Manhattan Toy My Snuggly Blanket, Ellie

Manhattan Toy My Snuggly Blanket, Ellie

Ellie the Snuggly Elephant is a great addition to your baby`s blankie collection. The panda bear body has a soft plush blanket. Snuggle up with this little panda and discover this cute little cuddle buddy. Appropriate for newborns

Main features

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  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • The perfect pal for baby to snuggle with
  • With this adorable face, ellie will instantly become a life long friend

Verified reviews


Great for kiddos

My daughter loves this, the only way they could improve it is to make it machine washable. It is a blanket after all, I have had to resort to washing it in the machine despite the tag saying to only surface wash and it turned out fine.

Debora Newcomb, NY

Super cute

Bought this gift for my niece as a security blanket, I liked it so much I almost kept it for my son instead!

Lourdes Chinchilla, PA

buy several!

My daughter (6 months) loves this little snuggly and now I’ve been recommending it to all my friends. I chose the Ellie blanket since she has an extra knotted section (the trunk) and have since purchased a back up Ellie so I can rotate the two and can put one in my bag when we leave the house. It’s perfect for sleep association and, at least for my daughter, helps her sleep in the carseat when she’s gotten overexcited while out and about and gets fussy before falling asleep. I just throw Ellie in back and she’ll quiet immediately before passing out. I love that this isn’t a full stuffed animal as they are tougher to wash and dry and are just bulkier in the bed for infants to be snuggling with, yet it still has the fluffy head. My daughter is obsessed with touching the little tuft of white hair on top and also she’ll chew on the little knotted ends or will rub them on her face while she falls asleep. If you’ve got an especially tactile little one, do not hesitate and buy this snuggly. It will come especially in handy during hot summer nights when you don’t want a blanket on them but they still need something soft to caress to self soothe and fall asleep.

Rhea Whippleville, NY

Teething and snuggling – my son’s must-have

When we got this thing as a gift, we honestly thought it was kind of ugly. We got “Misty the Monkey” but we didn’t realize it was a monkey (I’d removed the tags and washed it). Since it has that tuft of hair on it’s head and no curly tail, and the color was more like a lion’s, we started calling it “lion”. Ha. When we started to do sleep training, we decided that a lovey was going to be part of the package, so we used this guy. Little did we know that it would become our son’s favorite thing. Now, 12 months later, it still is. This little guy is genius. My son uses its huge soft head like a pillow, blanket body like a lovey, and knotted feet to chew on as he teethes. Mind you, since he gnaws on it, we constantly are washing them (for hygiene) so we have three, and we rotate them in. My boy can’t sleep without this thing. We got another lovey I thought was cuter, but without the big pillow head and knotted feet, it was just less utilitarian. Just save yourself the research time and get one (or three) of these.

April Beverly, OH

Cute and soft, but…

Very cute and really soft, but our baby just was not interested, so had to send back. Would recommend though, as really adorable! Hair should be made out of something safe to chew on though…too easily removed by baby fingers…

Annette Cleveland, NY

Love these toys

My son loves to chew and sleep with these toys. I had to buy a second panda for his daycare so he could nap with it and have one at home as well. I did wash the elephant and it ruined his hair but he still looks cute so its not a big deal.

Concetta Gruver, TX

Black and white contrasting colors perfect for a baby

My son loves this soft panda snuggly blanket (only about a foot long or so). It is very soft babies love the highly contrasting black and white colors. It also has little arms and legs and ears to play with, which is perfect for a young baby learning textures and starting to grab at small toys.

Becky Clinton, NY

6 month old’s favorite

My daughter loves this monkey more than any other toy/doll/blanket. She cuddles with it everytime she goes down for a nap.Soft and cuddly, flat and easy to snuggle. Highly recommended for boys or girls!

Maribel Elk Horn, KY


This is the second Snuggly Blanket I got my son. (First was the Monkey) Son loves to suck on the hands. I wouldn’t say he’s attached to this but he likes to play with it I like that I can just throw it in the laundry machine.

Yolanda Eden, SD