MAM First Toothbrush, Unisex, 6+ Months, 1-Count

MAM First Toothbrush, Unisex, 6+ Months, 1-Count

Mam First Tooth Brush for independent brushing for your child. This brush has extra soft rounded bristles to remove plaque and bacteria. The handle is short and compact that is ergonomic and textured for easy non slip gripping. Includes red bristles to measure proper amount of toothpaste. 6+ months, Green.

Main features

  • BPA-free tooth brush
  • Short and compact handle – perfect children to grasp and hold
  • Children learn independent tooth brushing correctly from the start
  • Round head adapts perfectly to baby’s mouth
  • Soft, rounded bristles clean first teeth and remove plaque and bacteria

Verified reviews


Great First Toothbrush!

We chose this toothbrush because it’s NOT made in China (seriously, I couldn’t believe how many toothbrushes are made there!)…and because we know and trust the MAM brand. Our little girl has used this brush solidly from 6 months on, just playing with it at first (I mean, what should I expect of a 6 month old, lol) and now she full-on mimicks her Daddy and me every morning and night (granted, this means a strange, pre-dinner brush for ME) and, at 14 months she’s still a bit wonky…but don’t you dare take it away before time’s up! We’ve replaced it every two months and changed the colors each time and she doesn’t care…they’re all fine.The handle is a good length (she doesn’t/ hasn’t) gagged herself, but the bristles DO wear out after two months or so…replace it…thems the rules. Overall, what a great product!

Rhonda Fairdale, WV

Works Great!

Easy to grip handle, and durable enough to survive his occasional chomps when he decides not to keep his mouth open for me. The smaller head is perfect for reaching molars in a tiny mouth.

Susanne Leon, IA

this is a toothbrush

It looks like the handle would be handy as a teether, but I don’t give it to my child. I use it, he’s a baby so he screams.. but he’s getting better 🙂 it’s nice and small and fits well in his mouth. Much better sized than the ones I originally bought that came with toothpaste.

Bette Hawaiian Gardens, CA

Favorite toothbrush for my 10mo old!

I have a 12 mo old with 8 teeth (yes we’ve had a LOT of teething quickly). Her gums are sensitive and I was worried about her allowing me to brush them. The bright colored and soft handle made the toothbrush appear as a toy to my girl, she loved it from the start. Bristles are soft yet effective, she lets me brush even teeth that are half our, and soft gums.The handle is the perfect length for little hands. Now at 15mo and 13 teeth, she takes the brush and tries to brush herself. The slight curve of the handle makes it perfect for her to try on her own successfully. Great starter toothbrush!

Adelaide Faber, VA

Never looked back.

After I used this toothbrush on my son who loved to chew and ruin bristles, I never purchased another brand. This one withstands chewing and sucking of all sorts and the bristles stay strong. The bristles aren’t hard but are durable and don’t lose its shape. I recommend this toothbrush to everyone. I wish the handle was shaped in a way to keep it from falling over so easily but if you place it correctly and nothing is around to bump it then the head will stay off the sink. If the handle was flexible like the banana tooth brush then this would be 10 stars.

Rita Shipshewana, IN