MAM Monsters Orthodontic Pacifier, Unisex, 6+ Months, 2-Count

MAM Monsters Orthodontic Pacifier, Unisex, 6+ Months, 2-Count

MAM Monsters 6 plus months orthodontic pacifiers have been developed in cooperation with the International Children Medical Research Society and are recommended most by dentists and Orthodontists. MAM’s patented silk teat is silicone with a difference: it’s silky soft. No other silicone feels softer. For your baby’s next step, MAM designers have worked closely together with orthodontists to create this range of MAM pacifiers. A curved shield with air holes and MAM’s unique inside surface for maximum comfort. To add a lovely detailed touch, the colors and motifs are adapted to reflect the baby’s age. Eye catching designs monster motifs. MAM pacifiers are always in the right position. For baby’s 6 plus months. Includes 2 BPA free pacifiers. Bold unisex colors. Storage case is reusable and can be used in the microwave to sterilize pacifiers.

Main features

  • Silicone
  • Imported
  • Two BPA-free pacifiers
  • Curved shield allows the pacifier to sit comfortably on baby’s face
  • MAM Ultra Soft Silicone Nipple stays comfortably in baby’s mouth due to the anti-slip texture
  • Symmetrical nipple ideal for baby’s jaw development
  • Textured surface and multiple small openings on the pacifier shield allow air to circulate and baby’s skin to breathe

Verified reviews



I tried smoothies, NUK and MAM pacifiers. He keeps MAM in his mouth the longest, for hours. 5 starsI think the reason is because the pacifier is light and the mouth part fits his mouth well.A normal pacifier holder does not work with these so make sure you get the MAM holders.

Cherie Mesena, GA

My 6 Month Olds Favorite Paci

I received some Mam pacifiers as a baby shower gift. They were 6m+ so when he was 6 months I washed them up and tried one. He had been liking the Avent pacifiers so I didn’t expect him to like these large, oddly shaped pacifiers- but he loved them! I wasn’t even sure what brand they were, so I asked around, and my day care provider knew it was a Mam. I ordered more and he they are his faves! He prefers over Avent and Nuk. I read reviews and many other reviewers said their babies really liked these when they were teething. Mine is definitely teething. I’m not sure if that is why he likes them, or if its something else, but I swear by them now.

Marilyn Altmar, NY

the best pacifiers

These are the only pacifiers my son will take. I love them. The nipple is shaped the same on both sides, so there really isn’t a “right side up” and “upside down” which is extremely convenient when a child is learning to put his own pacifier in. The prints are cute and the colors are bright.

Christine Webb City, MO

Best pacifier we’ve bought.

These are the only pacifiers my son will take. I like that they aren’t made in China. They clean up easy, and the bright colors make the easy to find.

Twila Lyndon, KS


I am so glad I could still find these. My 7 month old son will only use this type of pacifier and we could not find them anywhere when I wanted to find some replacements.

Muriel Las Marias, PR

Awesome pacifier!

We had boy/girl twins June of 13 and had a hard time finding a pacifier that both babies liked. After trying many brands this one was the one they would actually take and keep in while napping or sleeping at night. There isn’t really anything else I can say about these pacifiers. They are high quality and do the job.

Deanne Blackstone, MA


Seriously, my kid loves these binkies. Ultimately, every kid is going to have a different preference… but these are the ones that work for us! We have a million of them… but some how have to scramble to find them. (Our little guy likes to throw things.) I hope they work for you as well as they did for us!

Kari Fruitland, IA

My son loves this paci

We tried several different pacis and my son loves this one. I really like the paci holders you can buy separately. I also like how the box it comes in is also used to sterilize them in the microwave. I would buy again. We used these to get my son to stop sucking his fingers. It worked.

Sharlene Columbus City, IA

My baby loves MAM!

My 6mth old loves these pacifiers. He was ready to move up a size. Also, these pacifiers fit the clips I already have for younger size of the same brand.

Rhoda Washita, OK