MAM Love and Affection 2 Pack Pacifier Clips, Colors May Vary

MAM Love and Affection 2 Pack Pacifier Clips, Colors May Vary

For the dynamics of every day baby life with integrated teat protection. MAM has created a unique pacifier clip to keep baby’s soother safe, clean and within reach. Designed with safety in mind, there are no detachable small parts or sharp metal pieces. It can be used with MAM soothers or any other brand of pacifier 2 pack. . It comes in blue or pink.

Main features

  • Smart Design enables one hand use
  • Nipple protection protects and keeps clean
  • Fits all MAM and ring pacifiers
  • Colors may vary, you may receive in one of the following colors: Pink, blue and green
  • Quickley fastens to baby’s clothing, for all ages

Verified reviews


Works well

Bought these for my six month old grandson to use on his Mam pacies. My daughter says the clips hold fine but are larger and bulkier than the clip on the Booginheads.

Melba Louisville, TN

Not the greatest.

First the “colors will vary” is a horrible idea for baby items as I got hot pink ones with cupcakes in the mail for my son… I didn’t feel like going though the whole hassle of returning them to Amazon so I went to Target and bought the right color then returned the pink ones to Target.I do NOT like that the plastic ring for pacifiers without the bull-nose ring is only attached with Velcro making the ring a choking hazard. I’d rather just purchase the Dr. Brown ones…

Concepcion Elkton, FL

Decent Design – Only clip for MAM pacifiers

We have used these clips on rare occasions as my little one only takes MAM pacifiers. They keep the binks from falling on the ground, which is great. However; the clip part is very large. The way the clip works is that you slide a button up to tighten the teeth on your child’s clothing – I am afraid that his may pinch my little one, so I only use our clips when I really need to.Pros:Pacifier Clip exclusively for MAM binkiesLots of colors, correspond with pacifiersEasy to cleanCons:Difficult to put pacifier in and outAfraid clip might pinch babyVery large clipI love MAM pacifiers but I am not a fan of these clips – I recommend them only because they are the only clips available for MAM pacifiers. However; the ball on the end of MAM pacifiers helps flip them while they are falling – most of the time mine lands nipple up.

Jolene Kensington, OH

I dont like it, the holder is waaay too big and the thread is too short.

Its really worthless. I have ordered too, cause I read a lot of good reviews, but its worthless. Trust me. The holder that you use for the cloth is so big and bulky, it makes the thread too short and is just soo…eghh made me too hate it. There is no comfotable way to install it. The Booginhead PaciGrip Pacifier Holder is so much better. Its like HEaven and Earth.

Rowena Breckenridge, MN

Great for pacifier babies…

I was lucky, I got the pink set for my daughter. I took a risk and ordered even though "colors may vary". It was a 50/50 chance and I got lucky. I’ve used these in the past and they are great for pacifier babies. Easy way to hook onto their clothing.

Susanna Enfield, NC

These are great!

I don’t understand why everyone is complaining so much about not being able to choose colors – get over it! Your son or daughter could care less what color their pacifier clips are and being that ignorant (pink is for girls, blue is for boys) is sooo fifty years ago. Silliness!Anyway – these work great even on pacifiers that don’t have handles (like Soothies) and seem much more secure than those with metal "teeth." The leash is long enough without being a strangulation hazard.

Olivia Mc Keesport, PA

Love this kind but it was pink….

I know it says colors may vary but I was expecting green or yellow or even orange. It came pink both times…..for my boy. I think they should specify colors may vary pink or blue….buyers beware…

Clarissa Pomeroy, IA

my son can pull the holder off

It didn’t take long for my son to realize that he can pull these off no matter how tight I think I got them on. He likes to chew the clip end. They only work as long as he’s not motivated to pull them off at that moment.

Dayna Winnfield, LA


Cheap and keeps the binkie off the ground. The little clip also doubles as a fascinating toy for curious babies.

Bernice Albion, PA

Great product

Love these clips! Did exactly what they were described as doing. I am very happy that I got these because they keep the pacifiers clean when my little one tries to toss them.

Meghan Plano, IL

Super useful product

These clips have been incredibly useful for keeping the binky attached to our child. I never used it during sleep time, however, just because I was worried about the baby laying on the hard plastic clip. The clip holds very well, though. I would recommend this product…it fits all types of binky’s too.

Florine West Newfield, ME

Works fine.

I use it with MAM pacifiers (0-3 and 6+ months) and it works fine. The clip is pinch proof. It could be inch or two longer though.

Melanie Leesburg, NJ

A must for travel

Your baby is crying in the backseat. You reach your arm behind and feel around for the baby’s pacifier, but you can’t find it. Are they sitting on it? Did it fall on the floor? Are you going to have to pull into a parking lot and go on a pacifier hunt?Fear not! With the MAM Clip Trends Pacifier Clip, you can attack the baby’s pacifier to a belt or blanket so you can find it easily. Just follow the ribbon to the pacifier and return to baby’s mouth for miles of silence.

Michaela Floral Park, NY

Great for teething toys too!

My daughters hate pacis but love their teething toys. The velcro lets you attach it to whatever toys your baby is fond of and keeps them off of the floor. I also love the way it attaches to the clothing, nice and secure but not damaging to delicate items.

Herminia Glen Flora, TX

very useful

I love these and I need more. This baby loves to play a game where she spits her pacifier out and then yells so that you will pay attention to her and give it back. A minute later she spits it out and yells. This helps keep it off the floor or the ground. We use those all silicone soothies pacifiers, and they love to bounce and roll under beds and cabinets and anywhere out of reach.

Kari Norwood, LA

Works great

I love this pacifier clip. It is pinch proof so I don’t have to worry about my daughter pinching herself with it. Or my son for that matter! It’s cute and fits the mams pacifiers perfectly. They have an odd shape so most other paci holders won’t really work. I would recommend these and buy them again in a heartbeat!

Tessa Blackstone, IL