Manhattan Toy Bababall Rattle

Manhattan Toy Bababall Rattle

A wonderful addition to our award winning and research proven baby collection, the bababallfeatures rattle, ribbon tags, vivid colors and black and white patters. All proven elements to encourage and stimulate baby to engage in the world around them.

Main features

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  • Features research proven color and black and white to stimulate baby
  • Satin ribbons offer wonderful texture for baby
  • Made of soft velour
  • Inspires energetic play
  • Surface washable

Verified reviews


Baby still loves ball at 9 months old

She’s loved this ball since birth. The colors are interesting for her to look at, she likes the jingle bells inside the interior ball, the feel of the ribbons (which she likes to chew on). She would kick and bat it when she was little, and now she grabs and chews. She loves when I throw it up in the air and roll it to her, and some day soon she will roll it back. This has been a favorite toy of hers.

Kathie Olalla, WA

My LO LOVES this!

I really like this ball/rattle. It makes a soft jingly noise that my LO one loves. The ribbon tags are very satiny and the colored lines of the ball are a soft felt-like material. The black/white lines are a different kind of fabric that is screen printed. They feel a little sticky to me and that is the only thing I don’t love about it. This ball is about the size of large grapefruit so it’s not a tiny, but it is lightweight and very easy for little hands to grasp.

Vera Locust Hill, VA


my 3mo old son likes looking at it. His hands are still too small to grip it, but he was having a great time balancing it on his feet while sitting in him chair.

Francis Ventress, LA

Just ok ball

First of all I totally agree with Michelle D review who also gave this ball 3 stars. Yes it is beautiful, yes it is well made, BUT it is a little big for infant hands. My 8 month baby only sucks the ribbons then shake it for few seconds, and thats it. But when i play with it and throw it in the air, she smiles to me, or to the ball, I don’t know really. I prefer this toy to 6-7 old baby and above.

Barbara Brownsville, MD

Okay Ball

Okay so it’s beautifully made, colors are vibrant, and it’s easy for my 5 month old to grab onto it but I gave it 3 stars because of the price. I knew I was taking a chance on buying such and expensive toy for my son to love or to ignore. The one thing he does like are the ribbon extensions to chew on but they move to the inside where he’s just to little to figure out how to take them out. If they were sewn into place it would of been better. For the same price I’ll get the big Oball.

Joanne West Leisenring, PA

Easy for little hands to grasp

Colorful, lightweight, and easy for a 6-month-old baby to hold and play with. It’s sturdy and looks like it will last well.

Jana College Springs, IA