Mamas & Papas Pixi High Chair

Mamas & Papas Pixi High Chair

The Mamas and Papas Pixi highchair in Apple color is our smallest folding highchair that’s freestanding when folded into a slim compact position. Great if you want to store away between meal times. The Pixi Highchair is suitable for babies ages 6 months (or when your child can sit up unaided) to 3 years. The Mamas & Papas Pixi Highchair in Apple color features: A removable tray that stores at the front of the highchair and allows baby to pull up closer to the table at dinner times Adjustable five point safety harness for added security Soft molded seat that cushions babyMamas & Papas is Britain’s favorite baby brand for 30 years we have brought parents and babies the very best in innovative design, style and comfort.Legal Statements: This and all items from Mamas & Papas are excluded from all promotions and discounts except where otherwise noted on product detail pages.

Main features

  • Our smallest folding high chair that’s freestanding when folded into a slim compact position. Great if you want to store away between meal times
  • Pulls up to the table at mealtimes, just remove the tray and clip to the front of the high chair legs to keep neatly stored but still at hand when not in use
  • Easy to wipe clean, the Pixi high chair includes a removable tray
  • Age: from 6 months or when your child can sit unaided – 3 years approx.
  • Mamas & Papas is big on style, small on space

Verified reviews


Best High Chair

I looked at a lot of highchairs. I knew what I wanted and this was pretty much all in one…it folded up, it wiped clean easily and it was safe. I didn’t even need the instructions to put it together (just a few small clicks and it was ready). My daughter (almost 10 months) is happy in it and loves it. She’s comfortable and it’s a cinch to buckle her in and get her out. Highly recommended to anyone who wants a clean, nice looking safe and compact high chair.

Blanca Kennedy, AL

Almost perfect

I must’ve tried out 6 different highchairs. All I wanted was a highchair that was easy to store, easy to clean and had a tray that sat relatively close to the baby. I never tried out the joovy or the valco because all the reviews said the tray was far away from the baby and lots of food dropped down. I tried the quickfold which was SO heavy and bulky the convenience of storing it was negated by it’s size. The evenflo modern highchair was large as well and didn’t fold up small enough. My final picks were this and the evenflo compact fold highchair. I loved everything about the compact highchair. It was super lightweight, super compact to store, and cute. However, the cover was not washable and the material seemed very porous. I finally settled on this chair. The pixi folds up flat but is pretty tall when folded. It is also heavier than the compact fold but folds and unfolds easily. The winning feature of this highchair over all the others is that it is so easy to clean. Everything just wipes down. I like the harness and the tray sits nice and close to baby. It’s also a very stylish chair. I deducted one star because it’s a bit heavier than I had hoped (but not overly so) and I could not for the life of me get the front legs to snap in. The directions are also ridiculous as they are just pictures. No words. Not helpful.

Carlene Justice, IL

Great chair for Grandma’s House

We got this high chair for Grandma’s house, so it won’t be used everyday but it works great for all the things we need it for. It does fold up flat for storage. It’s really easy to clean and it’s very modern looking. It works great for what we need it for. The only complaint I have is that the tray is too large. It’s hard to wash and doesn’t fit in the dishwasher. It’s also so big my little 8 month old has a hard time seeing what’s all on it to eat and he can’t reach the far part of the tray to get that food. The tray also isn’t adjustable, so my son does drop things in his lap.

Marguerite Centerton, AR

Compact, lightweight, easy to clean, modern looking

I am really happy with my purchase of this highchair. This highchair is compact and folds almost flat and is free standing when folded. The material wipes down clean and the straps all come off and can be thrown into the washing machine for cleaning along with other laundry items. the chair is modern looking and not an eyesore in my dining area. It does not have wheels but I don’t care about it as much. The chair does have a few drawbacks though:1) the tray is not adjustable and my 9 month old daughter does have to lean a bit forward to grab her finger food off the tray. The bad part is her pincer grasp is still developing so she ends up dropping the peas (on her way to her mouth) in the gap between the tray. I have had to buy her a bib with a pocket(baby bjorn bib) so as to minimize the mess.2) The leg rest is a joke until the baby’s legs can reach itOtherwise this chair is perfect and just what I was looking for! Happy with my purchase!

Sandy Sparks Glencoe, MD

womp womp

This chair is really small and does not recline back at all. It would be good for grandma’s house or shore house and for babies who are sitting unassisted but not that great for at home frequent use. It does fold up better than most other chairs so if you have a tiny space it could be good for you. I can’t see this chair fitting my son when he is a year old since he is just 5 months now and already looks too big for it. It looks nice and it wipes clean easily but not that functional. I wanted to love this but it just isn’t happening.

Mae Madisonville, KY