MAM BPA Free 6+ Months Silicone night Pacifiers – Colors May Vary

MAM BPA Free 6+ Months Silicone night Pacifiers – Colors May Vary

The MAM Principle Parents are demanding. We at MAM are too. That’s why, for over 35 years, we’ve been developing products along with experts from medicine & research that are unique in function and design, support the individual development of every child and make everyday baby life easier. Studio design and attention to detail. That the designers of the very first MAM pacifier came from Vienna University of Applied Arts is no accident. For design – and specifically great design which satisfies both stylistic requirements and functional needs – is the defining aspect of the MAM brand. This is why MAM products are as unique as the little people for whom they’re made. Medical research and technical innovation. Every MAM creation has behind it a perfect network of medical and technological expertise. Internationally renowned scientists, medical practitioners, midwives and development psychologists work alongside designers and technology specialists in the MAM studios. Together they design products which support babies in their development in the best way possible. This is what makes MAM products so special. The combination of style, technological innovation and medical know-how produces unique premium products. This makes MAM the leading designer brand for baby accessories. Because they meet the highest demands of parents. MAM babies are special. MAM parents are too. They want the best of all baby worlds combined: they want premium design and perfect function. Discerning parents choose to buy a MAM product on more than 40 million occasions around the world every single year. And when they do, they find the perfection they’re looking for.

Main features

  • GLOW IN THE DARK BUTTON: Glows in the dark so parents can find it easily at night.
  • INNOVATIVE SHIELD: Curved shielf, big air holes, and innovative inside surface all comfort baby and help to prevent skin irritation.
  • SOFT SILICONE: Silky soft nipple feels more like mom, helping to keep the pacifier in baby’s mouth.
  • ORTHODONTIC: Ideal for oral development. The nipple adapts to baby’s mouth, so the pacifier is always in the correct position.
  • CARRYING CASE: Plastic carrying case makes for easy sterilization and transportation.

Verified reviews


Glows in the dark so you can find it for pacifier calls in the middle of the night

If your baby is like mine and wakes up in the middle of the night wailing for his paci, this pacifier glows in the dark and is a snap to find. No more searching the crib and the floor for errant pacifiers!

Jocelyn Cromwell, MN

Cool but baby doeesn’t like

I love the glow in the dark feature but unfortunately my 7 month old baby does not like the 6 months + nipple shape which is very different from the 2+ months shape. I found some MAM glow in the dark pacifiers in the 2+ month version at a local store and she likes those. I can finally find her paci in the middle of the night when they otherwise get lost in the dark. When she is crying in the dark instead of feeling all around the crib searching for them it sure is handy to have the soft glow to help out. For those reviews that say they don’t glow in the dark, you actually need to “charge” them up first by exposing them to bright light for a few seconds and then they are good for the night.

Marisa Danville, WV


MAM is considered one of the best pacifiers. My granddaughter will not use anything else. I just wish I could keep them away from my puppy.

Bertie Winchendon Springs, MA

Great pacifier

This where a basic pacifier for the nights! When the baby lost the pair we missed them. it is great to have a shining pacifier during night as it allows you to find it on the bed without the need of turning lights on!

Christy Hornell, NY

Love the MAM paci brand, nighttime glow is not that great

We bought these for my daughter. They last a long time. We just threw out two that she had been using for 6 months, and they were still in great condition (threw them out for hygenic reasons). However, the nighttime glow effect is not that great. You have to leave the pacis in direct bright sunlight for many hours to achieve a lasting glow into the night. Even then, it fades long before the sun comes up, and you’re left searching blindly or flipping on a light to find a lost paci. In the future, I will probably just buy a regular MAM pacifier that is slightly cheaper rather than spend the extra money for the glow effect.

Julie Eagle Rock, VA

my son loves these paci and great to see in dark

At first I was worried about the fact that they glow and wondering what is in them but we see no signs of any wear and tear on these after months. It’s so great to be able to find them without turning on the light. Just hold them up to a light for like 5 sec and they will glow for the night.

Brandie Lancaster, TN


We used nothing but Avent pacifiers for our 18 month old, but thought we’d give these a shot when we needed some new ones. They are brilliant!! I never realized how genius glow-in-the-dark binkies would be! Baby loves them and they are a perfect distraction for those occasional nights when she doesn’t want to get in the crib – give her one and she is absorbed long enough to conk out. I put them directly under a lamp for 30 minutes before bedtime if possible so they glow longer — I find them still glowing enough to find 8 hours later.

Josefina Richfield, KS

love glow in the dark

In complete darkness, these do glow. Don’t put under a blanket to see.. glow items never seem to try best like that. Just set out in the open when dark. Soon, you will see your little one with their own night light on their face!

Kimberley Ivy, VA

These things are freaking great.

My 4.5 month old has started waking up all through the night looking for her paci. She is just barely coordinated to get her paci back in about 1/3 of the time (that I see, although she probably finds it sometimes and I don’t even know). Since she has figured out how to roll over, she only sleeps on her belly. Mam pacifiers are great for belly sleepers because they have a low profile and don’t get knocked out of baby’s mouth when she turns her head, and they are super light so they stay in easily. I have sprinkled like 6 pacis around her head at night to increase the odds that she’ll find one. Until now, she had been using the under six month size, but I wanted to get the 6+ size to see what the difference is. The shield is a bit larger and so is the nipple, and the nipple is more bulbous at the end. I haven’t noticed that she has an easier or harder time keeping them in than the smaller size. She seems to not care which size I give her. The glowing is genius. Only the knob glows, not the shield or nipple, so the glowing part doesn’t touch her face. Makes it a snap for me to find in the night, and I’m hopeful that it helps her find them more often, too! I held them under the light for like 10 seconds before I put her down, and they were much dimmer but still glowing 12 hours later.

Anne Avon, IN

Finding pacifier in the dark!

I love the Mam brand pacifiers and so does my daughter. They seem to stay in longer at night and my daughter chews on them when shes teething. One of my biggest challenges with pacifiers (other than losing them all the time) is trying to find them in the crib at night. Granted, the glow wears off quite a bit during the night but you can generally see that dim glow enough to find it and get it back in their mouth. A bomus is that my daughter is ansolutely fascinated by the glow. Eleven dollars seems a bit pricey (as these are listed), I paid about seven.

Corina Remer, MN

Best Paci’s ever!!

We bought TONS of Nuk pacifiers for our baby and they were fine…until one day when I picked her up at daycare, the woman told me she had the best nap she had ever had there (slept for hours for the first time). Ok this might be gross and unhygienic but our daughter picked up another baby’s paci and immediately calmed down and went to sleep (it was a Mam). what! that night I ordered these on Amazon and we will never ever use another brand of Paci. She loves them. I have no idea what it was…but these things are awesome. Right around when we got her these she started sleeping through the night (I can’t directly contribute it to these but I can’t discount it either). I’m a little bummed because I have a pile of literally 20 Nuks that I am just going to end up throwing away but sleep is worth it as you other mommies know 🙂

Nona Grundy, VA