MAM Start Silicone Pacifier, Colors May Vary, 2-Count

MAM Start Silicone Pacifier, Colors May Vary, 2-Count

MAM start 0 and above months orthodontic pacifiers have been developed in cooperation with the International Children Medical Research Society and are recommended most by dentists and Orthodontists. MAM’s patented silk nipple is silicone with a difference: it’s silky soft. No other silicone feels softer. In cooperation with orthodontists, MAM designers have created this extra small and lightweight pacifier specifically for newborn babies. It is ideal for babies aged up to two months. To add a lovely detailed touch, the colors and motifs are adapted to reflect the baby’s age. The perfect start to a happy and healthy future. MAM pacifiers are always in the right position. For baby’s 0 and above months. 2 BPA free. You may receive this item in yellow, pink, purple or blue.

Main features

  • The perfect start for newborns
  • Extra small and lightweight design
  • Good for the skin thanks to air holes
  • Symmetrical nipple ideal for baby’s jaw development
  • Orthodontic, always in right position; Colors may vary, you may receive in one of the following colors: Pink, Blue or white

Verified reviews


Beware, these trap moisture inside nipple and caused longterm thrush for us!!

My daughter began using the MAM pacis in the hospital. A few weeks went by and I realized she had thrush. I also realized we had a bad case of breastfeeding thrush. It continued regardless of how often I boiled them, I used Gentian Violet, Nystatin, Grapefruit seed extract, vinegar rinses, low carb diet, I stopped wearing a bra, I made sure we were clean and dry, you name it. It continued for four months. I made sure to try to squeeze the nipple and shake all the water out, but as soon as my baby started to use it I could see little droplets of moisture forming inside the nipple, in a warm environment that makes bacteria and yeast grow. It made breastfeeding extremely difficult for us and around four months my daughter was able to go longer periods without the binky, and can you guess what happened? Our thrush started to drastically clear up, and we eventually stopped using them all together. Now I am happy to say she doesn’t really want anything to do with her binkies and we have been free of any yeast infections for five months. My advice to you, don’t make the same mistake I did and use these horrible pacifiers!!! Try the pacifiers that are one piece without an enclosed nipple for proper sterilization and air flow. The design of these is just a breeding ground for yeast!! The only real perk to these is that they are cute.

Edwina East Hartford, CT

Perfect for newborns – the only pacifier our baby liked

We tried every different type of pacifier with our baby and he rejected ALL of them. Just as we were about to give up, however, (about six weeks in!) we found this pacifier as part of a gift bag, and literally our lives were changed. Unlike other pacifiers this nipple is small and therefore not intimidating to our little guy, plus the outside is small and lightweight so it stays in his mouth without too much work. He LOVES this pacifier and even at four months this is the only pacifier he accepts.

Rosie Woodlawn, TN

Love the Paci – hate the colors

My daughter loved this pacifier style. We used MAM pacifiers until she was 11 months (in the appropriate sizes for her age).I ordered some for my son and Amazon sent pink. I missed the “return window” due to holiday madness, so we are stuck with pink pacifiers for my boy.Please add a way to specify color or just send the green/yellow ones.

Leslie American Fork, UT

Love these!

Our daughter took to these pacifiers like a pro. She’d started with the tommy tippee ones, but had more trouble keeping them in her mouth. These are perfect — and so much cuter! I don’t know why Amazon doesn’t let you pick the color — we bought them in a store, so we’ve been able to pick our colors — we’ve bought all kinds (the gender neutral, the “girl” and the “boy”) and let me tell you they all work the same and when you need one, you don’t care if it has a blue monkey on it! I have found them all to be cute, but if you found one color to be truly “unusable” because people think your baby is the wrong gender, I would still use them around the house or at bedtime.My advice would be to purchase in store if the color thing bothers you or if you just like being able to pick them out yourself. But if the price in here is sig. cheaper than what you’d pay in store, they are well worth the risk!

Rae Camp Crook, SD

Daughter won’t take them

I bought every kind of binki that I could find and nothing works. I had high hopes for these but she will just suck on them for a minute and spit them back out. Oh well, just means I won’t have to take it away later. If your kid will take a binki, these are great. Most light weight binki out there. Easy for a baby to keep in.

