Manhattan Toy Dress Up Princess

Manhattan Toy Dress Up Princess

Manhattan Toy Dress Up Princess

Main features

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  • Aides in the development of fine motor skills and encourages dressing yourself
  • Comes with a butterfly friend
  • Made of soft, surface washable fabrics
  • Stimulate and nurture your child’s imagination

Verified reviews


Nice idea, but lacking

I wanted a masculine doll for my son to learn how to use buttons and zippers, etc. Mostly the doll is a good idea, but the manipulatives are disappointing. I feel like only a skilled user (adult or older child) can manage most of the processes; for example the button in terribly tight for the hole, the shoe lace is too safe as short, thick cord was used. the zipper on the shoe and the Velcro on the sash are the only things my son has managed. Other than that, he’s a boy and if it doesn’t have wheels, it’s not interesting, so he’s not going to spend time with the doll, anyway. He is going to learn these skills by practising them with his clothes in everyday life.

Frieda Stony Run, PA

Amazing toy for kids beginning to dress themselves!

This toy is so cute and the fact that it’s a pirate just makes my son love it all the more! A great toy for kids starting to get dressed and use buttons, snaps, zippers, and laces. It’s much bigger than I thought it would be, which is definitely a plus for little fingers. I’d say it’s probably about a foot tall from top to bottom. It’s machine washable so whenever it’s dropped in dirt or smudged, you can just throw it in the washer and it’s good as new! Love the pirate theme, it’s different than what most kids have, and works great for a boy or a girl.

Laurie Stoneville, NC

Cute doll for boys, but not a great learning tool

I was stoked at finding a doll for my son that was cute, simple, and “boyish” enough! This pirate is very cute, except for the ridiculous shedding parrot on his arm. But, don’t buy it because of the “learning to dress yourself” application of it. It has one large button which works ok, but the zipper is tough for my 23 month old to pull, and the buckle is just velcro (which others have stated). The shoe laces could be helpful, but we haven’t gotten to that yet. Just buy it because it’s a cute, soft, great “doll” option for a boy.

Lucy Goldfield, IA

It was different

Loved it it wasnt the same o same o. The price was not to bad for being different Love it a whole lot! Yes we will be telling friends and family about it and where.

Rebecca Moriarty, NM

Great Educational Toy!

This pirate is fantastic! It’s soft and squishy so kids love to hug or play with it and it’s parrot friend. Plus it teaches important skills when it comes to dressing themselves. What else could you ask for?

Fanny Tazewell, VA


put tis as a topper of a diaper cake so cute and soft, just be sure to let mommy to be that it is sutable for i think 18 months and up and mayb put it up high until its time to add to the play things for baby!

Martha Conda, ID

Wonderful Dress Up Doll and Friend

Our daughter received this doll from Santa this year for Christmas, at 20 months. And she has loved her since she opened her. Her daddy helped her name the doll Princess Kate, and now she is a part of the family. She goes everywhere. Our daughter sleeps with her, and carries her all over the place. It is also a great toy for learning dressing tasks. I had a similar doll when I was young, though not as cute! Our daughter is already able to do several of the tasks – zipper, snap, button, and velcro. The shoe tying will come in time! This princess was slightly bigger than I expected her to be when she arrived, but that’s a positive thing. I would highly recommend this princess for other little girls.

Gayla Dannemora, NY

Fun Pirate Stuffed Toy

This is such a cute little toy! The pirate is very cute and can be used to learn how to tie laces, etc.

Roberta Sanders, MT