MAM Anti-Colic Bottle, Girl, 5 Ounces, 3-Count

MAM Anti-Colic Bottle, Girl, 5 Ounces, 3-Count

The MAM Ulti vent wide mouth transition bottle system is designed to be as close to breast feeding as possible in a reusable bottle. All MAM Bottles are constructed of Bisphenol A free materials. The orthodontic nipple is made of ultra soft silicone and encourages baby to use a natural suckling action similar to breast feeding. The Ulti vent valve is sensitive enough to ensure baby a constant, air free flow of liquid. The removable bottom makes bottle clean up a snap and the new one piece MAM valve is highly sensitive to baby’s suckling, assuring a constant, air free flow. Your baby will feed quietly for longer, uninterrupted periods just like breast feeding. Less air intake means less spit up and gas. This bottle features Sealing cap for spill free travel. MAM shaped orthodontic nipple, BPA free, trusted by mothers for over 20 years. The bottle comes with a wide mouth for easy filling and an easy to read scale for accurate measuring. It includes three packs of five ounce bottles for girls, each with a No.1 slow flow nipple with a removable base for easy cleaning.

Main features

  • Wide mouth system made to be as close to breastfeeding as possible and are easy fill
  • MAM bottle is Bisphenol free
  • Orthodontic nipple is silky soft silicone
  • Easy to read scale for accurate measuring
  • Anti colic MAM valve means less gas for baby

Verified reviews


Great nipple shape and air control, poor design

After getting a ton of other bottles that my baby rejected, i found the shape of these nipples to be accepted almost immediately. And the air is gradually let in so my baby didn’t need to stop to let the air in through the nipple. Unfortunately, the special design of the screw bottom system does leak randomly. Even if you tighten it after filling it, it can become loose and leak (maybe theheat of the milk? I’m not entirely sure.) so that was truly annoying losing milk through the bottom! And if you try unscrewing it one-handed (which is often the case) by holding onto the base of the bottle, you can inadvertantly loosen the bottom and again have milk leaking everywhere. Last peeve-you can’t use traditional bottle warmerswhich require you to place the bottle in a warm water bath because the holes in the anti-colic design allow the hot water to collect in it. Then you end up with hot water on you or your baby when you tip it upside down. I was very surprised nobody else wrote of these issues when i researched bottles. But since my baby only liked the shape of this nipple, i’m stuck with them!

Amparo Whitesburg, KY


ALtho i love these bottles i only ordered this item to get the ONE purple bottles as i have not seem them in stores.

Joyce Muscoda, WI

Daughter loved them but they had issues

My daughter absolutely loved these bottles but the air seal at the bottom gets incredibly smelly very quickly unless you sterilize them every time, which shrinks them and then they leak!

Nan Yachats, OR

I wanted to love them!

I purchased these bottles a month before the birth of my baby. I was convinced that I would love them, and couldn’t wait to start using them. To my surprise, I hate them and want to throw them in the trash. I just hate to throw $25 in the trash. So, I am using them as a last resort when my other bottles are dirty or damaged.Cons:1. They leak like crazy. They leak from the bottom and the top. This is a huge disadvantage for breastfeeding moms.2. There are to many parts (6) to wash and keep up with. These parts also take up a lot of space when drying them.3. You can’t pump directly into them.4. It is very difficult to warm milk because of the thick plastic and rubber insert at the bottom. It takes 3-4x the time it takes for milk to heat up in other bottles.5. When attempting to heat the bottles, I noticed the water would turn cloudy. The milk would leak out of the bottle, and I am pretty sure water was being soaked up into the bottle. This occurred even if the bottle was properly assembled.6. The holes at the bottom of the bottle is a perfect place for bacteria, mold spores, etc. to enter the bottle when placed on different surfaces (counters, refrigerator shelves, tables, etc). I am uncomfortable leaving this bottle in the fridge for more than a day because of this, which renders this bottle useless to me.7. HASSLE!!!!Pros:1. They look nice.2. The cap can be used as a medicine cup.3. My baby had less gas when I could get these bottles to work.

Lynette Endeavor, WI

Best Bottles Ever

We were given the smaller MAM bottles for our baby and they were so great (easy to clean, hardly any air swallowing) that when he started drinking larger amounts we ordered these bigger ones. Bigger or smaller these bottles are great. I don’t think we’ll ever use a different bottle after using these.

Edna Garden City, TX


My daughter seemed to like the MAM pacifier so I bought this product. There are too many parts to clean and too much of a margin for error when using these as it is easy to screw them together skewed, resulting in leakage. Also, heating up the milk by putting the bottle in a cup of hot water does not work as the milk escapes out the bottom holes. Also, when my daughter attempts to eat, though rated as slow flow, the nipple drips too fast and she can not keep up with it, resulting in her choking and milk getting everywhere. I really wish that I had purchased only one of these bottles instead of a pack of three!

