MAM Learn to Brush Set, 6 Months, Colors May Vary

MAM Learn to Brush Set, 6 Months, Colors May Vary

MAM 6+ Months Learn to Brush Set. BPA free. Or from first tooth. Baby safe. Training brush & first brush.

Main features

  • Long, ergonomic handle for holding together
  • Massaging head for massaging sensitive gums
  • Developed with dentists
  • A round head adapts perfectly to baby’s mouth
  • Includes two brushes for training; Colors may vary, you may receive in one of the following colors: pink, green or blue

Verified reviews


son won’t use it

My 13mo son hates brushing his teeth. I was hoping that he would like this toothbrush more than the others we’ve tried based on the feedback of other reviewers, but he still won’t let us put this in his mouth. I’m sure it’s a fine toothbrush but my son just won’t use it. We’ll try again when he’s a bit older. For now, we’re sticking to the finger toothbrush.

Keri Sadler, TX

Love these brushes, on our thrid set

I bought this set (from Giggle) when my son was 9 months old and starting to sprout teeth. I love that these are easy to handle, well made and very durable with no annoying Disney or cartoon characters plastered all over them. My son is two now and I just bought the third set. It is really annoying that you can’t pick the color and I keep ending up with pink or green and all we wanted was blue. Yes, Giggle, get the message and offer a selection.I have no idea what the other reviewer was saying about the bristles falling out. I’ve had three sets and no problems. My son bites hard and chews a bit but I don’t let him actually teeth on the brush, we brush with the brush.

Elena Sawyer, MI

Really great starter brush

This is the second time I have gotten this set because they worked so well on my first child. The long one is nice for young gums to gnaw on and even the bristles feel good for their mouths. The youngest (2-yr-old) always says "brush your teeth" in the evenings when he knows it is time to brush his teeth.

Alberta Port Carbon, PA

Perfect toothbrush set! Must have!

This is a great first toothbrush set. The toothbrush with the longer handle is so nice and easy to use for the parent and it’s easy for my son to hold and learn how to brush his own teeth with my guidance. Great concept! The brushhead is soft and small (the perfect size for little mouths and teeth). This toothbrush is perfect for toddlers. My son is enjoying learning to brush his teeth with this brush.A must have!

Rhoda Tremont City, OH

Nice easy grip handle but hard to clean

The best part about this toothbrush set is the small brush head, which is great for little mouths, and the rubber grips around the handles. With the way my kid starts screams and wrestles, I’m impressed that I haven’t dropped it once. The curve of the handle is nice and comfortable for a parent trying to reach inside the mouth, particularly to get the insides of the teeth. However, it is difficult to put down in the middle of a brush without getting gunk on the counter, so I usually lay it hanging halfway over the sink. My kid hasn’t used the the teething nub and refuses to hold the brush together. She will hold it herself to chew on the bristles, and I have noticed that some of the bristles have started poking out (but have not come out all the way). About once a week, I have had to get a toothpick and spend about 10 minutes picking through the toothbrush because it seems to have trapped a LOT of stuff at the base of its dense bristles. I’ve never had to do that with any other toothbrushes, which usually have more space between the brisles to allow food to fall out with a simple rinse. But for the price, I would buy these again.

Michael Glens Fork, KY

Great first brush

I really like these tooth brushes. My 7 month old grabs right ahold and gnaws on them. They are soft and the handles are a good grip.

Heather Bunkerville, NV

Safe and FUN!

Quality made safe plastics. Great set to have. The little nub on the end lets you guide your kid into proper technique. Our daughter was doing it all by her self after two lessons. This brush set is well thought out and made with the best materials from a country you can trust. I don’t do Chinese made products or foods!

Vera Bear Lake, PA

Not exact item shown picture is misleading

I ordered this toothbrush. To my surprise it does not come with the ring,protector as pictured. I was told by the company after emailing them, that it is not made any longer.However, I do like the quality of the brush.Picture Is misleading.

Tina Lester, AL

Exactly what I was expecting

The "parent hold" brush is perfect, and works just as described. I can brush my one-year-old’s teeth by holding on to the end of the brush, while he holds on to the middle. He still loves to put everything in his mouth, so this is no different! I think he likes the feel of the soft bristles. I haven’t tried the shorter brush yet. The description says that colors vary – I received green.

James Texas City, TX

Win – win. You help baby brush then they do it themselves. Great invention!

My one year old son loves brushing his teeth like a big boy. The longer toothbrush allows me to actually brush his teeth (I hold on to the end while he holds on closer to his mouth and we go through the motions), while the shorter one allows him to be a big boy and "do it himself." Perfect. We get the job done, he learns about brushing his teeth and he is having fun. Win win.

Hollie Lexington, TN

great first toothbrush!

We brush teeth during bath time. My 10 month old loves holding his toothbrush the entire bath and the long handle helps us actually brush his teeth but allowing him to hold onto the brush. Mine came in pink…oh well. :/

Edwina Jackson, MO