Mamas & Papas Baby Snug

Mamas & Papas Baby Snug

Baby Snug is loved by moms around the world. Baby’s first two stage seat providing stability and support inside and outside. The first stage seat is suitable from 3-12 months and can be used with or without the tray. Remove Baby Snug’s seat insert to convert the infant positioner into a second stage seat suitable 12 months + and can also be used with or without the tray. Baby Snug is ergonomically designed to provide support and comfort for your baby giving you time to sit and relax. The seat has an extra wide base for great stability, is easy to wipe clean, lightweight and portable, perfect when you’re on the move and suitable for inside and outside use. Please note that Baby Snug must not be used on uneven or raised surfaces, and we recommend that you never leave your child unattended whilst they are using the Baby Snug. Suitable from 3 months to 18 months approx.

Main features

  • Baby’s first floor support seat that adjusts as your baby grows.just remove the soft seat insert and Baby Snug will last as your baby grows.
  • Excellent stability with extra wide base and ergonomically designed to provide back support and comfort for your baby.
  • Easy to wipe clean and lightweight makes the baby chair perfect when you are on the move inside or outside giving you time to sit down too.
  • 3 months+
  • Size approx: H: 9.8″, W: 16.9″, D: 16.9″, Tray height: 7″ approx.Weight: 3.7lbs

Verified reviews


Contains Flame Retardant Coating

I was going to purchase this seat until I thankfully found another review posted under the Teal version of this chair, which discloses that the reviewer contacted the company and discovered it has a synthetic flame retardant coating. To read the review, see it here:Mamas & Papas Baby Snug – Teal. I have re posted it below for those for whom this would be a concern.ThePrince Lionheart bebePOD Flex Baby Seat, Mintis an award-winning, non-toxic alternative with no flame retardant coating.Lucy’s Review, entitled What Is the Baby Snug Made Out Of?:I am very concerned about product toxicity for my baby. So I contacted Mamas and Papas directly regarding what the Baby Snug was made out of. I could not find this information anywhere including the box it came in. Mamas and Papas were very prompt about e-mailing back in a timely manner. Here are the two e-mail responses I received from Nicola and Anna respectively.E-mail Response #1″The Baby Snug does not contain PVC or any polycarbonate or Bisphenol A. It is made of PU and PP/PA. It does not contain lead or have any lead coatings i.e lead paint.”E-mail Response #2″PU (Polyurethane) is the soft colored seat pad. PP is Polypropylene and PA is Polyamide (Nylon) which is what the seat shell is made from. As this seat is for indoor use, all parts have a flame retardant coating to comply with regulations.”This looks like a neat product, but I am not comfortable with my child being seated on flame retardant that can cause a host of health issues and for this reason, I give the product two stars. Perhaps one day the product will not be made with flame retardant.

Kimberley Onaga, KS

Good but bulky

This is a good seat and it’s nice and sturdy, my daughter loves to sit up so it works well for her. The design is sturdy because of the base getting wider at the bottom so it won’t tip over. This is a great feature but it makes it very awkward to pick up, even with two hands – there’s nowhere to grasp it so I find myself having to tip it to one side so I can get my hands underneath. I have to put my daughter down somewhere to move it from room to room. The tray is nice but it’s not very easy or quick to put on and you have to make sure that their hands aren’t in the way or you will pinch them. I do like that we can take out the foam colored portion when she’s older so we can get more use out of it.I just got back from a visit with my parents who have the Bumbo seat and I like it a lot better. The Bumbo is made of hard foam so you can carry it with one hand but it’s also safe and sturdy … it’s also quite a bit cheaper. In hindsight I wish we’d have gotten the Bumbo.*** edit: 12/20/2011 — after reading online about how some kids have fallen out of the Bumbo and hurt themselves because it is less sturdy & prone to tipping, I’m glad we have this one. I think the chance of it tipping over is virtually impossible, however I guess a child could flip out of anything if they bend right ***