Geraldine Cross Plains, WI

Glad to have bought these

After trying literally every bottle on the market to get my exclusively breastfed baby to take a bottle so she could start daycare, I found these. Although she didn’t just take to them real well right away as she just didn’t want bottles at all, these were the ones she actually ‘tried’ to take. She still refuses some days but these bottles are still the ones she prefers and she always refuses all others. The nipples are the most soft of all the silicone ones I have tried and they are flattened in shape more like the breast. The nipples have a textured velvety feel to them too. The bottles are easy to use and easy to clean, cap, nipple, ring, body, base, and rubber piece. Just be sure you seat the bottom rubber seal evenly. I haven’t had any problem with leaking. The bottles are just plain cute as well. So glad I bought these! Would recommend to anyone.

Sondra Emerado, ND

Leaky Bottles

I got these based on mostly positive reviews and price. They are the worst bottles we’ve ever used! Pretty much every time you fill one with water, it leaks out the bottom everywhere. I really make sure I put the bottles together properly, and it doesn’t seem to help at all. I have to take the bottle apart each time it happens, adjust it, and put it back together. They seem to work OK except for the leaking, and my baby seems to like them as much as any other bottle, but the annoying leaking is a deal-breaker for me. If anyone else has this problem and knows a solution, please let me know!

Allie Cerro, NM

great for babies with gas issues

I’m only rating this as 4 stars just because the bottles do occasionally leak. Thats not that big of a deal with me though, you either fix the seals or in a pinch wrap a burp cloth around the bottle and go. But I really do LOVE these bottles because my daughter has had significantly less gas issues and her burps are not so in tense meaning she is not swallowing as much air. The unique nipple design fits good in her mouth and doesn’t pop out of her mouth while feeding like other bottles I have tried. It’s also great that they are self sterilizing, which means no bulky sterilizer for the microwave or some separate device that takes up residence on your counter taking up space. Also great is when you are traveling less to carry around just your bottles and what you need to clean them. They sterilize in the microwave per instructions included.

Myrna Moro, AR


I would not buy these again…they leak at the bottom which is the last thing you want as your pour "liquid gold" in for a fussy baby!

Fran Piney River, VA

Loved these bottles!

Mam bottles were the only bottles my daughter would take, she just got off the bottle last month and now we’re using Mam sippy cups. Cleaning them and putting them together takes a little longer and they will leak if you don’t put them together right but it was rare for that to happen to me.

Veronica Norcross, GA

Baby loves these!

I have been through a lot of bottles looking for something baby and I both like using. He liked the playtex ventair, but I hated cleaning those so wanted something a little better. Finally came across these, and he absolutely loves them! They are really cute too, which is also a plus. you can hear the air going out the bottom vents, so I know that it is helping him swallow less air. He has a lot of gassiness already, so finding a good bottle like this was a challenge. So glad to finally have these!

Susana Walhalla, SC

The Only Bottles My Daughter Will Take

I didn’t try to bottle feed my daughter until she was 4 months old and she refused nearly every bottle I gave her. I was really stressing about returning to work soon and worried that my daughter would start all day until I could come home and nurse her. My daughter used to cry anytime I put a bottle in her mouth. The minute these bottles were delivered at my doorstep, I poured her milk from a bottle she had been refusing into these bottles and she drank instantly. It was like a miracle! I’m happy to report that my daughter is now thriving in daycare and finishing her bottles everyday since we got these MAM bottles. It’s the only ones she’ll take! It doesn’t hurt that these are adorably pink and girly and they are self cleaning! The box has instructions of how to fill the bottle with water and reassemble it. Then you just pop it in the microwave oven and it sterilizes. No more need for a separately sterilizer! I’ve used these bottles for a few months now and never had a problem with a leak but I always make sure to tighten carefully. I am recommending these highly to any breastfeeding moms trying to transition to a bottle!

Juliana Eagle, NE

great bottles with little air

This is what we went to after trying the Brown bottles. There were just too many pieces and then my mother found the MAM bottles! It helped my little girl with less air in her belly and us with less pieces. It was so easy to clean and put in the dishwasher.

Earlene Eau Claire, MI


The MAM Anti-colic bottles are the best bottles I’ve found. They’re a brilliant design for baby and for the parent. The bottles were brand new, perfect condition and exactly as expected.

