MAM Glow in the Dark Night Orthodontic Pacifier, Boy, 6+ Months, 2-Count

MAM Glow in the Dark Night Orthodontic Pacifier, Boy, 6+ Months, 2-Count

MAM Night 6 plus months orthodontic pacifiers have been developed in cooperation with the International Children Medical Research Society and are recommended most by dentists and Orthodontists. MAM’s patented silk teat is silicone with a difference: it’s silky soft. No other silicone feels softer. For your baby’s next step, MAM designers have worked closely together with orthodontists to create this range of MAM pacifiers. A curved shield with air holes and MAM’s unique inside surface for maximum comfort. To add a lovely detailed touch, the colors and motifs are adapted to reflect the baby’s age. MAM pacifiers are always in the right position. For baby’s 6 plus months. Includes 2 BPA free pacifiers. Boy colors. Glows in the dark, making it easy for baby and parent to find at night. Storage case is reusable and can be used in the microwave to sterilize pacifiers.

Main features

  • Silicone
  • Imported
  • Two BPA-free pacifiers
  • Curved shield allows the pacifier to sit comfortably on baby’s face
  • MAM Ultra Soft Silicone Nipple stays comfortably in baby’s mouth due to the anti-slip texture
  • Symmetrical nipple ideal for baby’s jaw development
  • Textured surface and multiple small openings on the pacifier shield allow air to circulate and baby’s skin to breathe

Verified reviews


No more losing pacifiers at night

Glow in the dark pacifiers, why haven’t they invented these sooner? They’re the same great Mam quality with the added bonus of being able to find them in the middle of the night. The only drawback is my daughter is so fascinated with it, she takes a bit longer to go to sleep. I usually give it a good light charge before going to bed. A flash light (or the iPhone Torch app) works great.

Bridget Heidelberg, MS

Great night time nuk

Love the glow in the dark nuks! They work perfect at night to see and pop back into mouth;). .

Annabelle Kansas, AL


These are so cute, they glow in the dark and work so well. Easy to clean and spot when you are desperate to find!

Mina Cook Station, MO

Great night night foolers

Before I found these I would watch my son on the monitor struggle to find his pacifiers in his dark room during the night. Give these bad boys a few minutes in the light (sunlight especially) and they rock for hours.

Lilly Monroe, OK

Good paci that makes kiddo smile

As some of the other reviews have already stated they don’t glow as long as I would like. But, after you first "charge them" over a light bulb they glow super bright and my son loves them. Though the manufacturer does not recommend it, I do leave them in the windowsill on occasion which also helps keep their glow. Bottom line they make it easy to find them in the middle of the night (I throw a few in my sons crib) and having them helps soothe him to sleep. I will continue to buy them for gifts in the future.

Paige Watersmeet, MI

Best paci’s ever! Love the glow in the dark feature.

Baby used this brand ever since she was a newborn. Genius idea to make these glow in the dark! As you know, pacifiers end up on the ground and all over the place. I remember many times in the night and early morning being able to see if the paci was in her mouth or where it went. HIGHLY recommend the glow in the dark version.

Maryann Bucklin, MO

What a great idea!

My 18 month old granddaughter would lose her pacifier at night and cry for it. Since I got these glow in the dark pacifiers, she can always find it and doesn’t cry for it anymore, which means Grandma gets to sleep through the night. I’d give it 6 stars, if I could!

Violet New Almaden, CA

Glow in the dark makes it easy to find in the middle of the night

these are our preferred paci at our house. Glow in the dark makes it easy to find in the middle of the night.

Darcy Trosky, MN


These are my favorite pacifiers. I especially love these for night because they glow in the dark and are easy to find when you’re trying to put a upset baby back to bed.

Rochelle Skaneateles, NY


My little man "wakes up" in the middle of the night. He’s not really awake but my constant searching for his paci would end up waking him…this solves that problem!!!

Tara Myers Flat, CA

Let me count the ways.

My 17 month old has been able to find these MAM pacifiers in the complete darkness of her crib since she was five months old and using the 0-6 month size. I put a few in her crib and carry her over there after our bedtime routine. When she sees her glowing "pa-pa" collection, she does a swan dive into the crib. Also for those occasional after bedtime poos, I can go in there in the utter darkness and see exactly where she is because she has one in her mouth. No groping around trying to find her, and no turning the lights on. Sometimes during our nightly massage she drops her pacifier–no problem, I can see it in the dark and so can she. I have had about 8 of these, lost a few on stroller rides (note to self: use less precious non-glowing pacifiers for stroller), and she bit a hole in one, but the rest are going strong. LOVE! And while as an infant she used a pacifier a lot, we’ve gradually and gently limited their use to sleep times and catastrophes.

Ladonna Abbott, TX

Love these!

I not only love MAM pacifiers in general, but the glow in the dark are wonderful! At night my son sleeps in his pack n play next to my side of the bed. If he wakes up and is upset I can actually see his pacifier in the dark to give it back to him. Which sometimes is all he needs and will go right back to sleep. No more searching in the dark for it!

Sophia Bethel Park, PA

Love the glow in the dark

So easy for my 10 month old son and I both to find at night. He loves the MAM 6+ shape, though as a younger baby he didn’t prefer the MAM newborn pacifiers.

Simone Hillsdale, NJ


These are great. My twin girls love them, and they are easy for me to find in the middle of the night. Hopefully they’ll be able to find the pacis themselves in the middle of the night sometime soon!

Lauren Sonoita, AZ

2 yr old loves the glow in the dark

My kid has an obsession with pacifiers- will only use mams. If we try others, he freaks out. I like them too. He loves the novelty of the glow in dark.

Millicent Brentwood, CA

Have owned for over two years, till as good as new

These are the only pacifiers I’ve ever purchased for my son. I love that they keep their glow pretty much all night. When they fall out of the crib and my son cries in the night, I can find them on the floor without turning on the light. They also charge up really fast if I hold them next to a light for 20-30 seconds. I’ve only ever hand washed, never put in dishwasher. Not sure how that would affect them.

Darcy Swainsboro, GA

Not very bright

A cool idea, but they don’t glow very brightly for us. I got them so I could find the pacifier more easily in the bag or crib. We love MAM pacifiers though!

Latoya Meridian, OK