Jenny West Point, TX

Wide and hard base => harder to tip over

I choose this baby seat over the Bumbo one because it has a hard and wider base, making it almost impossible to tip over (well, also because it looks so much nicer than the Bumbo one). Many reviewers for the Bumbo seat said their babies tipped over in the seat. That is a big NO NO for me. Besides, if I buy the Bumbo one I’ll need to pay extra to get a table.[Update] A few months after I wrote the review above, my baby started using a Bumbo seat at daycare. My baby was petite size and the Bumbo seat didn’t fit her that well. For some reason her body was always slided to one side. I ended up leaving my Baby Snug at daycare so that my baby can sit better during meal time.Note that the Bumbo seat is lighter and is easier to move around with one hand. When I was holding my baby, it’s not that easy to carry a Baby Snug seat with one hand. I hope they would have added a handle somewhere on the seat.

Ines Bainbridge, PA

Great Product

This seat turned out perfect for my 5.5 month old…she has bigger thighs, so Bumbo seat would not have worked…also the seat grows with the child, you can pull the raspberry insert out. I have to admit the tray is not great, another reviewer complained about this…mine is not very secure either….but she hates the tray so it wasn’t a problem for me. She is very secure in the seat, which is a relief (she can’t tip out or over, however she is around 19 pounds, which makes a difference)…I don’t walk away from her in it…it’s just nice to know its sturdy and designed well. I like the seat because she is still a supported sitter and it supports her nicely, we can play and read from the seat, I usually lay her on the blanket or carry her and do this, so it is a nice change!

Tracey Norcatur, KS

Fun seat before baby can sit unsupported

Once my baby had good head control I put her in this seat, at first she would only sit in it for a few minutes at a time and now at 5 months she’ll play with her toys in it for a good 10 minutes or more which is long considering babies attention span. The seat supports her back well and accommodates her little chunky thighs (she is barely 14 pounds at 5 months and her legs were too big for the bumbo!)

Ruby Skanee, MI

LOVE! So much better than Bumbo!

My four month old was frustrated…too young yet for the exersaucer and too old to just be on her back all the time. I ran to Babies R Us to get a Bumbo chair. My son hated the Bumbo, but I thought my daughter may like it anyway. Then, I saw this chair and fell in love. The Mommas and Papas chair is roomier, comes with the tray (which is easily put on and taken off, unlike the Bumbo), and it doesn’t look like my little baby’s legs are being squished in an artificial way to help her uncomfortably sit up prematurely. My daughter is actually quite comfortable and this chair has given her an opportunity to sit up even though she can’t on her own. Plus, my daughter is big. Long and chunky. The Bumbo looked like it was squeezing all of her. I couldn’t imagine my little one being able to use the Bumbo very long.AND, my 2.5 year old LOVES to remove the pink part of the seat and sit in the chair in front of the TV with the tray on. He fits beautifully too (at 33 pounds).This chair has been a SUPER buy. It’s a play space AND a feeding chair. My son has yet to give up his high chair, but who wants a whole other BIG chair taking up space in my kitchen??!! This chair solved that problem. It’s truly a fabulous seat.Easy to pick up, easy to use, roomy and priced right. GET IT. I can’t imagine not having this chair. LOVE.

Ina Union Hill, NY

Great chair – but check prices first

I can’t believe a vendor is selling this for $99.99 (well, actually, I can.. it’s Amazon.). This is a great chair. I bought it as opposed to the Bumbo because my daughter has bigger thighs. This one looks like it will grow well with her as the pink part pops out. You can rinse it clean. It has never come close to tipping with a wide base. I am glad I spent the money on it instead of Bumbo. Got mine at Toys R Us.

Karla Greenville, IL

Needs a handle!

