Manhattan Toy Go Push Toy, Puppy

Manhattan Toy Go Push Toy, Puppy

Press it down and watch it go. The press and go doggy is the perfect tool to support gross motor development in crawlers and walkers. The easy -to-grasp doggy speeds across the floor with one simple push. Just press down on the center of the doggy and let it go.

Main features

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  • Easy-to-grasp
  • Washing instructions: Wipe down with lukewarm water and a mild soap; Do not submerge in water
  • Item dimensions: 7″L x 4″W x 7″H

Verified reviews


Love this toy

Love this toy! It rolls away and make baby crawl to get it! Very child friendly, I would gift this to a crawler!

Kendra Saluda, VA

Great for Little Hands and Developing Coordination as Well as Being Safe

I gave this toy to my grandson Gabriel, and as I write this, he is about 20 months old. The way that this toy works is that when you push down on the back of the toy, it will automatically roll across the floor. It is great for hand coordination for little ones, and Gabriel found it to be very entertaining. He didn’t quite get the concept of pushing down on it to make it go across the floor. With practice I am sure he will master it even though he was content to simply push it across the floor.One of the best things about this toy besides its entertainment value is the fact that it’s also very durable. It won’t break under the pressure of being played with by little ones. In fact, it’s so sturdy that you could probably throw it at the wall and it wouldn’t break (I didn’t try it. I just believe this is possible.) Because it is so sturdy, you don’t have to worry about it breaking and the having your child put the pieces in his/her mouth. Although there are moving parts, your child won’t get pinched pushing down on it, and you also don’t have to worry about the wheels coming off and going in your child’s mouth.This is an excellent toy for a toddler. Lots of fun and very entertaining.

Aurora Highfalls, NC

Babies will follow this super cute dog

This toy is easy to hold and use for little ones who are learning to crawl or walk. By simply pushing down the center of the puppy, he easily rolls over floors encouraging babies to follow him. The carpet in our home is low pile and this rolls easily on it, so I’m not sure how easily it moves with high pile carpet. This sweet toy is a great gift, whether you’re giving or receiving, I definitely recommend it.

June Mack, CO

Bound to be a favorite!

I first fell in love with the Manhattan Toy Company when we discovered Groovy Girl Dolls. They have an amazing ability to create toys that kids and parents love. Their toys are also of very good quality and safe.On top of my brand loyalty to Manhattan Toys, I also love any toy that can move without batteries and this is no exception. Our kids are the same way, the favorite dump truck and cars have always been the one that you can drag backwards and then propel themselves forward on their own. On top of the great function, we absolutely love the cuteness factor of the push puppy. The safety factor is also high on our list, and the puppy is set up so that the child’s hand with be far from the hinge mechanism.As far as we are concerned, this little puppy is a slam dunk hit. We love it!

Rosalind Hadar, NE

Good Gift for Small Toddlers

I have a 14 month old who digs this toy. There is not much too it, push down on the back of the puppy and he zooms. But there is something to be said for a colorful, relatively quiet and battery-free toy. The Toy Go Push Toy Puppy encourages movement and my little one can operate it independently.

Allie Niland, CA

Not the best toy if all you have is carpet.

This is a basic, lightweight and fun little toy for my almost toddler. She holds on to it and pushes it around when crawling sometimes. It doesn’t move well or at all on carpet but it moves great on tile or wood floors. We play mostly on carpet so the only way to really move it around is pushing and spinning the wheels. She likes it but finds it doesn’t really interested her all the time since it is a hard plastic with no great chewy bits.

Augusta Zionsville, PA

Toddlers love to chase after it

This is the standard "push it down and they go" toy – there are a bunch out there like it. What I like about this one is that it feels a lot sturdier than some of the other we have. It also has longer legs than most, and it goes a lot further. It’s a little tough for a young child (I tested this on my 15 month old) to push down to get it to go, but when it does (either started by her or me), she loves it.

Flora Concan, TX

Good durable toy but my child wasn’t very enchanted with it.

This toy is very cute but doesn’t seem to hold the attention of my youngest. She is 1 and is about the right age but just doesn’t seem very intrigued with this toy. Functionally, it works well. When depressed it does "shoot" forward rather quickly for a toy. It is durable as it has been chewed on and banged around. It may be because most of her toys play music that she isn’t as enthused with this one.

