MAM Slow Flow Nipples, Level 1, 0+ Months, 2-Count

MAM Slow Flow Nipples, Level 1, 0+ Months, 2-Count

Mam Bottle Slow Flow 2 pack nipples are Silicone nipples to use with the Ultivent Mam Bottles. This orthodontic nipple is made of ultra soft silicone and encourages baby to use a natural sucking action, similar to breastfeeding. BPA free.

Main features

  • Slow Flow 2 pack nipples

Verified reviews


Best nipples out there

We started with Playtex nursers which I love, but our baby was getting really fussy around 2.5 months with them so I tried the MAM Anti-Colic bottles that came with these nipples in a medium flow. He took to them instantly. I wanted slow flow because I didn’t want him to reject the breast if he preferred the faster flow, so I got these here on Amazon. He loves them and they release air through a little valve on the side (which will leak if you rip it so be careful). We’re still using the anti-colic bottles, which are great but a pain to clean all those parts… I’ve read they also work on Avent bottles and BornFree, but I haven’t tried them. We’re sticking with the MAM ones we’ve got. I highly recommend the shape and softness of these nipples. The shape is most like the the breast when baby’s latched on. I thought silicone was all the same until I tried the MAM pacifiers myself, and you can really tell the difference in softness.

Violet Tipp City, OH

My son loves them, Im eh…

These are the only bottle nipples my son will take, however use care when washing the tips as they do tear easily. I also found these for a bit cheaper at my local buy buy baby store.

Serena Portsmouth, VA

My baby will take a bottle now!

We bought the Dr Brown’s slow flow to use with the pura kiki bottles as the nipple that comes with it was too fast a flow for a breast fed baby, but our daughter didn’t care for it at all. My SIL who is a pediatric speech therapist suggested we try these, even though they are pricier. They worked great! We even did a switch out and put the dr browns back in after the baby was taking bottles well, and she refused it.Just buy a few of whatever brand until you know what your child likes. I’m saving the dr browns for the next child because you never know. . .

Lourdes Bovina Center, NY

Great! Fits Born Free glass bottles too…

These are great! We love the Born free glass bottles, but the nipples that come with them are terrible… hence looking for a better option that will fit them. Thanks Mam – now my babies can use those bottles without swallowing too much air and throwing up all their milk!Update: I still love these nipples, and one of my twins will ONLY take these. Just wanted to share a tip for using with the Born Free glass bottles. Sometimes they can leak if they aren’t screwed on super super tight. An easy fix: cut off the nipple portion of the original born free nipple that came with the bottle, so you’re left with just the silicone ring. Insert the silicone ring on top of the vent insert before screwing on the top w/ nipple. No more leaks!Do be aware that the flow of these nipples is faster than other brands. The slow flow works really well, but it is more generous in output than other nipples labeled slow flow. My nearly 8 month olds can’t handle the stage three yet and are still using these. The stage twos seem to be hard to find….

Trisha Tullos, LA

Love them!

I have been nursing my son for the last couple months. I now need to go back to work and tried to give him a bottle here and there to make sure he gets used to it. He was having a really hard time with the nipple of other brands. These are closer to what he is used to and he feels more comfortable using them.

Jeannine Joinerville, TX

Great product

My son loves these bottles/nipples. He is nine months old now and he still loves them. He cries when he sees one of his bottles because he wants it 🙂

Antoinette Fayetteville, TN

these nipples are fast, but slower than a cheetah

I decided to put these "fast" flow nipples to the test. i put them up against the fastest land animal, the cheetah.Long story short, the Cheetah won. Fast nipples, you suck. … huh.. you suck.. LOL!

Gretchen Schellsburg, PA


These were a great transition nipple for my 3 month old who had to stop breastfeeding and needed to learn to bottle feed quickly. He was eventually able to move to the tommee tippee bottles and nipples, but he preferred these at first. I originally tried these because the Mam pacifier was the only one out of 5 I could get him to take. I like the shape and texture, and I guess he did too.

