Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim-Mobile for Cribs

Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim-Mobile for Cribs

The Infant Stim-Mobile truly captures and holds your baby’s attention while they settle down into the crib or awake from sleep. The bold black and white and vivid color images stimulate early visual activity and encourage pre-reaching movement. This visually engaging Stim-Mobile has won the hearts and of babies and parents everywhere, as well as many prestigious awards for its ingeniously simple design. The Stim-Mobile should be taken down once baby beings to push up on hands and knees. Wimmer-Ferguson toy graphics and designs are based on scientific research of visual development in early infancy. Each Wimmer-Ferguson toy is designed to engage baby from birth, providing playful opportunities to practice developmental skills. All toys feature high contrast graphics to encourage early visual activity and graphics are repeated from toy to toy to encourage “pattern recognition”. In addition to visual development, the Wimmer-Ferguson collection by Manhattan Toy also offers a variety of toys with features to benefit other key areas of an infant’s developmental growth including: eye-hand coordination, gross motor activity, self-awareness, sense of object permanence, and experience with cause and effect. For over 30 years, Manhattan Toy has been making award winning, high quality, visually appealing toys for babies, toddlers, and kids. Manhattan Toy offers more than 500 exclusive, original product designs distributed and sold worldwide through specialty retail stores, catalogs and websites. All of our products, from the newest concepts to our time-tested classics, are innovatively designed to inspire imaginative play and delight our customers.

Main features

  • From Manhattan Toy’s award winning Wimmer-Ferguson infant collection – the original innovator of black and white developmental toys
  • Sturdy, adjustable arm clamp easily attaches to most cribs and playpens
  • Includes 10 reversible cards featuring black and white graphics on one side, and bright, colorful graphics on the other side
  • Start with the black and white graphics facing baby, once baby becomes acclimated, reverse the cards so color images face baby
  • Black and white and bold color graphics help stimulate visual development and encourage pre-reaching movement

Verified reviews


Great idea–POOR quality

As an ophthalmologist, I can attest to the functional utility of this product. Newborns truly are drawn to high contrast patterns–but this product is so poorly made I would not recommend it. The plastic cards are badly made–3 of them were broken straight out of the box such that I had to use tape to put them back together. In addition, the holes in the card to attach to the main apparatus are inconsistent so that some fit too loosely and are easily knocked off while others are so tight I can’t get them attached. If motivated, you could probably make your own sturdier mobile–the patterns are available online.

Vilma Exeter, NE

great mobile

This mobile is very well designed, my son really loves the pictures, they are reversable so I can switch them as he gets older, the pictures face the baby unlike most mobiles.

Kim Wynnburg, TN

Flawed design but ultimately proved its value.

February 2011, 3 stars:I was excited when one of my friends purchased this mobile off our registry for us because I’d read such excellent things about it. Well, it arrived yesterday. I put it together last night and here is my review.I want to like it. I love the idea of the interchangeable high-contrast cards to keep a baby interested. I knew it didn’t have a motor and planned to have a fan circulating air in the nursery, which would move the cards a little bit. I knew people had had breakage troubles with some of the parts so I was careful in my assembly and indeed did not break anything. However, it still falls short of what I’d hoped for.First, I agree with other reviewers that it is very cheaply made. The various plastic components are different shades of “white” (one reviewer said the arm and crib attachment were lavender and that’s about right).Second, the crib attachment piece is non-adjustable. If your crib slats or edges are too skinny or too wide (like mine is), it simply will not fit. However, I imagine if your crib is too skinny you could find something to act as a spacer and get it to wedge on there just fine.Third, as mentioned, the mobile doesn’t fit on my crib. I have the Baby Mod Park Lane crib from Walmart and the edge panel of the crib is just slightly too wide for this mobile to fit. For the time being, I have figured out a much less secure way to attach it, but we will probably just end up trashing the plastic arm and crib attachment piece and hanging the mobile itself from the ceiling.Fourth, as other reviewers have mentioned, you’d think that all of the cards would be interchangeable but they’re not. Some cards are designed to be vertical and some are designed to be horizontal. Therefore, your selection of cards to display to the baby is limited to only the fronts & backs of the horizontally-designed cards. I’m not sure what the purpose of the vertical cards is other than to look pretty for Mom and Dad.Fifth, it *is* difficult to switch the cards out. Because I knew that people had broken theirs, I took my time and tried not to force anything. It definitely required a bit of patience and some twisting/turning this way and that. Fortunately, I was successful and did not break any of the tabs off the cards but I can see how it would be easy to.Sixth, the notches of the vertical cards inserted into the slits of the horizontal cards (the ones baby sees) is a very tight fit. This causes the horizontal cards to sit at an angle. I am crossing my fingers that these “joints” will loosen and relax over time, perhaps if I take a few minutes to wiggle them each a little bit whenever I think of it.Like I said, I want to like this mobile. I love the concept and the images are pretty cool. However, I wish the crib attachment fit my crib. I wish that all of the cards could be used horizontally rather than only half of them. I wish the plastic arm and crib attachment didn’t look so cheap. And I hope the plastic cards relax a little so that the images hang straight down rather than at an angle. If I have my husband hang this from the ceiling and remove the plastic arm and crib attachment I will eliminate two of these problems so that’s what I will probably do.I’m really glad my friend only paid $11 for this. That’s about as much as I would feel comfortable having paid or having had someone else pay for this right now given its limitations.***UPDATE 11/30/12***I just wanted to update that my husband and I did end up hanging this mobile from the ceiling on a small hook via clear fishing line (very light-weight) and it actually worked quite well. My son LOVED this mobile for months so I switched out the cards regularly to keep him stimulated. Around 5-6 weeks, he started doing his “exercises” for about 20 min. straight at a time where he’d just lie under the mobile and kick and wiggle like crazy as it gently spun. We tossed the plastic arm and crib attachment that came with the mobile but the mobile itself really did prove its value. I’ve saved it for #2.Btw, as our son got older and was able to reach out to the mobile, we simply tied the mobile higher up the line. Simple. We kept doing that until he was able to stand and reach it and then we just cut it down.I have increased this product to 4 stars because, in the end, it ended up doing what we had hoped it would do.