Alexandra Rutland, IA

Good bottle for baby – but oz markings are deceiving

If I had reviewed this product when we first received them, I would have been really happy. My daughter loves this bottle above all others we have tried.The problem is that I just tried to switch between this and playtex drop ins and found that the ounces listed on the Mam bottles are completely inaccurate. I even checked against multiple liquid measuring cups. A REAL measurement of 8oz only fills to 7.5 on the Mam bottle.If my daughter will be happy with the playtex, I’m going to use those instead. I am very annoyed, since I’m trying to keep track of how much my daughter TRULY is eating.

Cherie Clifton, TN

Leak out the bottom

not at first, but after a while one of them leaked. It didnt help our baby’s gas/colic, but it may help yours. Worth a try.

Sybil Water View, VA

Love it Love it Love it!

This bottles are so good. My 4 months daughter love it more than the tommee tippee bottles. They are the best bottles to clean. Buy It!

Billie Hiwasse, AR

initially happy, disappointed in the end…

I was initially very happy with these bottles because of their anticolic function, and probably that’s the only thing that keep me from lowering them to 1 star…These bottles require a lot, LOT of work to avoid them from leaking precious milk!!…I have used them for about 7 weeks and about once a day or so I get a huge leak…If everything goes well I have to use a washcloth to soak the hot water from the bottle warmer, but when things go wrong I end up having caramelized milk in the warmer. They are nice in the sense that they have a good valve system but it is a pain to wash 6 different parts and then wait until they are super dry to pour in the milk, or otherwise…leakage for sure…dissapointed…

Marci Westphalia, MI

A great bottle

What can I say? Besides function, aesthetics are the most important thing to me in choosing most products and these bottles are just so adorable! I never had any problems with leaking, my baby never had bad gas when using these. The only downside was the amount of parts that you have to clean. Taking these bottles apart and sterlizing them was a real chore, not enough to switch to another bottle, but worth mentioning for sure.

Germaine Collins, MS

Wonderful Bottles!

When I had to stop nursing my daughter a few months back, I looked high and low for a bottle that she would take. Most of them had nipples that were too long and gagged her, and even the Nuk ones made her gag. These MAM bottles were a total godsend! Not only did the bottles work really well, the nipples didn’t gag her, and I love the fact that they are large enough to hold up to 9 oz too – so they are usable until baby weans from the bottle. Great product that I am so very thankful for.

Lily Reddick, FL

Cute bottles!

These bottles are very cute and my breastfed baby has no probably taking them on the rare occasion I offer her a bottle.

Myrna Wilsons Mills, NC

Best bottle for breastfed babies that refuse bottles

My daughter absolutely refused to take a bottle. We tried countless brands and different flow nipples, but she screamed if you brought a bottle anywhere close to her face.After pretty much giving up, I did one last search and found this bottle. I was very hopeful when I pulled it out of the package, because the nipple is so different from all other brands. The shape just looked right. I actually put it in my mouth to see how it felt compared to others, and I really felt that this one might be it. She actually latched for the first time! I have to admit, she’s stubborn, and still doesn’t love using a bottle, but if she has to, this is the only one she will use. If you have a breastfed baby that refuses a bottle, please try this one.The reason it gets 4 stars is because of the multiple parts and potential for leaking. When you put it together, do NOT push the white ring into the base. Just lightly set it in there, and then screw on the body. If you push it down in there then screw on the body, it will leak everywhere. In the beginning, I suggest putting it together, then filling it with water and tipping it as if you are feeding a baby to make sure that it’s put together correctly and doesn’t leak. Then, if there’s no leak, pour out the water and put in the milk. There’s nothing more frustrating than losing a bottle of pumped milk because it leaks out the bottom.Also, heat the milk before putting it into the bottle. All the stuff on the bottom makes it hard to heat the milk in the bottle.

James Hahnville, LA

Great bottles

These are the bottles my daughter liked best. The best value for your money from Amazon. The only thing is that you have to make sure the parts are on well or they will leak. Other than that it’s not a big deal. Also, I have to warm milk separately because water and milk seem to escape from the vents if you submerge the bottom portion of bottle in water.

Keisha Lampasas, TX


all the good things people say are right on. This is the only bottle I’ve gotten my breast fed son to even consider. He seems to like them. I like how the bottom screws off, it makes for easy cleaning.