Chasity Mount Joy, PA

Simple, yet entertaining

Great, simple, well made, little toy! Works just as stated. Push down on the puppy’s back and watch him take off. No batteries, no noise, no flashing lights, no volume to control: PERFECT!Although, my 5 month old does not have the coordination to play with this yet, he enjoys tracking the puppy’s movement across the floor. My 8 year old really likes it too. He was measuring how far it would roll across different floor surfaces (tile, carpet, concrete, etc…), all while entertaining his little brother!

Concetta Green Valley Lake, CA

Get Along, Little Doggie!

This is a fun toy for babies and those who play with them. You do have to push down on the little hound to make it move. You can roll it to the baby, which is always good for baby laughs. It works well on hard wood floors and on carpets as well. Luckily, it isn’t noisy. As the baby grows and develops more strength, you and the baby can have lots of fun push-rolling it to one another. The adorable little hound with the cheerful face is sure to be a hit. Good for early motor development.

Cindy Greeley, KS

Many things could make this toy better

I’ve purchased Manhattan Toys before and have generally been very happy with them. This toy is no exception.This toy is well designed, and will work on hardwood, tile, and carpeted floors. I don’t have super plush carpet, but I think this will probably work on most carpets as long as it isn’t shag. The toy is hard to push down to get it to go, and is one of the things that I wish were better, but you can push it and it will roll without using the spring mechanism which is what my little ones do when they play with it by themselves.I love that it rolls at a nice easy pace, so if it runs into something (walls, baseboards, furniture) you don’t have to worry about it leaving a mark/dent. I also love that it doesn’t make noise, and doesn’t take batteries. I think kids today can sometimes be overstimulated with all of the flashing lights and sounds that a lot of toys make. This toy holds their attention just as long, if not longer than most. My 7 year old niece loves playing with this and getting it go for her younger 10 mos old sister. The 10 mos old can’t take her eyes off of it when it’s moving. She follows it around with her eyes, and crawls after it as well.Overall it’s a hit, but I am trying to transition away from toys that don’t say that they are BPA, phthalates, PVC free. Especially when they are made in China. I wish this toy was made of plastic like the Green Toys brand are, or even better made of wood that was non toxic. Since the packaging didn’t say it was "free" of these chemicals I can only assume that it’s possible that they do contain them and that does worry me. Finally, it’s doesn’t have frustration free packaging :(Because it’s hard to push down for a child, and I don’t know if the plastic is toxic or not I had to give it three stars even though the kiddos enjoy playing with it.

Elisha Eastlake, CO

Really Scoots on the Right Surface.

This is a cute little dog. You push down on the top and his legs wind go out and propell him forward.My kids love driving our real dogs insane with it. It really goes far on our hardwood floors. Our 9 month old doesn’t seem very interested in playing with it yet, but the 2 year old thinks its pretty cool. It looks well built and has withstood kid abuse so far.

Dianne New Columbia, PA

Fun toy.

Fun toy, it works best if on wood floor, but it will work on short carpet. I have a bit of a shag to my carpet and it moved a little bit, works better than any other toy that rolls on it own. I also used it on short carpet and it work just fine, but it goes the farthest on wood. Just push the dogs butt down, let go and watch it speed away. My 16 month old loves it. The puppy is very easy for my son to handle, easy to hold on to. When you push the dog down, the toy goes a pretty far distant, great for my son to chase. I can see this as a good toy for beginner crawlers too.

Katherine Katy, TX

Batteries not required

This toy is really cute. I love that it is spring powered and doesn’t need batteries. You push the puppy down and release, and off he goes. This works kind of like the pull and release toys from my childhood, except it’s more sturdy because you can’t pull it back too much and over wind the mechanism.My daughter is 17 months and hasn’t figured out how to push the puppy down to make it go herself, but she does pick it up and roll it around. A friend’s little boy came over, he is about 3, and he couldn’t figure out how to make it go either. I’m sure given a little more time, he would have been able to figure it out. I agree with others that it is a little hard to push down, but I think she will figure it out before too long. It seems like it’s not just a strength issue, but also a center of gravity issue. She doesn’t instinctively push at the right spot.Overall, very cute toy and nice addition to the toy box.

