Manhattan Toy Soft Activity Book with Tethered Toy, Buzzing Through

Manhattan Toy Soft Activity Book with Tethered Toy, Buzzing Through

Being little is all about discovering the world around you. The innovative designs and research proven developmental features of Manhattan Toys products will engage, stimulate and nurture your child’s imagination. The Buzzing Through activity book is a rhyming story with a different activity on each page. Helps encourage reading at a young age.

Main features

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  • Encourage reading at a young age with activity books
  • Baby can buzz along with the bumble bee for a new activity on each page
  • Made of soft, surface washable fabrics
  • Stimulate and nurture your child’s imagination
  • Measures 7″x 7″

Verified reviews


Warning- choking hazard- not intended for children under 3yr.

I was just about to buy this for my 3 month old when I noted a warning label-it stated that this toy is not intended for children under 3 years of age. Generally I LOVE the manhatten toy company…but, I don’t know why they would create a book that is obviously for a baby but allow for a possible choking hazard.So, be forwarned about it. I do appreciate that the warning label is listed for this product; however, it would be very easy for someone to not see the warning since you have to scroll down to see it….Next time I suggest it being near the price of the product!

Johnnie New London, NH

our baby loves it!

our 8 month old baby loves this book. each page has a slot to put the bone that’s attached to the string, unlike other books like this that only include inserts on some of the pages. it’s made with good quality stitching and thick fabrics for the pages. when you turn the book around and open it up it turns into the full dog with a tail that’s attached to the book like the head. it’s very cute and i think she’ll enjoy this book for a long time. this is the 5th product we’ve bought by “manhatten toy” company and every one of them are 5 stars.***UPDATE***we’ve had this book for 10 mos now and she still enjoys reading it and doesn’t look very worn at all. this is a great buy and i highly recommend it and any other of this company’s activity books.

Catherine Farmington, NH

Love this book!

This book is so cute. I got it for my granddaughter and she loves it. It’s so bright and colorful and the little bee going through from page to page is very cute. It’s made of such a soft material, so if my grandaughter puts it in her mouth she won’t get cut or hurt. Thanks so much! This book is different and we love to read it!

Lorraine Cheshire, CT

Not the book in the picture, but a great book!

Oddly, the book I received was not the book in the picture, but I still gave it 4 stars because the book I did receive is really good! It’s got lots of fuzzy clouds and a mirror and crinkly flaps that my 4 mo. old daughter loves to play with, and attached stuffed animals she can grab. I honestly didn’t notice it was different until the request to review it popped up on my e-mail (I ordered 3 cloth books and received 3). I didn’t report the mix-up to the seller because it turned out I was happy with the replacement.

Billie Castleton, VT

Too Busy

I bought this book for my 7 month old daughter. It tries too hard. There is way too much going on and she gets overwhelmed when reading it. At 9 months she would still rather read the more simplistic Squishy Turtle book.

Eddie Talladega, AL

Never Played With

Bought this for my daughter at 6 months and she showed no interest in it. I purchased it for a plane ride where we could sit and discover the book together but she was unimpressed, even now it remains in her toy bin untouched. She enjoyed other cloth books but this one was a dud.

Rosella East Candia, NH

Hide and seek with the bone.

My baby just loves hiding and finding the bone 🙂 Great activity book. It is not very sturdy to washing, frequently, though.

Gertrude Victoria, KS

Color fade

I washed this book in cold water in our washer on delicate cycle. Not to label directions. Who makes a cloth book that you can’t wash thoroughly, that your child will drool, chew and drop on the ground? I was appalled to see how faded the book became once it air dried. My child was sucking on the corner of that book. How much dye was she ingesting? What other substances/chemicals were in the books pages? I am not pleased with this and will not buy Manhattan Toy cloth books in the future.

Lidia Sproul, PA

More fun now he’s older

Our son didn’t care much for this when he was under the age of two, but now that he’s older and knows the animals and colours, he has a lot of fun with this book. He also enjoys “reading” it to his baby sister. He likes to poke the bee in the flower, and other places in the book. It’s a well made book.

Whitney Laguna Park, TX

He loves it. I love it.

My 6 month old loves this book. He likes to chew and hold the book. It’s been threw the washer a few times and still looks great. I wash it on Hand wash and then line dry it. The colors stay bright!

Charity Dalton, PA

Too cool!

I wonder what baby thinks…I’ll have to see after I’m done playing with it.We got this because every book ends up in baby’s mouth. This book, with cloth pages, seemed a bit nicer way to go. A friend has a 1 year-old; not so into it, too young. At 6 months, winner.Buy it!

Katina Chattanooga, OK

Things to do on every page!

We really like this book. Every page has an activity or object to explore. Well worth the money. My son enjoys this.

Callie Cornwall Bridge, CT

Very cute

I think my daughter (5 months) will love this more as she gets old. She likes it now, but really just holds on to the pages right now

Mai Hagerman, ID

Great “busy” book for travel

I am pleasantly surprised with this book and its better than I expected. Each page has something interactive for the child to do and the colors are really vibrant. The bunny is tethered so no lost pieces! The only downside is that it’s a bit pricey for what it is, so hopefully its really great quality and holds up.

Jean Orangeville, PA

Good starter book for toddlers!

The book is nice, the idea is nice, and my son liked it. That’s really all there is to say about it. Only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars was because I felt the way it was put together can use some improvement but overall, I’m really satisfied.

Krista Holbrook, NE