MAM Training Toothbrush, 6 Months, Green

MAM Training Toothbrush, 6 Months, Green

Developed with dentists, our smart mam oral care products ensure that babies get used to routine oral hygiene step by step. babies need to learn how to clean their teeth properly. the 6 and above months training brush makes tooth brushing easy right from day one.

Main features

  • A round head adapts perfectly to baby’s mouth
  • Massaging head for massaging sensitive gums

Verified reviews


Colors may vary? Why? (Update: Thanks for adding the choose color option! 🙂 )

My 9 month old baby boy loves this toothbrush, he uses it to teethe in the molar areas and it brushes his front teeth as he chews on it. Functionally it’s awesome and would have given that part of it 5 stars.I realized that the “colors may vary” and risked the 1/3rd chance that he’d get a barbie doll pink toothbrush when I bought it….and unfortunately he did get the pink one. Now he likes taking this improvised teether with him everywhere and I’m left correcting everyone “No, he’s a boy” while they give me weird looks about why I’d give my son a pink toothbrush…sigh. How hard would it be to give a color option though?? It’s a freakin $6 toothbrush and you can’t pick the color? If they sold these at any local store I would have bought it local so I could at least get a color that wouldn’t leave me explaining to total strangers “I bought it and couldn’t pick the color, that’s why…no it’s not a second hand toothbrush…no he’s a boy” How hard would it have been for the seller to grab a different color off the shelf?? The more I have to explain to strangers the more upset about it I get. Anyway, excellent toothbrush, extremely poor purchasing options.

Pamala Bosque, NM

Does the job

Nice to start good oral hygiene habits, baby enjoys the little massager end on his teething gums. Luckily I got a blue one, and not pink or something, since he’s a boy…but it really doesnt matter and he wouldnt even notice.

Claudia Mount Blanchard, OH

My son’s first toothbrush!

Now that my son has 6 teeth we have to brush them on a daily basis. This toothbrush is awesome! He smiles and opens his mouth every time he sees me pull the toothbrush out. I use the brush piece to brush his teeth and then the gum massager piece to massage his gums in the back so that they too can get a little clean! I wish you could pick which colors you want, but I was lucky enough to get the blue the first time. Kind of worried to order again as I really don’t want my son to have a pink toothbrush!

Lakeisha Posey, CA

Great toothbrush

My son would not open for first foothbrush my husband bought while waiting for this one in the mail. It was blue for my boy si that was good. This one he loves and chews a bit in te gum bite end.

Sylvia Mc Gregor, IA

Pink for a boy

Love the toothbrush, but took a gamble that I might get the pink for my son and lost. Still it is a great toothbrush! The brush head is the perfect size and it has rubber up around it to protect your children’s gums. Also, the handle is long and flexible. I would order it again even though we got the pink. I wish you could pick the color.

Angelia Grove City, OH

Great for baby

We got this because our son had some of his teeth come in and it is best to brush them with cold water and also form the habit for babies and kids from a young age to do so. This is lightweight and now we put it in our son’s mouth and he moves it around himself. He needs help aiming and making sure he doesn’t try to swallow it, but it does a great job and the bristles are holding up quite well. A must have baby health item.

Elena Versailles, IL

Great first toothbrush

My 1 year old loves brushing her teeth with this toothbrush. Whenever she sees it, she gives a big smile, grabs it from me and proceeds to munch on the brush. I like that it’s very long, the bristles are soft and it’s easy for little ones to hold.

Natalia Dwight, IL

Happy Toddler

I heard great things about this toothbrush so I decided to give it a try. My two-year-old daughter LOVES it. She asks me to use this toothbrush numerous times throughout the day. She wasn’t too happy to use her previous one. I will be purchasing another one next month!

Concepcion Lexington, SC

Bristles Fall Out of the Toothbrush Head

There are several things I like about this toothbrush, such as the length of the handle, the comfortable grip, and the bright colors. However, on every toothbrush we’ve used the bristles have fallen out after just a couple months of use. When it first happened, I thought it was a fluke. I threw away the second toothbrush in the pack (mine was a multi-pack) as a precaution and purchased a second toothbrush from a pack of one. After a couple of weeks, this toothbrush lost another bristle from the head! This is clearly a problem that needs to be addressed, and I no longer feel safe cleaning my baby’s teeth with brushes from this company.

