MAM Mini Cooler Teether with Clip – Green

MAM Mini Cooler Teether with Clip – Green

MAM designers have developed a special cooling part of the teether so that very small babies can also easily reach their molars. The structured surface gives further relief and makes an exciting teether. Thanks to the innovative combination with clip the teether doesnt go missing. The teeter is extra light-weight and thanks to the special curved ring shape is easy to pick up and hold – particularly for small babiesThe MAM Mini Cooler Teether features: Cooling part of teether helps babies recognize the difference between warm and cold Helps babies develop their sense of touch Teether is light weight Curved so that small babies can lift it Helps promote coordination and movement.

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  • MAM Mini Cooler Teether with Clip – Green (Green)
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I ordered this for our early teether thinking that maybe he could put it his mouth and would help his teeth and gums. However upon recieving ..this thing is massive what baby could get this in their mouth? I did not open and will be returning ASAP wast of money.

Eugenia La Belle, PA

Melts when you sterilize it

So my wife is very sensitive about what goes into our son’s mouth and sterilizes everything. Well, it melted and got deformed so into the trash it went.

Camille Ranger, TX

Pretty good but for older baby

I purchased this for my daughter at 4 months — it was a bit big then but now at 6 months she loves it. I keep two so one is always frozen and ready for car rides or a walk. I love the little leash that keeps it clipped to her carseat or bib and thus doesn’t get lost.A great little teether.

Ruby Chowchilla, CA

We like it!

My son is four months old and seems to be getting front and back teeth (weird I know.) We have had a hard time finding teethers that help with his pain, most of the ones he likes to chew on we have to hold for him.This is the first teether he’s shown much interest in. He seems to prefer it when it is chilled. The curved design really does seem to help him get it in his mouth. I love the leash but the clip is the same design as the MAM pacifier leashes and I find it a little onerous. It definitely does the job though!

Candy Alexander, IL

Doesn’t work better than others

It is a pretty expensive teether and first, I didn’t have the choice for the color. So, we got pink for my son… Second, the clip is always useful except when you have a little rebel who doesn’t want "the thing" hung on his top… Third, my son quickly lost interest in it, he prefers the "basic teether ring". So, I am not sure it was worth the purchase, sometimes, it is better to stick on "simple things" I believe.

Jeri Boxborough, MA

Best teether

I bought this teether for my four month old son. He started teething early and uses it a lot. He is now 6 months old and is still using it and already has his first tooth. I like it that he can hold it himself. We have other teethers for him but he ends up dropping them because they have no handle. This teether is not to big. My son puts one side of it in his mouth. I don’t think the entire teether is meant to go into your child’s mouth. We likes this one so much I bought 2 more for back ups.

Silvia Germantown, TN