Suzanne Kerr, OH

Great nipple shape!

These nipples are a great shape, especially for newborns. You’ll find much less milk streaming out from the sides of your baby’s mouth thanks to the flattened shape, which mimics the effect of the baby sucking on a natural breast. There are four flow rates available for MAM nipples: slow, medium, fast, and even a cross cut version for toddlers and use with cereal mixed in. Highly recommend MAM bottles!

Earline Nevis, MN

Very Pleased!

My daughter was on the fast flow nipples for about 3 months and it made bottle feeding really nice. She had a little bit of a hard time keeping up with the flow the first 2 feedings but she got used to how fast it was really quick. My daughter is off the bottle now but while she took them Mam was the only brand she liked.

Christina Homer, IL

Love the brand

MAM are the only bottles and pacifiers my son would use after breast feeding exclusively for 9 months. I loved the quality and durability, and he loved them period.

Matilda Holmes Mill, KY

Mam X Cut Silicone Nipple, 6+ Months, 2 Pack

the Mam X Cut Silicone Nipple , 6 + Months , 2 Pack work really good it is easy to fit and easy for the baby

Louella Pace, MS


Ever wonder why there is SO MUCH SPILLED FORMULA!? I couldn’t get over how much EXPENSIVE formula was spilling out of my sons mouth each time I fed him a bottle… I use Dr Browns wide neck bottles exclusively and poured over reviews trying to see if these would fit my bottles. I finally just bought a pack and PRAYED over them. When they arrived, they fit the Dr Browns bottles perfectly, AND FIT MY SONS MOUTH PERFECTLY!!!! He BARELY spills a single drop now!!! I think it’s hard for babies to purse their lips around the circular, round nipples and these make it much easier on their mouths! It is, after all, much closer to the shape of our mouths! Makes sense, right?

Jeannie Stitzer, WI

Great for cereal!

Gt these to use for my son when adding a little bit of cereal foot his bottle. Worked great wasn’t to fast and let thicker stuff through easily.

Rita Silver Beach, MA

Too fast if breastfeeding and…

Rubber is natural and feels more natural and this is too fast for a 2 month old if breastfeeding. Nuk rubber Orthodonic nipples are the best.

Dina Almond, WI

great! We started using these at 8 weeks and …

great! We started using these at 8 weeks and worked great. Baby didn’t mind the change and I didn’t see a huge flow from level 1.

Lucia Turney, MO

Great mam nipple

These are hard to come by where I live. They were shipped fast and are great. The price was amazing and couldn’t have been happier.

Brandy Milan, GA

Good, would say 6 months plus

These are labeled as ‘3’ on the nipple.The recommended age is 4+ months, however we switched our 5 month old to these, and the milk just came out too fast and she coughed, and it went all over the place. Oops.We waited until she was about 7 months and tried again, and she did a much better job drinking – however now the problem is she drinks so fast, she finishes her bottle so quick and still thinks she’s hungry! With the #2 it took her longer to drink, so she was able to register she was full. Obviously this isn’t anything wrong with the nipple, just something to be aware of so you don’t over feed.All in all these are just fine, no issues with quality – we hand wash and they wash beautifully. We sterilized them in boiling water but you can steam in the microwave as well.I would recommend the MAM nipples and bottles wholeheartedly.

Germaine Opolis, KS


they are good. as expected. ordered as replacement for the ones we had. needed some new ones and our local stores dont carry the mam brand.

Consuelo Belton, MO


This product was normal. It was what I wanted for a good price when the stores were all sold out and I couldnt find them anywhere. They work for the MAM bottles great.

Lucinda Camak, GA


The MAM Anti-colic bottles are the best bottles I’ve found. They’re a brilliant design for baby and for the parent. The teats were brand new, perfect condition and exactly as expected.

Jordan Bartelso, IL

Love MAM

Found MAM on a trip to Florida. Bought one bottle and loved the design!! My daughter likes it too. Great shape nipple.