Tommie Ney, OH

My daughter LOVES these!

This is the only kind of pacifier my daughter will take. We offered her a pacifier very early on (she was only a couple weeks old), and this was the only kind she would use. I love the different designs they have and the fact that it is an orthodontic nipple. Someone gave us a pacifier clip of another brand, but it still fit because the rubber ring fits easily around the nob. I strongly recommend a clip to go with it to keep one attached to the car seat. Now that she is a little older, my daughter still uses these little ones, but she also has the Mam teether pacifiers and LOVES them. Now, I always get these as a gift for my friends having a baby 🙂

Gilda San Ardo, CA

Perfect fit, baby loves them

Great newborn pacifier that worked well for our son when he was one month old (he was three weeks early). Up to that point we had used the Gum Drop or Soothies, which calmed him, but I had to sit in the back seat of the car and hold them in his mouth. These pacifiers were the answer to that! The size was perfect and he could keep them in his mouth easily. I was also happily surprised that the pattern was much cuter than the picture and the color was a neutral tan. We have since bought them in other sizes and will continue to use these as long as our son has a pacifier.

Nan Chugwater, WY


These are the only type of pacifier my daughter will take. I love the designs on them & when I run them through my dishwasher they don’t end up with water inside the nipples like other pacifiers I’ve run across.

Lola Weston, WV

just like the hospital binkies

our delivery nurse gave us and recommended these pacifiers and i ordered these so my daughter always had a new one and they are exactly like the ones provided at hospital. with added design!

Olivia Mead, WA

These are some of my preferred pacifiers.

My first son liked this brand of pacifier a lot so I bought these for my second son after he rejected the ones the hospital gave us. He still wouldn’t take it. I think it’s tough with pacifiers because it’s baby’s preference, but these seem to be breastfeeding friendly from what I’ve read and we haven’t had any issues with them lasting long term.

Fay Gordon, PA

Wrong color!

We have a new born son at 37 weeks, so we needed the small ones. I ordered the yellow color, we got pink instead.Luckily a friend is pregnant with a girl. I shall order another set and hopefully we get the right color this time.

Ginger Omaha, NE

LOVE them!

I tryed all binkies out there and this is the one she and I both liked. Its no weird shaped and she likes it. She is solely brestfed and wont take anything silcone and she loves these!

Sara Jacksons Gap, AL

One of the only ones daughter will take

My daughter loves these (along with the Avent BPA free). She was a preemie and tiny- all pacifiers were way too big for her face The design of the MAM fit her perfect. She still loves these, but as she has gotten bigger also likes the Avent. They are the only kinds she will have. The designs on the pacifiers are cute, but they have all rubbed off 🙁

Carmela Pago Pago, AS

Perfect for a newborn

this is the only pacifier my baby can hang onto because it is lighter and shaped to his mouth better. love these pacifiers.

Tia Belton, MO

Love the look

These are all the babies in my family’s preferred pacifier. I love the clear and cut out plastic around the mouth piece. It is still allows you to see how cute there are and doesn’t take over the look of their face too much. We have the infant ones and will get the larger size when needed.

Terra Locust Grove, AR

Never lose the pacifier

These are great pacifiers. My two and half month old daughter loves them! We tried several brands like MAM, Nuk, Munchkin and Dr. Brown’s. At first we thought Dr. Brown’s would work better because we use their bottle system. She likes Dr. Brown’s but she likes MAM even better. MAM’s pacifiers look very cute and we also combine with the pacifier clips. The clips have bright color so you can easily identify where it is and the flexible clip allows you to adjust the tightness to thickness of baby clothes easily. We are very satisfied with the purchase and highly recommend these pacifiers to all new parents.

Polly Colcord, WV

Great for BF babies

These are the only pacifiers my breastfed son will take. I think the shape is easier for breastfed babies’ mouths to make the transition.

Roslyn Tipton, MI

My baby loved this pacifier

I used these from 0-7 months. My baby loved this paci and eventually refused to take it around 7 months, so there was no need to wean her from it. The pacifier is easy to clean. I kept the plastic container that came with the pacifiers and used it to keep the pacifiers clean.

Morgan Selma, OR