MAM Bite and Brush Teether, 3 Months, Colors May Vary

MAM Bite and Brush Teether, 3 Months, Colors May Vary

MAM Bite & Brush Teether MAM Bite and Brush Teether can soothe and clean babys first teeth. When chewed on, its soft silicone bristles can gently clean babys teeth and tender gums. Why Youll Love It: Made with extra soft bristles, this teether is gentle on babies gums and complements daily oral care. Age: 3 months and up Features Cleans teeth when chewed on Complements daily teeth cleaning Trendy and innovative look Soft silicone bristles Can be used with teething gel Soothes babys tender gums

Main features

  • Soothes the teething process
  • Cleans the teeth when chewed on, thus complementing daily teeth cleaning
  • Sensitive gums where the teeth are yet to come through are soothed with the gentle massage
  • Developed as a result of long-term cooperation with dentists, MAM designers have given the product a trendy look
  • Colors may vary, you may receive in one of the following colors: blue, red or green

Verified reviews


Would not recommend

Would not recommend. My son does not care for it and the shape makes it difficult to hold in his hands while putting the brush in his mouth.

Kelli Wendell Depot, MA

MamBit teether

My baby likes to chew on it. However I clicked on the blue one since I have a boy. I realize that it says that colors may vary but I HATE the fact that they shipped me a pink one. If colors are going to vary they should be at least only the nuteral colors.

Betty Doniphan, NE

Good design… but…

I like the idea of this because my daughter can hold her toothbrush and chew away, but the bristles are only in that small area and she really has to line up her mouth in order to do any real brushing. 8 month old’s just don’t know how to do that.I found one at babies r us with a handle that she can hold (and chew) and the bristle area is much larger and all over the whole area. No matter where she bites on that, it’s brushing. She loves to chew and play with it. I often give it to her when I’m changing her to occupy her. Sometimes she won’t let go of it and it ends up in the crib with her.It’s a Born Free one. […]

Myrtle Clarksville, IN


I had no idea that my daughter would take to this teether like she did. I bought this as a stocking stuffer and I have been pleasantly suprised. She is 6 months old and loves loves loves to chew on the brush part. She will dig through her toy box for this teether and she can hold it easily. It is shaped perfectly for her little hand.

Jeanine Ridgeland, MS

Great teether.. ok brusher…

My son hates having his teeth brushed, he is 8 months old and doesn’t like anything near his face… So we thought we’d get him this to help with some of the brushing, he definitely chews on it. He’s got 6 teeth they are big and I’m always concerned he will get cavities and what not. I am anxious to take him to the dentist, and want to make sure I set him up for good dental hygiene as I am constantly plagued with teeth problems. I feel this is a great supplementary brusher and teether to the rest of the routine and would highly recommend this for the early teether that hates other’s catering to his needs.

Luann Broken Arrow, OK

Not a hit

My 7 mo old has never really liked this teether, and I’ve been offering it to her off and on for the last 3 months. The ring part isn’t that interesting to her and the mouth guard part seems very large for her little mouth- she knows what to do with it, but has trouble getting her lips around it to fit it in her mouth. I use a infant silicone finger toothbrush nightly to brush her gums, so she is used to the feeling of the little silicone brush. Will keep offering it, in case she decides to like it, but it’s not looking like a winner.I think it’s a good product, just not good for babies with tiny little mouths!

Chris Bradley, CA

Looks like it should be good but baby doesn’t like it

These item looks like a good option but for some reason my baby does not like it at all. At 4 months his mouth is still too small to fit the brush part (as some of the reviews here mention) and he doesn’t seem interested in biting on the rest of the round handle (the one we received on the mail is the round, green version). Maybe as he gets older and his mouth fits this he will like it but at this time he is just not even remotely interested in it.

Bianca East Flat Rock, NC


At first my baby didn’t pay too much attention to this, and I thought, “great, another thing she won’t use!” But after a few weeks, she can’t get enough of it! The way it’s shaped somehow seems to be much more to her liking than the other three teethers we got her. And it’s easier for her to hold. Great item!

May Unalaska, AK

not interesting enough for my child

I have a very active little girl and she tosses this ring aside to chew and play with other more interesting shapes. She loves Sophie the Giraffe. Also, the color was not what was shown, it did say the color could vary, but I wish there was a way of knowing at least what colors may come.

Brandie Lawrence, MI

Baby teether

I like the idea of this teether, however, it is still a little too big for my 8 month old granddaughter. The mouth part just doesn’t fit into her mouth yet. I think when she’s a few months older, it may work better. Now she typically chews on the handle end as much as the mouth end. I do like the tooth brush-type teether – preparing her for a real toothbrush.

Trisha Satsop, WA

My baby loves it!

Needed some new teether and this one works great. It is his new fav and I like that he is getting some tooth brushing in also.

Rae Carroll, OH

Didn’t Use Much

Seems like a great product, but we just didn’t use it much. My daughter was never into teethers and although we tried to give her this, she didn’t seem to care much for it. We will try again with my son because I really do like the idea of having the brush on it!

Jeanine Baconton, GA

Perfect size for smaller babies

I bought so many different types of teethers for my baby and all of them were too big for her to grasp. This one is just perfect for her small hands. The texture is soft unlike most of the others ones that I find too hard. I wished I bought two instead of one as I cannot find these in Canada. I will be ordering two more for my baby as she likes this very much. Will definitely recommend this teether especially to parents with smaller babies.

Beth Fitzwilliam, NH

great teether

Light weight, small, easy to hold and liquid free teether…and safe too. Our 6 mo old w/ two bottom teeth loves it!