Beverly Camano Island, WA

Top baby buy

I love these bottles and they have made a huge improvement in the amount of air my infants swallow. I’ve tried the Playtex Drop-ins, Avent and Milk Bank and these have made the most significant difference in the amount of gas produced.The venting works really well and the shape of the bottle’s nipple actually helped my daughters latch better with breastfeeding. The bottles have a #2 nipple so the flow is pretty fast, if I had known how well they worked I would have gotten the 5oz bottles with the slower flow just so I could use this bottle.They do have multiple pieces and you have to be VERY careful to assemble them properly or they WILL leak, but so worthwhile.Update: 3 months later and still loving these bottles. I think I finally have the assembly down pat, but I put water in after putting it together to double check. Outside print as clear as ever, no fading or blurring. Has a “self-sterilization” feature, put water in the bottom, place nipple in the bottom, screw body of bottle over both, cover with the plastic top and it can be microwaved for 3 minutes to sterilize. Their website describes it and has a short video, good to know.

Jerri Utica, MN

Anti-colic not working well, leaking from the bottom

I have the non-anti-colic version for my daughter. She likes it a lot. So i bought this anti-colic version. Unfortunately it has two major flaws. I have to go back to the original ones.Cons:1. Anti-colic feature not working well: I still see the bubbles coming from the nipple when my daughter is sucking the milk. The air is supposed to get in from the bottom of the bottle, so the feeding is smooth and the baby doesn’t have to pause to let the air into the bottle.2. Leaking through the bottom when using with a bottle warmer: This problem has been brought by many reviewers. I saw one reviewer saying that loosing the top part when heating will solve the problem. It makes perfect sense to me. When the bottle is heat up, the air has to find a way out. If the top part is air-tight, then the air will put the milk through the bottom to get out. But it still leaks even I loose the top part.Pros:1. Easy to clean: I have to give credit to the design of the bottle. Compared with Dr. Brown’s, I don’t have to use bottle brushes or tube brushes. That is a pain to clean Dr. Brown bottles. For this bottle, after I remove the bottom, I can clean the bottle body without a brush with my bare hands. The nipple is so big that I can stick my finger in it to clean. The bottom part is also big and smooth and very easy to clean.The bottom line is that it does not work for me. If you want to try it, I would suggest you warm the milk in a different container and pour it over to this bottle.

Vicky Acosta, PA

Great bottles with some annoying cons

Ultimately these ended up being THE bottles my breastfed baby would use. I really wanted her to like the glass Born Free bottles, but nope, these were it. So really, for me, the story is this – the nipples are amazing and totally a five star product but the bottle was not my favorite. We eventually adapted. In reality I am a little torn between giving them three stars and giving them four. The cons are all with the bottle and they are all related to the bottle’s design being a little off. The white gasket thing goes in the bottom and if it doesn’t seal properly the bottle will leak. Its so annoying. The trick to this is (and I have used these bottles for over 12 months)….you have to really make sure the gasket is firmly pushed in all the way around and then screw the bottom piece on TIGHT (tighter than you think you should). I don’t feel that they travel well; will leak if you don’t put them in a diaper bag pocket that holds them straight up. The pros are the the nipple is awesome, they are BPA free, they are easy to clean once you get them all taken apart, and breastfed babies seem to like them.

Ernestine Ama, LA

Bottles Leak!

The way these bottles are made, the bottom unscrews so you can sterilize (how many parents have time to sterilize each time?), so no matter how tight you have it, it still leaks out the bottom. I kept finding a puddle of formula below my bottle warmer. The bottom part also has a rubber insert, so there’s more parts to take apart and clean. Plus, the top is super tight and hard to pop off sometimes. Wish I read more about it before I purchased, will not be using again, not practical for busy mom.

Lorena Francis Creek, WI

Fantastic Baby Bottles

These MAM bottles were hands-down my favorite baby bottles. I bought them because they got a great review on Consumer Reports (they were reviewed as a colic bottle and although my baby wasn’t colicky, I thought I’d try them). They worked perfectly from the very first time I used them, when my daughter was 13 days old. I have recommended and given these bottles to many, many friends, and every one of them has loved them and shunned all other bottle brands for MAM!Pros:– Durable– Affordable (sold individually or in 3-packs)– Easy to hold (for parents AND babies)– Easy to clean (despite having many parts. . . see Cons)– Faster flow nipples are available for when your baby is older and drinks faster– Far less common than other brands, which prevents mix-ups of empties at day careCons:– They break down into 5 separate pieces, which could be considered a pain (not only do the cap, nipple-top, and bottle separate, but the colored base unscrews from the clear center and there is a rubber ring in the base that also comes out)– They’re thick plastic, so they take a really long time to heat milk when placed in hot waterIt’s important to note though that if you do not replace the rubber ring in the base correctly, the bottle will leak. It’s easy to reassemble the bottle correctly, but you just have to remember to reinsert the ring properly. As long as you pay attention, you won’t have a problem.I kept all of my MAM bottles to reuse when I have another child. They all held up extremely well considering their daily use for 7-8 months with my first child. I really can’t recommend these bottles any higher.

Viola Lumberville, PA