MAM Anti-Colic Bottle, Boy, 5 Ounces, 1-Count

MAM Anti-Colic Bottle, Boy, 5 Ounces, 1-Count

The MAM ulti vent wide mouth transition bottle system is designed to be as close to breast feeding as possible in a reusable bottle. All MAM bottles are constructed of bisphenol a free materials. The orthodontic nipple is made of ultra soft silicone and encourages baby to use a natural suckling action similar to breast feeding. The ulti vent valve is sensitive enough to ensure baby a constant, air free flow of liquid. Removable bottom makes bottle clean up a snap. The new one piece MAM valve is highly sensitive to baby’s suckling, assuring a constant, air free flow. Your baby will feed quietly for longer, uninterrupted periods just like breast feeding. Less air intake means less spit up and gas. Features sealing cap for spill free travel. MAM shaped orthodontic nipple, BPA free, trusted by mothers for over 20 years. The bottle comes with a wide mouth for easy filling and an easy to read scale for accurate measuring. Includes a removable base for easy cleaning. Includes 1 5 ounce boy bottle, with a 1 slow flow nipple.

Main features

  • Wide mouth system made to be as close to breastfeeding as possible and are easy fill
  • MAM bottle is bisphenol free
  • Orthodontic nipple is silky soft silicone
  • Easy to read scale for accurate measuring
  • Anti colic MAM valve means less gas for baby

Verified reviews


Leaky and Quickly Breaks

I bought this bottle a couple of months ago because I love MAM pacifiers and I hoped this might be the bottle that finally cured my son’s spit-up issue (it hasn’t but I think for him there is no magic bottle).My complaint is that the threading is tricky and if you are not very careful and very precise, you end up with a leaky mess. Also, just two months later after fairly infrequent use (maybe once a day at most) the nipple, already extremely slow, pretty much stopped working altogether.

Marissa Bowling Green, SC


Leaks leaks leaks leaks leaks leaks. I don’t understand how to make it stop leaking. I read the instructions, I read up on forums, I tried all the recommended tricks. I hate this bottle. All it does is leak.

Francesca Adrian, MO

My son loved these!

My son got sick with rsv and wouldn’t drink out of his normal bottle so I went to the store and got one if these and he finally ate! The nipple is shaped differently than others but this was comfortable for him while sick and being partially breasted and bottle fed. Worked like a charm. A lot of pieces to clean but I think we’ll worth it cause he didn’t get any air in with these.

Teri Roxie, MS

Helps for sure

I have a ton of Dr. Brown’s bottles already but just had to try this one and I am just as pleased. I actually like the nipple on this one way better so if I did not already own a bunch of Dr. Brown’s I would buy a bunch of these.You can hear the air be able to escape from the holes in the bottom as the baby’s suction pulls the gasket away… wonderful sound instead of hearing bubbles go into their belly!

Juliette Ashland, MA

Terrible Leaking, Terrible Gas

When I first tried to use the bottle, my son was screaming and I quickly put the bottle together. I apparently did it wrong and it leaked everywhere. When my son wasn’t screaming, I tried again, and found that I had put the pieces in wrong the first time. While I can accept that in my haste the leaking was my fault, I felt strongly that I didn’t want a bottle that required concentation to put together. Then, after using it a few times, it started leaking again and that wasn’t my fault. The reason I threw the bottle out, though, was because my son was getting terrible gas from it, worse than any other brands I was using. Their anti-colic system did not work for us. We have had great success with playtex ventaire, playtex drop-in’s, and Nuk. Tommee Tippe was ok as was born free. I believe at this point we have tried every bottle on the market and for us, we keep going back to the same ones. Every baby is different and just because the MAM didn’t work for us doesn’t mean it won’t work for someone else, or even baby number two.

Meagan Pine Valley, UT