Agnes Bloomfield, MT

Great Idea, Poor Execution

I bought this for our 3 month old, and the concept is obviously great– lots of stimulating patterns and contrasting colors. However… once I had it out and assembled, the pieces are so flimsy and there are flimsy ‘small’ parts. I just did not feel comfortable leaving her alone in her crib for even 30 seconds, while that was over it. Yes, she couldn’t reach it yet, but still– It made me nervous. I think I’ll return it and get something soft with less small parts. It’s a shame, it is a great idea.

Kay Mount Meigs, AL

Excellent Mobile for Babies

I highly recommend this mobile. Our baby loved it. It got her attention and she followed the mobile as it moves. Good 1st toy to stimulate her brain and help build eye coordination.Suggestion: Purchase this mobile as early as possible (e.g. before the baby is born) and use it immediately. Baby grows so fast that in couple months, baby will outgrow this toy.

Lorie Carthage, SD

Not motorized, Only fits cribs with slats/spindles

First of all, realize this mobile is NOT motorized, so it doesn’t move unless YOU move it. Also, the mechanism by which it attaches to the crib/bassinet, etc. is limited. This will NOT fasten to a Pack ‘n’ Play or other crib/baby-wrangler that has a solid wall. The clamp that fastens the mobile to the crib needs to be able to pass through an opening and then clamp down on a slat or spindle (though spindles will likely prove more difficult). Most bassinets and pack ‘n’ play type things don’t have this option. We’re so happy it doesn’t have cheesy canned music. The cards are nice, and I like that they are high contrast and interchangeable, but the lame plastic clamp that only works with slat cribs and the fact that it doesn’t spin on its own have us looking elsewhere for a better mobile.

Tia Hornsby, TN

Great customer service!

Captivating patterns! The arms are a little flimsy and I actually snapped one of them while trying to put it through the other, but I called Manhattan Toy and they sent me two replacement arms.

Fern Rodessa, LA

It’s ok- would try something else next time.

It’s alright. My daughter enjoyed it for a few months but lost interest at about 5 months. Then she could reach it so it had to come down. It doesn’t move on its own so only the pictures hold the child’s attention and my daugher got bored unless I changed the pictures frequently. Oh, and I broke one of the pictures as soon as I got it out of the box. It’s made of thin plastic so be careful attaching the parts.

Denice Wood River, NE

Baby loves it!

Our 2 month old just recently started "noticing" his mobile and he loves it! I catch him smiling and cooing at the pictures. I’m anxious to see how much more he responds to it.It’s easy to install and has a great look in the nursery.

Carissa Charleston, SC

too many options!

4 mo old is fascinated with this mobile, I am very pleased. I would give it four stars because is it’s got TOO MANY options, but I can’t knock it for that no matter how big of a bother it is. When the mobile arrived disassembled, I spent most of my time putting it together trying to pick which disks I wanted! I know that sounds ridiculous but it just means something else (a lot else) to be stored and taken care of. The mobile doesn’t move which somehow I failed to put together, but the thing is so beautiful. Nice, sleek design, I just don’t need so many options. I also have their car seat mobile and I am so in love with that too.

Darcy Gainesville, MO

Baby loves it

Keeps baby entertained for long periods of time. Baby is happy means mommy and daddy are happy. Very good for eye development. It attaches to the crib very securely but if for some reason it should fall, it is so light that I would not be worried.

