MAM Soft Baby Bottle Brush, Green/White

MAM Soft Baby Bottle Brush, Green/White

The MAM Soft Bottle and Nipple Brush is an essential baby bottle feeding accessory for cleaning your baby’s nursery and feeding products. Features extra soft bristles which are 100% non scratch, an ideal solution to prevent scratching the plastic on baby bottles. The nipple brush has been shaped to mirror the MAM teat so that it fits perfectly which makes cleaning super easy and efficient. BPA Free.

Main features

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  • Non- scratch bristles are extra soft and flexible
  • Features a nipple brush ideal for cleaning the inside of MAM nipples
  • Large opening in handle perfect for easy storage and drying
  • Easy grip handle
  • Nipple brush is perfect for cleaning Mam nipple

Verified reviews



We love this brush it works great! I don’t have any difficulty with it not completely cleaning the bottles and I love that it isn’t an absorbent material that can harbor germs we just throw it right into our sterilizer every once in a while just to be sure (we dont have a dishwasher or I would just put it in there)

Staci Middlesboro, KY

Fits in narrow neck bottles without spraying all over

I can’t say this item stands out at me as being great. I like that it is silicone and no sponge pieces. The nipple cleaner on the end has ripped within the first month of minimal use. If/when I need a new bottle brush, not sure I would buy a second to replace it.

Jessica Powderly, TX

Buy this!

Great non scratch brush! Slim with good length. Some brushes are so huge, they look like toilet bowl brushes! Not this one. Fits my MAM bottles and all my medela bottles (80ml. 150ml and 250ml) with no trouble. Nipple cleaner also an excellent addition. Very happy with my purchase.

Kirsten Burlington, KY

Great size, especially for smaller bottles, but didn’t last

I love the color and size of this brush. I also liked the fact that it was silicone bristles. But after a few months, the bristles started to break off. It was also difficult to store since it didn’t stand upright.If you’re looking for other baby registry items for your little one, check out my list of MUST HAVES by searching for AllMomsArePerfect. The blog helps you figure out what you really need and what you can live without, especially if you are on a tight budget or don’t have much space.

Geri Molt, MT

Good for some types of dishwashing

I use this brush to dislodge any residue left over from the formula in the bottles as I rinse them out and set them aside in a dishpan for washing later on in the day. For actual bottle washing, I use a sponge-tipped bottle brush, which I replace frequently. I really like this brush because it is more sanitary than a sponge brush, but it does not really clean very well.

Fannie Waltham, MN