Essie Winlock, WA

Cute, simple toy

This toy is simple and cute. You press down on the puppy’s back and it goes. Simple as that. I love that it doesn’t require batteries and that it is easy to operate. I was impressed with how well it moved on our carpet.

Valeria Fort Hill, PA

Smaller in Person, Cute Though

This toy is the perfect size for a 1 year old. From the pictures without the scale shown, I thought it was much larger. I was surprised at how small it actually is. It’s a nice fun toy and takes a bit of effort and strength to push down, but the little one seems to enjoy it. It is sturdy feeling and looks very cute. It is entertaining and engaging, but I believe my son will outgrow this very quickly.

Josefa Rising City, NE

This puppy is a simple, toy with a retro-like feel that little ones will love …

This puppy is a throwback to the type of toys I saw when I was a youngster. Simple, yet effective and fun to play with. With a bit of practice, a child can get him whizzing across the floor. He’s also good for a lot of imaginative play. I have an old Snoopy that also has no electronic parts and decades later, he’s still going strong.FEATURES:► Easy-to-grasp► Washing instructions: Wipe down with lukewarm water and a mild soap; Do not submerge in water► Item dimensions: 7″L x 4″W x 7″HSnoopy, of course, has a small leash while this one doesn’t. This puppy will walk himself readily across linoleum or hardwood floors, but won’t do well on carpet. All in all, I do like this retro-like toy and he’s going to be well-loved. One other thing I like is that he’s easy to clean and wipes down readily with a damp cloth.MANHATTAN TOYS:Manhattan Toy Puppy-Go-RoundManhattan Toy Classic and Modern Travel and Play PuppyManhattan Toy Classic and Modern Look at Me Puppy Activity ToyManhattan Toy Baby WhooziManhattan Toy Baby Stella Boy by Manhattan ToyWhoozit Photo AlbumManhattan Toy Natural Skwish RattleManhattan Toy Whoozit Activity SpiralSkwish Color Burst (Boxed)Manhattan Toy Wimmer Ferguson See and Say Book

Carly Deport, TX


This toy is great for children from 6 months – 3 years…it is a great deal of fun and works well with ease…my grandson is 10 months and sat with it for almost an hour….very durable

Helen Burlington, ME

Less push and go for Toddlers

The positives of this toy are that it is well made, cute enough, and requires zero batteries. The downside? The toy is too hard for a toddler to push down and make roll. You have to use more force than what a typical toddler would use. The toy will still work if the child just wants to roll it around, however, that takes out the main concept of this toy.

Justina Rutherford College, NC

Fun Toddler wind up

This is a great, simple toy for a toddler. It’s very easy to use – just press down on the top and it "winds up" and will then "run" across the room. It’s perfect for my toddler who is still developing his finer motor skills. Each time the dog "runs" away, he is truly delighted. The toy is cute and easy to hold. Although made of hard plastic, it is quite durable – my son has thrown it a number of time and no damage has occurred. There are no sharp edges, no easy way for a little one to injure themselves and a great deal of good times. Overall, well worth the purchase price.

Alexandria Elwood, IN

Cute toy idea

I gave this push puppy to my niece who is 14 months old and has several real dogs at her house. She really liked having her own little puppy she could actually play with her way. The toy is quite sturdy and rolls fairly easily. I would recommend using it on the kitchen linoleum or a wood floor for maximum movement. It is a cute and colorful toy for a baby/toddler 1 year to 18 mo or so.

Jeannie Maida, ND

Excellent toy for the price.

It is a real joy to find a toy priced so modestly, which does not require batteries for power, and which works so well. I like the smooth appearance and feel of this toy. It gives a look of quality, and has no sharp edges or protruding parts to poke out an eyeball. A quick push downwards sends it speeding across the floor. The apparent efficiency of it is impressive to me.Our girl is still a week short of 12 months, and has not figured out how to operate the mechanism by herself yet. I’m confident she will very soon, and then have at least something to distract her from mischief as she perfects her walking skills. I think this toy could continue to interest kids, more or less, up to age 7 or more. Haha… it interests me, after all.The only possible negative is, I can’t tell how rugged the axles are. I do worry our child will toss it over the side of her playpen or crib, hitting a wheel on the hard floor and bending or breaking an axle. This has not happened yet, and if it does I will seriously consider buying a replacement because this toy appeals to me very much. I guess in this world of flashy electronic gadgets, it has a simple, almost retro character to it that I like.

