MAM BPA FREE Monsters 2 Pacifiers 6+months boy colors

MAM BPA FREE Monsters 2 Pacifiers 6+months boy colors

6+ months Ultra soft silicone nipple The knob is easy to take hold of, never a bother The orthodontic MAM nipple is ideal for baby’s jaw and teeth development The shield is curved for comfort and good for the skin thanks to generous air holes and MAM’s patented inside surface

Main features

  • Patented design elements Available with MAM Silk TeatTM no other silicone feels softer. Good for the skin Ideal for baby’s jaw

Verified reviews


my baby did not like them at all

They are uncofortable , my baby did not like them at all.

Katherine Stone Park, IL

Cute version of favorite pacifier

We tried many different brands and styles of pacifiers for my daughter. Mam was everyone’s favorite. They seem to be more comfortable to her than some other brands. We preferred these to the ones with "handles" because she didn’t constantly pull them out of her mouth over and over again all night long (which she did with the ones with handles…). The monster designs are really cute and colorful. They are a nice change of pace from the standard baby designs that are on everything.

Gabriela Woden, TX

my son’s favorite

We tried lots of pacifiers, and just assumed he didn’t like them. I thought i was done trying, but for some reason, decided to give this one a try (3 month size). When i put it to his mouth, the suction sound he made while sucking it tightly in place was like something from a cartoon. He loves this paci so much, and it has calmed him in many a tight spot!

Ila Stockdale, OH

I hope these dont get lost in a week, they are adorable. I should start collecting!

Only MAM can make pacifiers look so cute! I saw these in the store and bought them and found the price a bit cheaper here. I buy pacifiers a great deal for the infants or toddlers in my family… all the children have taken to them and they really help with soothing.

Mina Montezuma, IN


My son is 6 months old and could not get him to use a paci – these are the only pacis I can get him to use! He still doesn’t use them very often, but I’m glad he will use it every now and then.

Marla Coaling, AL