I’m really not sure why anyone needs this. I got it because I feel like all kids have some sort of baby seat and as a new mother, my kid had to have one too, so I got one. I chose this one because it’s not the Bumbo (which, after all the product recalls, I don’t know why they even still sell them! One recall, fine. But I believe there have been multiple recalls (2007, 2012) because kids have CRACKED THEIR SKULLS! WHAT?!)We got this when my daughter was about 4 months old and I put her in it a couple times for fun, but never really had a reason to use it. She eats at the table in her highchair and if she’s not eating, she’s sleeping or playing.Now, we are using it, but only at both grandmas houses for meals and snack time and it’s been great. My daughter can lift the base a little by pushing off with her feet, but there’s no way it’ll topple over. She also started lifting the tray…she can’t remove it completely though.Since it gets transported so often (even just around the house), I wish there was a cut out handle at the back of the seat near the top so that I could easily pick it up without the tray and seat insert falling out. I often have to do things one handed because i have the baby in one arm and the only way I can lift and carry it is by gripping the middle piece under the tray or wedging it up and getting my fingers underneath the base (which sometimes requires putting the baby down and I still have to hold it so that it’s upright or else the insert falls out!); Either way, it’s not very easy 🙁 It needs a handle!

Karla Gratis, OH

Baby loves it!

Our 5-month old loves this baby seat and so do we! It’s a great alternative to the other seats out there.There are other seats, such as bebePod and the Bumbo, that seem to be more known and popular but this one is our choice over both. The base of the seat is made of plastic with a nice texture rather the foam used in the Bumbo or the shiny plastic of the bebePod. The seat looks great and won’t suffer from chunks of foam missing like the Bumbo as it ages. It also has rubber feet on the bottom to keep it from scratching our hardwood floors. We often pick up the seat loaded with our child and it’s easy to move around.Our child is on the small side but this seat with is still able to sit upright. With time, the insert will come out and I suspect this will last for awhile. The insert is a nice, textured rubber that doesn’t feel cheap. The tray is easily removable and is not only great for food but also for toys. For safety, the rigid "crotch" piece (their words, not ours) keeps a child from falling out. The tray adds another layer of protection.Our friends turned us on to this brand–great find!

Alice Denver, CO

Someone gave it to us – we now give it to new parents

Love this portable high chair!My husband and I had very high goals of using our dining room table to eat once our daughter was born.Cut to actual life where you are inhaling your food while it is warm and tag teaming with your partner to feed the kid simultaneously.We put this on the table and she eats next to us.If it’s a messy meal, we all eat on the ground together and it is really easy to feed her.This is great to take with us to the grandparents house because it fits anywhere!

Lakesha West Salem, IL

perfect for my twins

This was the only chair that fits my baby girls chunky thighs. It’s very sturdy so my twins can’t tip over while on it and I love that it’s cushioned (as compared to the hard plastic backing and seat with most other chairs). Was definitely great to have around when my babies were still unsteady with sitting up. Now at seven months, they’re definitely stronger so we use this chair to keep them in one place while we’re running errands. I also love the neutral brown color of this chair (since it was for my twin boy and girl).

Juana West Kennebunk, ME

The seat to pick

Not sure why there are any complaints with this seat. I have been looking for a seat for my 4 month old son. I was able to test out the Bumbo, 3 stage seat, and one other that my sisters have for their children. I bought the Mamas & Papas seat at Babies R Us for $59.99 and they gave me a $10.00 gift card for purchasing the seat. Most seats are around $40-$50 and what is an extra $10.00 for the safety of your child. I also bought this seat for my 6 month old nephew. Not sure why there are complaints about the tray. It is easy enough for me to get it off but not my nephew. He tries to get the tray off but it doesn’t budge. I think some people are not reading the directions. You are suppose to remove the tray from the side on the bottom of the seat. Not where the tray is. It comes off in one piece. This seat fits my 4 month old son and 6 month old nephew perfectly. It is safe because of its wide bottom and it’s easy to carry around with my son in my arms.

Robyn Curryville, PA

Love it!

I received this chair has a Christmas gift for my then 3 month old baby boy. I had researched a few of the infant positioners out on the marker and loved that this had the flexibility of growing with the child. The leg “holes” are also much more comfortable and less constructing than other versions and the tray is included! We also have the add on toy tray which we purchased separately and my baby’s eyes light up when he sees it coming. We keep the seat in the kitchen and use it primarily for feeding him and when we aren’t feeding him we attach the toy option to the tray and he can play while I prepare dinner or do dishes etc.

Lynn Wyocena, WI