MAM Perfect Orthodontic Pacifier, Girl, 6+ Months, 1-Count

MAM Perfect Orthodontic Pacifier, Girl, 6+ Months, 1-Count

For the big kids among the little ones. The MAM Perfect 6 plus month pacifier was designed with baby in mind, by orthodontists and pediatric dentists, to reduce the risk of misaligned teeth. The Mam Perfect with Dento Flex has a nipple neck that is 60 % thinner and a nipple that is 3 times softer than other silicone pacifiers. The Mam Perfect adapts itself without harmful effort on baby’s part and leaves enough room for healthy dental development. The 6 plus month pacifier is good for baby’s skin thanks to its large air holes and MAMs patented inside surface. The shield of the 6 plus months pacifier is larger and rounder than the rest of the pacifier line ensuring maximum comfort. Like the rest of our pacifier line, the MAM 6 plus month pacifier is orthodontically correct and has a symmetrical nipple. BPA free for baby’s 6 plus months.

Main features

  • Silicone
  • Imported
  • Designed by orthodontists and pediatric dentists to reduce the risk of misaligned teeth
  • Extra thin and super soft thanks to the unique, symmetrical Dento-Flex nipple neck
  • Available with MAM’s patented ultra soft silicone nipple, incomparably comfortable in baby’s mouth
  • Good for the skin thanks to the large ventilation holes
  • Delivered with high quality transport sterilizer box

Verified reviews


perfect for fussy sleepers, teething, complainers, etc.

These pacifiers are life savers – there’s no WRONG way to put them in and they’re nice & soft. Like many reviewers said, this is baby’s ONLY acceptable paci. The alternative is loud, insistent protests followed by unrestrained fits of frustration. And that’s just my husband.These are great for babies with teething issues (i.e. babies who decide to cut ALL their baby teeth by 14 months, and share the experience with you in 15 minute increments throughout the night). They’re also good for babies who are just learning to re-bink (fumble, find and re-insert their own binky w/o fully waking and wailing), as they can’t ever be “upside down” so clumsy little hands have an easy time with them. I find that this particular design of Mam is the best – easiest to tie a pacifier leash to w/o being fragile. My little destroyer broke 4 of the other “open” designs in a matter of weeks. They should use him in their quality assurance department.

Trina Meadville, PA

It is great and the thinnest one on the market

They say it is better for the teeth. Which is probably true, because the neck of the pacifier, where the baby’s lips close is very thin, they can almost totally close their mouth with the paci in it.It looks great, vents well, and this is the only kind of pacifier my friend’s baby takes. Well, my baby just hates it and would not take it.It is also a little too big. I wish i ve gotten the 0-6 month size. Bummer. I think the head for the 6-plus-months size is way big for even 9 month olds, that is why i gave 4 stars. Otherwise (probably) a great product. We never got to use it

Debra West Granby, CT

It’s a pretty good item.

Definitely solid quality and pretty to the eye. My kid likes the other Mam pacifiers I got her but this one has a very narrow neck and for some reason she doesn’t always like it. That may have to do with the fact that she’s teething and likes to chomp at the pacifier and so, this is a bit thin for that. Otherwise, great product.

Johnnie Underhill, VT

Our 1 year old really likes those!

We used other MAM pacies before but switched to those because of the benefit for the teeth.She accepts those just as much.I order 2 in total and just wish we could have gotten different designs, instead we received 3 with the same design…

Concetta Seven Valleys, PA

Worked for us

My daughter loves pacifiers. She originally took soothies and we swithched to Natursutten (which she LOVED). Now that she is getting older (12M) and I haven’t been able to wean her from them yet, I’ve switched her to these which are much better for her mouth. She currently has 6 teeth with a 7th coming through now. We have had no problems with this pacifier.

Etta Payette, ID


Up to now, we had used the MAM air series, and loved them. As the ‘perfect’ series is supposed to be better for the teeth, I got one which our little one accepted without any issue (as opposed to e.g. some AVENT paci we had tried). I would give the ‘perfect’ 5 stars had they the same exterior desig as the ‘air’, which was very good for the skin of our little one – so only 4 stars. In case you want to get several of them, check other online vendors- I just found one offering them for $6.99 (excl. shipping).

Tamra Cobb, CA

Love these

Was using Nuk before, which has very little ventilation. My child is prone to rashes around the mouth. These help because they are well ventilated. We had no problems switching from one type of paci to another. Sterliser is an added bonus.

Katina Church View, VA

Good step-down pacifier

My son has always loved mam pacifiers. We started with the 0-6month ones then got the 6month+ air and the ones with the teethers on the side. He loves all of those. We are now using the mam perfect to try to wean off the pacifier. He gets ear infections and we were told to limit the pacifier. Since the mam perfect is thinner I feel comfortable using it. He does prefer the regular ones though but will take this since I don’t give him the other option much any more. We are down to pacifiers only for naps and bedtime (and it falls out soon after he’s asleep)

Maude Endicott, NY