Mamas & Papas Juice Highchair

Mamas & Papas Juice Highchair

Juice. More than just a highchair, from high chair to low chair, Juice highchair converts into a junior chair meaning it grows with your child and can be used for many years. Juice is a vibrant, modern and unique design with an ultra soft molded one piece seamless seat pad providing the ultimate in comfort and support for your baby and easy wipe clean for you. The tray can be removed enabling your child to join the family at the dinner table for mealtimes in the highchair. Once your child can sit or stand unaided you will be able to cover the high chair into a toddler chair for play time. The highchair has a five point harness and crotch post for added safety which can be removed when converted into the low chair. Suitable from 6 months (when your child can sit unaided) to 3 years approx.

Main features

  • 2-in-1 function so child can join the family at mealtimes in highchair, or relax in junior chair as they grow
  • Adjustable safety harness keeps baby secure
  • Easy to clean with a one piece seamless removable seat pad Juice
  • Highchair weighs approximately 13 lbs and measures 35″ H x 28″ W x 24″. Tray height is approximately 30″.
  • Five point safety harness and crotch post for added safety which removes when converted into low chair.

Verified reviews


Hate this Chair with a passion.

I’m usually really good at finding a silver lining but it’s impossible to do with this product. I dislike this chair immensely that I wouldn’t even sell it at my yard sale.First of all, you have to have a chunky baby in order for the straps to stay on the shoulders. My 10 month old daughter still cannot sit safely in this chair due to the gigantic straps.Nooks and crannies galore makes this chair a pain in the rear to clean. I have to remove the straps frequently to get everything clean, and even have to remove the padding because somehow any kind of moisture leaches through it. It takes up a ton of room and the back of the chair doesn’t come up high enough. When my daughter gets upset she sometimes throws her head backwards. When she does it in this chair it scares me because I’m afraid she’s going to hurt her neck.Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere, if not, be prepared to be disappointed

Maxine Ithaca, MI

As advert, really like it, but could use a few changes

First, yes, would buy it again. It’s cute and simple and not enormous like many products. It’s wipeable and seems sturdy and durable. Was easy to build as well. It also seems comfy and ergonomic, and we like that it will convert to a chair later.A few gripes:Tray requires two hands to remove.Tray is a little far from baby, would prefer if it were adjustable with a couple notches.The straps are a bit big for my baby who is wearing size 9 & 12 months Carter’s clothing presently. He’s long and lean. the harness at its tightest is still pretty loose. This isn’t as important as I thought, though, so minor problem. It will keep him in.The color of the padding does not match the tray that well, and it is a bit of a dingy 1970s kitchen green. But that’s okay, it’s quirky.The parts to convert to a chair are not attached so you could potentially lose them! Wish there were some on-board storage or something. We will keep the box!Overall we like it and we’d buy it again. It’s a good chair. 🙂

Alyssa Elora, TN

OK, but would not purchase again

This chair is working out OK for one of our babies, but not the other. The good things about it are that it looks nice and the harness is very easy to attach and remove. The bad things are that the straps are really long (which is why our smaller baby cannot use it) and they are positioned very far to the sides so they tend to slide off our larger baby’s shoulders. Also, the tray table is rather far from seat and thus food/toys are always falling into his lap. We purchased a graco blossom for our other baby and do like it more, except that it is a pain to attach that chairs harness.

Marcie Kitts Hill, OH

my son loves this

the moment my son saw this, he liked it a lot!! it was easy to assemble and clean for a mom like me. it doesn’t use a lot of space in our dining area.

Sheri Ames, OK

Needs a few minor tweaks, but very happy with purchase!

We owned the Fisher Price Space Saver high chair when our son was born and quickly realized it was terrible. The tray was huge and clunky and his fingers got caught regularly, it was hard to clean the straps, and there were tons of crevasses for food to get trapped in. Plus, let’s be honest–it was ugly sitting in our kitchen. So, we went in search of a nicer chair.I drooled over the Oxo Tot Sprout and Boon Flair chairs, but just could not justify the price. I settled on the Mamas & Papas Juice high chair in black and have been very happy.Pros:-Great style–blends in with our decor and isn’t obnoxious-Easy to clean–all straps can pop off, even the crotch strap, and be thrown in the wash. They come clean beautifully. The plastic and seat pad can be wiped down with a sponge.-Great size tray–it’s small enough to fit in the dishwasher, but big enough for my kid to eat off of comfortably.-Sturdy–doesn’t tip over, even when our rowdy dog jumps up on it.-Love that it will convert to a toddler chair in the future.-The locking mechanism on the tray is internal, so there’s less of a worry of pinched fingers now.Cons:-Straps are very loose. My son is average sized and 9 months old now, and they are still loose around the shoulders on him.-Tray seems far away from him and it was a bit difficult for him to reach food until recently.-Large “footprint”–the legs of the chair are very wide, which makes it sturdy, but it is easy to trip over.I am very happy with this purchase and would recommend it.

Maryellen Beaver, OK

So good looking!

It just doesn’t look as tacky as a regular high chair. I find it very easy to clean, the straps come in and out easily to clean up the complete chair, but a child would definitely not be able to do it himself and break free, they won’t come undone without trying too, and adult has to do it. It looks sharp, great green color, and I’m sure that it will last my baby girl long enough to take out the lower part of the legs and use it in her little desk! Already recommended it (besides getting positive feedback from anyone who comes over for dinner), and will keep on doing it!

Shirley Carey, TX


While there are some things with this highchair that are annoying or maybe not the most convenient for parents, people really need to remember that nothing out there is perfect. Yes, the straps are pretty useless, no matter how tight or loose you adjust them, they just don’t work. However, the safety straps in highchairs are really only there to ease parents’ (esp. first time parents’) minds. And yes, the tray is farther away from the child than most of the other highchairs on the market but for larger babies, it’s not an issue at all. If it is for you, try putting a bib on the baby to catch the food and drink.I gave this highchair a 5 star rating because when you have more than one child and are running around like a chicken without a head, this highchair is an absolute dream to clean! It was super easy to assemble, it’s very light weight and it takes almost no room up in the living/dining area. The tray is dishwasher safe if you decided to throw it in the dishwasher but to me, it’s not necessary because again, this highchair is a breeze to clean. This also converts into a regular sitting chair for when the child is older and no longer needs a highchair so the $149 price tag evens out. If you’re a mother/father of more than one and time is a luxury then get this chair! It’s a total time-saver and you’ll be glad that you did! Way to go Mamas&Papas;!

Camilla Hooper Bay, AK