Chelsea Brimson, MN

My baby like it a lot

It’s nice and very light teether, easy to hold for little hands. I got it a little more than a month ago. My 6-months-old enjoys this teether.

Clarice Algodones, NM

pretty good teether

My daughter does seem to like this teether. It’s very easy for her to get her fingers on. She likes to chew the colored bits. She’s not really into the “brush” part, though. I’ve been using it since she was 4 months or so an now she’s nearly 9 months. The brush part is still a bit larger than her mouth, so it doesn’t comfortably fit in in its entirety. She only manages to get one side of that part in her mouth at a time.

Cora Hensley, WV

really calms the teething baby down.

My son is 4 months old and has been teething for about a month. It is now getting a lot more painful for him and he has been trying to chew on absolutely everything. My mom gave us this toy to try, and it was so odd to me how when I handed him this toy for the first time, it’s like he just knew how to use it! He doesn’t always line it up perfectly with the little bite area, but I think after messing with it so much, he has figured out that that is the spot where it feels the best. I only give this 4 stars because it would make more sense to me to have a much larger area with the bristles to massage baby’s gums, but I certainly can’t argue with the fact that my son really likes munching on this toy, whether its on the handle area or the bite shaped bristles. The handle is made of harder plastic with little ridges on it for good grip, and is shaped just perfect for those tiny hands, thin and lightweigt too. The bristles are really short and soft, and by touch seem like they would be soothing to itchy achy gums. At 4 months, I must say that the bite part seems slightly big for my son’s mouth, but thats ok I suppose. Gives this teether some growing room. : ]

Ellen Indianapolis, IN

Great product

This is a great teether. My son loves it and he can hold it easily and fit it into his mouth unlike some of the bigger ones. The only problem is that when you order the teether it chooses the color for you and he ended up with pink, but that’s not really too big of a deal bc the product is still great:)

Alexis Blanford, IN

My little guy loves it

I purchased this but was a little skeptical as it had mixed review but my little one loves it. He is 9 months and teething pretty bad. I gave him this teether just before bed and he fell asleep chewing on it. I’m not sure how well it works for brushing but it is still better then nothing (he won’t let me brush his teeth). I only wish it wasn’t pinkish purple but that is minor.

Kristin Campbell, AL

Best Teether Ever Made!!

My baby is teething like crazy!! I love seeing her use this product and she loves it. She is holding objects, this one by far is the easiest for her. I also put Orajel Gum Cleanser on it. When she’s fussy from teething nothing soothes her better than this object. Out of all her other toys, she goes for this one, she loves it!

Estela Purdin, MO

kids not interested

not a big hit. my kids never liked it and it went to waste. wouldn’t recommend it. waste of money

Eugenia Newport, NJ

Excellent teether

My 7 month old loves this thing. I may have to get another in order to have spare. Its a simple design, BPA_free easy to clean and my baby loves it.The perfect teether.

Tracey Woodbine, NJ

Great for baby, great for mommy……

My daughter LOVES her Bite & Brush! It took her a while, but now that she has learned what part goes in her mouth, she figures it out and chomps away! She cut her two bottom teeth at 5 1/2 months and now at 6 1/2 months, I think her top two are bothering her. She really seems to enjoy chewing on the soft bristles. I also give this to her after her meals in the highchair to keep her occupied a little while longer, but also to clean her teeth following the meal. It is hard to do all the things they tell us to as far as wiping their gums or brushing their new little teeth, so this makes it easy for me and fun and soothing for her. We love all our MAM products including the bottles and pacis!

Marissa De Graff, OH

Decent teething toy

My 6 month old enjoys teething on this. She usually teeths on the dark blue area rather than the soft gummy part of the toy. I think the part that is intended to be teethed on is a bit awkward for her to put in her mouth so she spits it out. She does like it, but I think she enjoys her baby banana toothbrush much better!

Deirdre Henryetta, OK

Brush Brush!

My daughter loves to chew on this and when I put toothpaste on it, I can easily clean her teeth.

Candice Viborg, SD

Great product!

MAM products are great. My 5 month old infants love these, though they aren’t teething yet. I’ll have to order more to make sure there is always one available. They are easy to hold and the babies love chewing on them.

Madge Mill Creek, IN


This thing is weird…like a little bite wing tray that has to be positioned perfectly to do anything. Also, the ‘soft bristles are more like hard nubbins. I’m really surprised this has such a good rating. It was useless to my 4 month old.

Dona Carnegie, OK

Slow to “warm up”

I purchased this teether when my son was about 3 months old and already showing signs of teething. He was chewing on everything except this teether! He just wasn’t coordinated enough to manuever this thing yet and easily got frustrated with it. After several attempts and no interest, I put it away.Now at 5 months old and working on his third tooth, it’s a gem! After a sleepless night (and lots of tears) last night cutting the first of his top teeth, he is gnawing away at his Mam Teether with a HUGE smile on his face. That is golden in my book! I also love that I can attach a paci clip so it doesn’t end up on the floor. The Booginhead Pacigrip works like a charm.I guess my baby was just slow to warm up to this teether. I’m so glad I didn’t toss it out a couple of months ago!

Bridgette Iuka, MS

Good but could be shaped better

My 6mo old son likes this teether but rarely chews on the bumpy end.The width of the bumpy end is too wide for him to be able to get itin his mouth though he clearly prefers the texture of that end.This teether would be the best if the bumpy textured end was sizedmore appropriately for little mouths! That said he still likes itso we have given it 4 stars.

Shelley Sunfield, MI