Manhattan Toy Snuggle Pod, Peanut

Manhattan Toy Snuggle Pod, Peanut

Manhattan Toy Snuggle Pod, Peanut

Main features

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  • 100%Polyester Fiber
  • Imported
  • Babies first baby comes with her own, satin lined shell
  • Easy for baby to tuck and tote
  • Made of soft, surface washable fabrics
  • Stimulate and nurture your child’s imagination

Verified reviews


My 4-month old adores this doll

I bought this as a Valentine’s present for my 4-month old daughter. She ended up being sick so I gave it to her early. The first thing she did was give it a big hug and snuggle up with it! This doll is super cute. You can’t tell online but there are nice details to the doll, like smooth satin ribbon hair (2 locks on top) and other satin textures on the outfit for baby to feel. It is just the right size for her to hold and hug, definitely a favorite for her. I waited a long time to buy this because while cute, I didn’t think it was “anything special” but it truly is adorable and has nice details … definitely high quality and worth the money.

Aurora Sitka, KY

poor quality

Very cute doll, but almost as soon as we got it home I noticed there was a little hole under the doll’s arm that was leaking stuffing. Also, baby isn’t interested in it! Disappointed–this company’s toys usually seem to have very good workmanship.

Ruth Sawmill, AZ

Very Cute!

This little baby toy is so adorable! Worth the money I paid for it, and may eventually get the Snuggle Bug & Snuggle Pod (pea pod) toys as well. So cute!

Cheri Eden Mills, VT

Fabulous toy – also available as “Snuggle Pods Peanut” (more masculine)

My <1 yr daughter received this doll (really more like a stuffed animal) as a gift. She loves it and takes it with her everywhere. This toy is easy for a young child to hold, but big enough to hug, too. Although the tag says to just sponge the surface, I have put this toy in the wash several times and it has come out nicely and air-dried quickly (note that I have only washed the “doll” itself, and not the green “pod”, which my daughter doesn’t use). I highly recommend this toy, and would purchase it for others. For those concerned that the pastel colors of this toy are too girl-oriented, the “Snuggle Pods Peanut” is the same thing but in primary colors that may please parents of both boys anad girls.

Cecilia New Hartford, NY

Love it!

Contrary to my review on the Sweet Pea Snuggle Pod Travel Toy (the arch), I love this one. The toy is very well made and is just so adorable!

Faye Froid, MT

Super Soft, Snuggly little boy doll

Trying to find a favorite small (could fit in my big purse) “lovie” for my 10 mo old and was also looking for a boy doll for him. This is a super soft and cuddly lovie, it is super cute too! My son seems to like its little sleeping face and it’s ears. When not in it’s pocket it fits great in my purse. The whole thing is just the right size for my little guy. Great toy! I would buy this again.

Briana Mountain View, AR

Had to buy it for my son!

When I was pregnant with my daughter, she received a Snuggle Pod Pea Pod. Then after my middle son was born, he received a the peanut snuggle pod. I thought those were all the options available when I had my second son. I came across the Snuggle Bug and had to have it. My son loves it and it’s so soft, cuddly, and cute!

Rosa Hines, MN

so cute

This doll is so soft, and sweet. She fits snuggly inside her pea pod, and is cute for any little girl.

Alba Lake Como, FL

Cute toy

Small, soft and cuddly. Easy to wash and dries really fast. Both of my girls have versions of this toy and love them.

Tammie Pottersville, NJ

Perfect Size… Extremely Soft… Love it!!!

I bought this for my daughter when she was around 6 months old, and she has slept with it every night since then. It is small, lightweight, and the perfect size for her little hands.Besides being about the cutest thing in the world when you see it tucked underneath her arm while she’s sleeping, it has also saved my hair during nursing sessions. I always have Sweet Pea available when I nurse, and now instead of pulling my hair or scratching my face her hands are busy holding and exploring her baby.I do like have the outer pea pod for when we travel or take the baby somewhere because it keeps the baby cleaner.My daughter is now 11 months old, and she is so attached to her Sweet Pea, that we bought a second one just in case we need a back-up!

Adrian Wayland, MI


My son received the snuggle bug for Christmas and he loves his baby! it is bigger than I thought it was going to be and so incredibly soft. It’s very well made and hasn’t frayed or ripped, even with a rambunctious toddler dragging it everywhere.

Rachel Shawanee, TN


My daughter’s nickname is "Bean" so I bought this for her – it’s not a bean per-se, but was the closest thing I could find 🙂 So cute!!! It’s super soft, and the little doll fits perfectly into the pea.The doll is displayed in my daughter’s room. She’s not really into stuffed dolls so she doesn’t play with it much, but it’s such a cute little addition to her room 🙂 Would recommend this as a gift for new babies!

Kris Sandy Hook, VA

Great to have a “buddy” that’s machine washable

My 8 mos old daughter has been sleeping with this doll since she was 4 months old. I leave it in the crib, then hand it to her when it’s time to go to bed so it signals to her it’s time to sleep. I love that I can just throw it in the machine when I wash her sheets, then put it on the radiator to dry. It’s just the perfect size and squishiness for snuggling. I highly recommend this.