Lakesha Prior Lake, MN

Love mam!

Both my boys loved mam products. It started with the binkies and then when it came time to choose a bottle I figured the nipple was probably similar to their binkies. I wanted to avoid the dreaded nipple confusion since we were also breast feeding. The bottle nipples have a very similar shape and texture as the binkies so they took to them right away and no nipple confusion. So if your kid loves mam binkies (which I have yet to find a kid who doesn’t) definitely go for the bottles too.

Deanne Richburg, NY

The only thing my daughter could figure out!

I used these bottles with my DS (born 2007) and my DD (born 2009). I chose them because they were BPA free (even before most people knew about that), vented (=anti gas/colic), and the very unique shape of the nipple. When a baby nurses, the mother’s nipple doesn’t exactly stay round like how most bottle nipples are, it gets flattened as the baby strips it with his/her tongue. This nipple mimics that and therefore was the only thing my 4 week old DD would use. We tried several other types of bottles, including Dr. Brown’s, Adiri, Playtex Drop-Ins (latex), Breast Flow, and this is the only one she could figure out how to use (she couldn’t figure out what to do with her tongue with all of the others)

Celia Lima, OH

Perfect Breastfeeding Latch – Easy Transistion – Slow Flow a bit to fast but still a great breastfeeding bottle

I am having to pump to increase my supply and give breast milk at times, due to my daughter not consistently latching (she had a late start breastfeeding due to a tongue tie) When I give her a bottle its important to me to encourage a good latch and have a slow flow nipple solution that mimics the breast. When she sucks she has the perfect latch with this nipple and the bottle is so cute and easy to assemble and hold. The measurements are not spot on but the lid doubles as a measuring cup which is. So when she gets done instead of using the bottle to see how much she has had i pour out the milk into the measuring cup / lid and can easily see how much is left and pour it back in.A great thing about this nipple is that it never drips unless she is sucking so she can mimic breastfeeding with it and rest between sucks. However the slow flow is much faster flow than the breast but among all of the bottles we have tried this is hands down the best. The nipple shape is perfect too. So while the flow is a bit faster than I would like, we will continue using this. There isnt a bottle that has all the requirements I am looking for in switching back and forth from breast to bottle, but this has all but one. And really when I am having a letdown the flow is fast. Its just not fast in between letdowns. So all in all, I am very very pleased with this nipple and the MAM bottle system! My daughter burps less often with the MAM bottle as well (just one half way during feeding) and no spit up.

May New Sharon, IA


great product- i’m a big Mam fan and love their product. high quality they lasted me for 4 years with 3 kids who all were bottle fed.

Lidia Coleman Falls, VA

Good for older babies as well

4 star rather than 5 because I don’t think the ages of which these nipples are recommended for is appropriate. My baby is now 7 months and these are perfect for her. 3 flow was too fast, 2 flow is much better.

Louise Deale, MD

These nipples are the greatest for my son

I really love these nipples. They are just the right size and flow for my 4 month old. The shape is so close to natural that they really do work well transitioning back and forth from bottle to breast. I used other nipples that were supposed to be "breast flow" or good for switching back and forth but they were like any other nipple and my son had a hard time taking those bottles. Once he learned to take the bottle he didn’t want to nurse. So now that I have him back to nursing fine these nipples have been a great find and have caused no nipple confusion for the little guy.

Sally Prairie Du Rocher, IL

Love this nipple!

I bought this nipple based off of other Amazon reviews. I love it. My daughter is adjusting to it well. She takes bottles pretty well with this nipple, I really like the shape and feel of it.

Pamela Plymouth, MI

Funny shape, super flexible and soft silicone.

These are great for all the MaM bottles and are really easy to clean. Extra soft and flexible silicone made it very easy for baby to get accustomed to. They do flow a little faster then I’d hoped so sometimes when shes very cranky she will refuse these, however thats not the products fault.

Kate Colorado Springs, CO