MAM Hold Me Bottle with Handles, 6 Months, 9 Ounce, Colors May Vary

MAM Hold Me Bottle with Handles, 6 Months, 9 Ounce, Colors May Vary

As babies grow older, they like to reach for the bottle when drinking. The MAM hold me bottle is the perfect answer to this because It is small handles make it very easy for baby to hold with their little hands. At the same time, the extra soft spout helps the little one to move from bottle or breast to cup. Includes 1 9 ounce hold me bottle with x cut nipple for maximum flow. You may receive this item in pink or blue.

Main features

  • Handles are ideal for baby’s little hands
  • Comes with silk nipple and extra soft spout
  • Helps baby transition step by step from breast to bottle
  • Comes with a lid
  • BPA free; Colors may vary, you may receive in one of the following colors: Pink or blue

Verified reviews


mam bottle

Unfortunately, we never got to use the bottle because we kept getting a pink bottle instead of a blue bottle. It was to strange to me to give my baby boy a pretty pink bottle!

Yvette West Greene, AL

Daughter Wouldn’t Take It

The MAM anti-colic bottles are the only ones my daughter will take from 4-10 months. She has refused everything else. I thought that she would like this bottle too but she refuses to take it. It looks almost identical to me but she knows the difference and turns her head and cries every time I offer it.

Rene Sandy Hook, CT

Colors will vary

I needed a bottle that my lil boy could hold during our cross country move. I saw the picture was of blue bottles, did not see the whole "colors" may vary. So now my son will be holding extremely girly bottles. The packing did not even include a receipt, so I have no clue who to contact. Horrible service.

Violet Gasquet, CA

Not what I expected

I bought this for my grandson, but it wasn’t what I expected. I tried to use it, but he would not even try it-he did not like it at all. I can not recommend it, but it may be great for someone elses baby.

Mollie Spring Dale, WV

My kid never used it

She hated it. I have no idea why. I thought it would be a good transition from bottle to sippy cup. The only ones she’ll even go near are the Nuk Learner cups. I guess every kid is different.

Cora Olney Springs, CO

Got a white one, handles are removable

Mine came in white/blue and I’m glad I didn’t end up with pink. I didn’t realize till I got it that it comes with 2 different ‘nipples’. One is the x-type nipple, and the second is a softer material that looks more like what would be on a sippy cup.I got this mainly for the handles for my 3 1/2 month old that wants to hold his own bottle already. He does better with the smaller bottles so it’s a bonus that the handle is removable and I can place it on a smaller bottle for him.

Lucinda Tescott, KS

Tiny Handles

The handles on this bottle are a little too small. My daughter has a hard time holding on to it. I wish that it didn’t leak when you turn it upside down. She thinks that it’s a sippy that doesn’t leak when you fling it around, when she actually gets formula all over her face. Four stars though because I love MAM bottles and swear by them….Especially the anti-colic bottles!

Brittany Strange Creek, WV

great product… need a color option

great product, easy to hold, removable handles, safe for baby… just wish like all the other reviews that you could select a color

Lynette Taunton, MN

i love it

I love it. My bbay is only 5 months and I have not tried yet the soft spout. I am hoping it would be as good as the original nipple

Beverley Hill, NH

Fast flow, easy to hold, wide mouth easy for formula

I love that the flow is fast (my baby gets bored if she has to spend too much time sucking on her bottle)! It also has a wide opening, which is easier for dumping formula into. She loves the handles because it makes holding the bottle easier. The cap has marks on it so you can use it to measure ounces (this is good, in my opinion, if you have to add just an extra ounce or two to a bottle that’s already mixed – this way you don’t accidentally add in too much water/BM to the bottle).

Wanda Martinsburg, WV

Great bottle

This is a great bottle for babies transitioning to sippy cups. The softer, bottle like nipple makes it an easy transition for babies. It looks great, works well, and exceeded my expectations. With the bottle like nipple, it’s nice that the water/milk doesn’t just start flowing out like other sippy cups. Haven’t really tried the other nipple yet, but I’m sure it’ll work well. Very please with this bottle. The only thing is you don’t know what color you are going to get. Fortunately, we received pink for my little girl.

Pamala Canby, MN



Karla Springfield, KY