Joanna Caledonia, WI

Simple, fun toy for young ones at a right price

"Manhattan Toy Go Push Toy, Puppy" is a simple, fun push-and-go toy; simply press down on its back and watch it go. It’s a good size for little ones, is well made, has a cute look and will zip across the room for five-to-ten feet or so (depending on the surface) with one press; no batteries necessary. If I have one caveat, it does require a little strength to push down on the toy, so it may not be ideal for solo play with very young ones; however, with an adult pressing down on the toy, babies and toddlers will still get a kick out of watching it race across the floor, as my nearly half-year-old son can attest to.Overall, with a very reasonable price, this toy is highly recommended.

Ma West Union, IA

the perfect toy for the early walkers

my nephew is 15 months old and he loves it. He can stand push on the puppy then they are both off. The toy puppy does more what he wants than his real puppy. The pup is holding up well to some rough treatment as my nephew learns to walk. It is much cuter in person than in the photo.

Bonita Caldwell, WV

Fun toy to play with baby

The Manhattan Toy Go Push Toy, Puppy is a fun and easy toy to play with an over nine month old. It takes a bit of strength to push down on it, so I would not recommend it for single playtime with a younger child, though you can push it and aim it at baby to make him/her laugh. I plan on getting the cat, too, and sit across from my grandson and send the cat and dog across the room at each other. It doesn’t work too well on carpeting but works fine on tile and hardwood floor (luckily, this is almost my entire downstairs flooring). I’ve gotten several toys by Manhattan and am impressed with their quality.

Goldie Madison Lake, MN

Great toy for motor skills

I got this push toy for my grandson because it reminded me of the larger inch work riders we had as children that required you to push down in the center of the toy to make it go. Albeit, this one is a fraction of the size of the rider toy, it is perfect for young toddlers to help develop simple motor skills, due to the fact that you have to push down on the center to make it roll forward on its own. It can freely roll by giving it a nudge forward. As well, it doesn’t move super fast, so your toddler can retrieve it quickly, even the crawlers. It’s a cute design made of hard plastic, small enough and well made enough so that when the chewers get tired of pushing it, and decide to gnaw on its nose or wheels, haha, you won’t have to worry about them swallowing anything, granted, that’s not what we want them doing with this toy. All in all, it’s a great little toy to can hold your toddler’s interest for quite some time.

Terrie Logan, IL

Don’t pinch your fingers!

This toy is hard for little ones (even young toddlers) to push down on their own. Once it is pushed down (by me, since neither my baby or toddler can do it) it travels far, but my kids do not seem super excited about it. The main think that I don’t like about this toy is that every time I push it down I feel like I am going to get pinched! My fingers just about got pinched one of the first times I tried it; I worry about little ones getting their fingers hurt! My husband thought the exact same thing. Definitely not my favorite toy.

Araceli Burton, WV

Cute doggy

Sturdy and cute, but our 12 month old is not quite strong enough to push it down and get the moving action on his own. He enjoys us playing with it, but he can’t quite do it himself yet. Seems to be well made, though.

Carmella Yates City, IL

Grandchild Loves It!

This is just a fun toy. Easy to use, fun to watch, and very durable. We got it for our grandchild and he loves to push it down and watch it take off – especially on wood floors. It works every time.Push it down and it goes. No assembly. No problems. Built to last. Have fun!

Cassandra Blountsville, AL

8-10 ft in one push, ideal for a crawler or new walker

Our 13 months old son loves this little toy, more than any other similar toys, the reasons being:- Easy to grip in his little hands- Effort needed in push is not too easy and not too hard. So, he tries to push and it keeps him engaged.And since he is able to push it eventually, the motivation is always there and he just doesn’t leave it after 2-3 tries.- Goes 8-10 ft in one push and goes pretty fast, thus generating interest in his little mind- The colors are very bright and catchy- Frictionless movement encourages it to hold it and keep moving around him- Promotes motion skills like crawling or walking as it goes fast but not too far. Otherwise he will get distracted in something else.Overall it is a good value and will make a nice gift option as well.

Robyn Lance Creek, WY