get them put together just right, you will get milk all over you. In conclusion, I would recommend these bottles to anyone.

Mellisa Hume, VA

Such great bottles!

These are the best bottles! I cannot say enough about them and how helpful they are for baby’s tummy! My little boy has used since 6 months after EBF and he had no problems at all! Love MAM

Lynnette Cromona, KY


Love these bottles. Perfect for my son. But be careful when you boil them. Don’t use a non stick pot because they will melt. You need to use a non coated one.

Trina Brookville, OH


I really liked these bottles. They did leak occasionally if I was in too much of a hurry and mis-threaded the bottom portion. This was the only bottle my 3 month old would take when he had to stop breastfeeding quickly. The nipple shape is very unique, but seemed to fit his preference at the time. I like that they are self sterilizing. I did get tired of cleaning the extra parts and he eventually moved to the tommee tippee set we already had on hand.

Ingrid Anchor Point, AK

Get these while you still can!

I can’t believe they stopped making these, or at least have stopped selling them in all of the stores here in Southern California. These are BY FAR the best bottles we’ve found, and believe me, we tried THEM ALL! The shape of the nipple alone is superior. Nipples come in four different flow speeds, including a cross cut for toddlers and formula mixed with cereal.These have NEVER leaked for us, unlike the seven other top brands of bottles we tried. They’re much easier to clean and assemble than most other anti-colic venting bottles on the market. And as if that wasn’t enough, they’re also very stylish. Love the modern design.Stock up on these while you can!

Gabrielle Orchard, CO

Great for going from breast to bottle and back!

This was the first bottle that we decided to use when my daughter turned 2 months old and I wanted to start trying her on a bottle in anticipation of me going back to work 4 weeks later. Too bad I also bought born free bottles and playtex drop ins because I don’t see the need for those other bottles now that I found these! I originally chose them because she will only take MAM pacifiers (hates Nuk and Tommee Tippee pacifiers) and I guess that was good logic because she took to the bottle right away. If there isn’t a full feeding in the bottle, she will go right from the bottle to my breast! There is no issue with her preferring the bottle or nipple confusion in any way.In regards to a previous comment about using this in a bottle warmer, this is what I do – I take my bag of breast milk out of the freezer and I put it in a bowl of hot water (as hot as our tap will get it, not boiled). When the water gets tepid, I refill the bowl with hot water again. Once the breastmilk is hot, then I put it in the bottle. No need to use a warmer :)… these bottles are great. Also help my girl to burp right away which she doesn’t always do from the breast. I like these a lot…highly recommend.

Ramona Pine Ridge, KY

Only bottles my baby will take.

Love these bottles. After trying out 5 different brands and becoming desperate- baby was starting daycare in less than a week and still would not drink from a bottle- we tried these because he uses the MAM pacifier and we havent had any problems since. He took to them right away and has not had a problem with gas. Even though he is 8 months we still use the slow flow stage 1 nipples that come with these bottles because he seems to like them best.

Erna Criders, VA

MAM 3 Pack Anti-Colic Bottle Boy,

the MAM 3 Pack Anti-Colic Bottle Boy, 8 Ounce, Colors May Vary are a good purch. easy to clean up

Ila Steelville, PA

Son prefers these to Avent.

I had to come back and edit my review of these bottles. Although my son LOVED these bottles, mainly the nipple shape, we stopped using them. After a while, the rubber piece in the bottom starts to smell very bad. The rubber absorbs the smell of the formula/milk. The first time I noticed it I thought it was my fault and I must have left formula sitting in them too long, and I boiled the rubber pieces and washed them in scolding hot water until I didn’t smell it anymore. I started making sure I was rinsing the bottles immediately after each use in hot water, but it did not help, the smell would return. Maybe MAM could use a different type of rubber, I’m not sure, but we couldn’t use these anymore because of that. I just didn’t feel like they were clean enough for my baby. We are having a hard time finding a bottle now that he likes as much and I feel bad. I wish that MAM made this bottle without the rubber and all the parts. Just a regular plain bottle and nipple because my son really loves this nipple shape. We are using the NUK bottles now and he is doing ok (he uses NUK pacifiers) but not as well, plus they are hard to find! MAM, great nipples, great flow, great shape, but it would be wonderful if you made a more simple bottle for those that don’t need the anti-colic as much anymore!These are the only bottles my son will take. I had these and the avent natural bottles and he MUCH prefers these. The only downfall to them is taking them apart to clean them really well, but it’s worth it. They are also self-steralizing which is cool.

Nichole Martinsville, OH

good bottles

these bottles are great for babies with gas and or colic i purchased these they are larger than i though so I will use them at 4-5 months.

Ester Truman, MN

Not worth it

I Hated these. Made baby harder to nurse after he ate with them. The bottom leaked. Theyre Not worth it.

Frances Andes, NY

GREAT bottles

These bottles greatly reduced my baby’s gas. I thought the drop-in nursers would be best because you could expel the air out, but my baby still had lots of painful gas. I tried these on a whim because baby liked the MAM pacifiers and they have been wonderful. You can actually hear the air being released through the bottom instead of mixed in with the milk. The only times they’ve leaked is when I screwed the top on wrong, or when I realized a nipple’s air-release valve was ripped. They do have like 5 parts that need to be washed, which is a pain, but at least you know you’re getting the bottle clean. We either hand wash all of them and let them air dry or put all the small pieces in a dishwasher basket and the cylinder in the top rack and let the dishwasher do the work. The nipples are the best- they are the softest silicone and shaped the most like the breast when baby is properly latched on and it is flattened in the back of their mouth. Give them a try, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. The colors are also much more vibrant than the photo shows which is nice.

Betty Waskish, MN

Great bottle and a nipple shape that makes sense

I used the Born Free bottles with my first and really liked them but I pumped exclusively with him, so he never knew any different. With my second I’ve been switching between breastfeeding and bottles and I could tell he wasn’t really thrilled with the normal rounded nipples. The only pacifiers he likes are the MAMs, so when I saw that they also make a bottle with a flat, rounded nipple shape similar to the pacifiers I ordered them right away. These are so much better for him and he is able to use them much more easily. The bottles themselves are really cute too and I haven’t had any issues with leaking or anything else. Although ideally I would like them to be glass, at least they are BPA free and all that. And I do like that the bottom comes off of these because it’s so much easier to clean and you don’t need one of those stupid scrubby wand things. There are 5 pieces altogether – the nipple, the part that secures the nipple to the bottle, the bottle itself, the vented bottom that screws onto the bottle and a silicon piece that fits into the bottom piece. None of them have any weird nooks or crannies so they are easy to clean and it’s easy to put together.

Simone Marthasville, MO

Great bottles

These are easy to clean and don’t leak when warming if you leave the nipple off. We use Mam pacifiers so I thought we would give the bottles a try. They are great and met my expectations.

Lavonne Virginia, NE