Valeria Beaver Falls, PA

great for a first toothbrush

My daughter loves this toothbrush. She is one and can grip it well on her own. She reaches for it all the time.

Lorie South Jamesport, NY

Meets our needs

BPA free and a good length for our 8 month old to hold (she likes to help). She really likes the gum massager side. I recommend ordering more than one if your little one likes to help. Our first one got flung into a sink of soapy dirty water and we couldn’t find the same one in a local store. Baby thinks the other one we got is very lame. We have more of this one on the way. I don’t care what color it is, she’s not wearing it.

Mona Weir, MS

Perfect brush

This brush has a good feel in both the bristles and the handle. Daughter enjoys brushing time without too much chewing. Solid buy.

Elba Los Alamos, NM


This was a nice toothbrush when my son was around 12 mths old. Now at 20 mths, it just seems too small. He hates having his teeth brushed so I had to get a toothbrush with a bigger head. I need something that will brush those teeth fast! This toothbrush head is so small, it takes too long to get to all of the teeth.

Latanya Center Lovell, ME

Perfect for little ones

Used this as a teether for my son. Once his teeth broke through we worked on brushing our teeth and the little brush head was perfect for his tiny teeth, while the gummy end was great for soothing his gums. I got blue, but would not have cared what color I received.

Lawanda Cleveland, MS

10 months old and LOVES brushing her teeth

We love this toothbrush. After her last nurse of the night before bed I say "are you ready to brush your teeth?" and she gives a huge smile. When we get to the bathroom, she looks for the toothbrush and opens her mouth as she sees me coming towards her with it. She only has two teeth so far, but I wanted her to get used to the feeling of it now. GREAT toothbrush for baby.

Earlene Lockhart, SC

a toothbrush

this is a toothbrush with small head. Baby likes to chew it and hold it. Now seeing the utility of having one for baby to hold while i brush his teeth with another (same manufacturer has a 2 pack). At present, my 15 mobth old wants nothing to do with me brushing his teeth with this. We have better luck with gauze on my finger but it is still difficult.

Fran Mechanicsville, VA

Perfect for my 20 month old!

I love this product! It doesn’t have the guard on it to prevent your toddler from pushing the tooth brush too far back, but it has a wide enough handle that you can hold it at the same time as your toddler does. I hold onto it while my daughter brushes her teeth. The size and durability of the bristles is ideal because my daughter is still teething. My Pediatrician was very impressed with the product and agreed that she would recommend it to other parents who are actively training their children to brush their teeth. I’m not sure how my Pediatrician knows this, but I take her word when she tells me that teething not only causes sore swoolen gums, but the gums can also itch. This product provided not only clean teeth and great hygiene practice, but also relieved teething pain. I recommended this product to all of my friends at daycare where my daughter goes.

Earline La Villa, TX

My son loves this toothbrush!

My son loves this toothbrush! He likes to brush his teeth (tooth, actually) with me every morning. We received a pink one, but that didn’t matter to us.

Rosanne Charlotte, VT

Great for little hands

The long handle is good for the parents to use and also for the babies to hold without having to worry that it’s a choking hazard. Both of my kids have loved these brushes, especially since they can also chew and suck on the rubbery ends. You don’t get to pick the color, but I don’t care about that. I’ve ordered these a few times and have received pink ones and blue ones so far.

Leticia Black Hawk, SD

14 month old enjoys brushing teeth!

Our baby girl, from the moment we put this in her mouth, liked getting her teeth brushed. Of course, she wants to do it herself, which we do after we do a quick brush first. She loves to chew on the tongue cleaner, especially because her molars are coming in. The bristles are not popping out, in spite of her chewing. Overall, I’m pretty impressed by it. I will buy a new one soon.

Jaime Rolfe, IA

Fun First Toothbrush

My daughter likes brusing her two small teeth. She ‘helps’ me by grabbing onto the extra-long handle. Great trainer for your baby’s new teeth!

Kristin West Sacramento, CA

Good first toothbrush

This was my daughter’s first toothbrush – we needed the long handle because she was chomping on our fingers. Nothing too special here. She’s only 13 months now, but she insists on brushing her own teeth. Now we need a shorter handled brush that she can use herself. Loving the Nuk toddler brush!NUK Toddler Rest Easy Toothbrush, Color May Vary

Liza Republic, WA