Jeri Indian Mound, TN

Excellent first sleep friend; washes and dries well!

We love this toy. It’s completely safe for a newborn (no buttons or eyes that could come off), extremely soft, and the perfect size for a baby to snuggle with. My 9 month old son loves Peanut so much that we bought two so we could always have a clean one on hand (the arms are apparently delicious ;-)). The instructions say to surface clean with cold water and air dry; I’ve washed it in the washing machine on warm and tumbled dry on low multiple times with great results. Great toy!

Beatrice Clio, SC

Darling toy and a great price

I bought this for my daughter who is 6 months old. I think it was a very good deal! The size is bigger than I would have expected for what I paid. The doll is very soft, and my daughter loves all the tags/ribbons that stick out. She also likes to chew on the antenna, and she cuddles and hugs and kisses the dolly. I think she’ll like this toy for a long time! I’m so glad I found this on Amazon, and the price makes me feel like I really got a good deal.

Rosalyn Burlington, IL


My 16 month old loves to put the doll in the pod and take her out. She also likes the silky "hair" and the silky parts on the top and bottom of the pod. The whole product is very will made and of good quality material. I love that the whole doll is soft so she can’t bonk herself with it.

Gracie Biwabik, MN


I bought this for my granddaughter, not only did she love it, so did I. It is well made and adorable.

Susanne Bern, KS

Very sweet and soft

Sweet little toy, super duper soft and cuddley. For some reason I was under the impression it was a bit bigger but that’s ok, it’s easier for my baby to grab and hug! Cute idea, I’m sure she’ll love tucking the baby in when she gets a little older.

Latoya Ocean Grove, NJ

Just okay

So I got this as an amazon deal of the day so I was not so upset when it arrived. The toy is very tiny. Well made as all Manhattan toys are but definitely not as expected. Baby pops out for easy play.

Celina Hubbard, OR

Cute as a pod

This is one of the cutest little stuffed toys that you can get – it’s a baby in a bunny suit – really cute and soft and cuddly for a little baby to hold. I got this as a baby shower gift and put it inside one of the pockets of a diaper bag. Love it, so cute! and Unique! Highly recommend.

Yvonne Rock Valley, IA

Adorable and Soft

This toy is adorable and perfect for an infant or small baby. It’s smaller than expected, but it’s worth the price. I have not given this to my baby yet as he/she is due March 25th, but once my baby arrives, I’m sure I will add to this!

Bonnie Burtrum, MN

Cute doll

This is a really cute doll. It washes up very well in the washer (both the doll and the pod) and it is very soft and cuddly. Great bedtime company for a little one.

Jeannette Courtenay, ND

Great Doll!

I love this doll! Both the doll and the pea pod are incredibly soft. They’re great for cuddling either in the pea pod or out of. Plus the doll is fun for little kids to take in and out of the pea pod. I got it for a friend’s toddler and she loved it!

Terrie Chidester, AR

Perfect for a baby

We got this for our infant daughter to have something to snuggle with. She loves to cuddle with it and now that she is teething she enjoys chewing on the hair. Soft material with no harsh lines that might hurt babies skin. Love this doll.

Dessie Williams, CA

Such a cute little Sweet Pea

I purchased this item for my 1 yr old for Christmas. It took a little while before she really attached to it, but now 3 months later she carries around Sweet Pea and Peanut (also from Manhattan toys) pretty much everywhere she goes. Her little babies are her constant companions, usually each one being held by its arm in one of her hands. They are soft enough that when she falls they have no hard points or edges, and when she gets tired she can curl up with them and doze off. At this point she does seem to enjoy taking them out of her pods if Mommy or Daddy put them into them, but she doesn’t really have the dexterity yet to put them back into there pea/peanut pods.On a side note thus far they have been pretty easy to keep clean, just a wipe down with a cold rag has kept them clean and not matted or stained.

Cassie East Vandergrift, PA

Baby’s favorite

Sweet Pea is my granddaughter’s favorite snuggle toy to sleep with. It is soft and just the right size for little hands.

Rosetta Woodland, IL

My baby’s “baby”

This baby pod is so cute! I bought it for my 6 months old baby and he loves it. Easy for him to grab and chew on it. He recently discovered the “baby hair” ribbon/tag and likes to stroke it. Very soft and cuddly, my baby goes to sleep with it. I also got a second one as back up – the bunny.

Gale Duncombe, IA

Cute baby!

This snuggle pod is just adorable and my little girl, turning one, loves taking it out of the pod and trying to put it back in. Very cute, and it is the perfect size to carry with her wherever she goes.

Marianne Maunabo, PR


Love this little guy cannot wait till my newborn arrives and I am able to give him this plushie super soft and squishy and a safe toy makes a great baby gift will most certainly purchase more for gifts in the future.Just a little update my little Blaize is 9 months old and still loves this guy.He cannot sleep with out him.Very well made and washes well.

Patty Cedarhurst, NY

Such a cute doll!

I recently order this peapod baby for my 9 month old daughter and am SO glad! Very snuggly little toy that my little one has become attached to right away. Soft, cute, well-made toy of just the right size.

Jana Pulaski, IA