Wilma Dumont, NJ

Baby liked it

Our son is 9 months and has grown out of using a mobile now, but for the period from about three to six months he loved lying and staring up at it. We’d change one of the disks every few days to keep him interested, and he clearly noticed the change.We can’t give it five stars for the following reasons:1) the mounting mechanism is bulky and awkward. It fit on our cosleeper but will not fit on our crib.2) The back of the mounting mechanism is an exposed plastic screw which rubbed a hole in our wall’s plaster (the cosleeper and therefore the mobile were against the wall) and we didn’t realize this till we took it down.3) The disks are extremely hard to change around without breaking them. I ended up clipping a small amount of plastic off of each end of the connecting "T"s with a nail clipper. It didn’t affect their stability and made it MUCH easier to change them around.Our son still enjoys the disks sometimes. We’ve put the mobile part away but left the disks out as toys, and he likes to chew on them. The plastic is think and sturdy enough that they are not taking any damage from the attention.

Bernadine Preston, IA

It’s ok quality wise but it is the best option on the market

It is a pain to change out the cards and to even get them to sit how they are supposed to. I felt like I was going to break it or permanently bend the cards when I changed them out causing me to do it less than I originally wanted to. I do love that I can change the height of how it hangs so it is always just right for the development. There is a great variety of cards and easily connected to our crib and even pack n play. It comes apart and stores very well until we are ready to use it again with another child. I would buy this again if I no longer had it for some reason.

Maura Cockeysville, MD

Very disappointed. This mobile didn’t fit on our crib or changing table.

With all the great reviews, I had high expectations for this product. Upon assembly, my husband pointed out that the slits made to take the cards apart are actually just slightly too small and will cause ripping. Poor design.Secondly, and more importantly, the mobile wouldn’t fit on our crib or changing table as it is apparently designed for a crib with a short bar at the top. We have a Babyletto brand crib and changing table, so nothing weird or unusual. So sad. Now we have to return it.Before buying, make sure your crib or changing table has only a thin bar at the top in order to accomodate this mobile! I’m sure if this weren’t the case I would have otherwise been quite happy with this product!

Pamela Rocklake, ND

Great little mobile

This is the perfect little mobile for above a changing table or a pack and play, etc. It’s smaller than a traditional mobile you’d use above a crib. The graphics are clear and stimulating and both of my twin boys loved it. They would get so animated during diaper changes and talk to the mobile. One of them has a vision impairment and I believe that focusing on these illustrations really helped him learn how to focus, etc. Love this mobile.

Allene Abrams, WI

great entertainment, very basic

4 out of 5 starts becuase it is very cheap card connectors. They don’t always stay perpendicular to one another, sometimes they are more "paralell" due to cheap connectors. I loved this product and have let 3 friends borrow it for their newborns. Perfect at around 5 weeks to put in crib to simply entertain baby for a while.

Margot Mecklenburg, NY

Our daughter’s favorite

Our 3 1/2 month old baby LOVES this mobile! Since she was about 7 weeks old it has been her favorite thing. She loves to lie on the changing table and kick while staring at it – sometimes for 20 minutes or more, which is amazing for her age. No other toy holds her attention like this. I agree w/ other reviewers that the way it attaches is somewhat clumsy (we have to use a cork to get a secure/tight fit); and some of the pieces cracked at the puncture point and can no longer clip on. But we absolutely love it. Our baby loves it still or moving. Great for visual development. She talks to it and goos and gaas and has a great time! Get one! Also, it would be fantastic if this mobile had a second way to attach or remain fixed so we could move it from the changing table and set it on the bed, etc.

Camille Winter Springs, FL

interested to look at

I bought this for my twin boys who are now 6 months. They love to look at it and grab it (when I dangle it by hand). I like the pictures and the fact i can alternate the pictures. The only downfall is that it doesnt spin. I wish it would spin that way it would keep them entertained longer. They would stare at it and lose interest until i spin it and they would look again. I wish i would of invested into a different mobile that spins on its own.

Angie Westville, IN

Mesmerized baby

I had my doubts, but after observing baby staring at this thing for a while it became obvious that she was really interested in the crazy shapes and high contrasting colors. There are many extra cards that you can change out to keep it interesting. I think this baby mobile gets it right. Its light weight so even if it were to fall on her or have some kind of accident she’d be just fine. The only gripe I have is that it has a very specific type of attachment, you pretty much have to use it on a crib with slats, the shoulder sits on the top rail of the crib. Well I don’t have that, so I have to attach it to something else and mess with the dangle length to get it right in her line of sight. Changing out cards is a bit fussy and it breaks easily, so be careful.

Iris Columbus, MS

My son loves this!

He can stare at it for a very long time. He is mesmerized and it keeps him calm. I wish I had found this sooner!

Brigitte Pelzer, SC

Simple but a little flimsy in construction

I like the simple design of this mobile but the plastic parts are a little flimsy and may break easily. Some of the cards are a little difficult to attach without pushing hard and we already broke one piece while assembling it. Fortunately we were able to glue the piece back together.We were just looking for a simple mobile for our baby and we hope this will meet our needs. It’s about half of the price of some of the ones sold at other baby stores so I’m not too concerned about wasting my money.

Terrie Willow Hill, IL

Doesn’t Fit on Anything

I was hugely disappointed when this mobile didn’t fit on my crib. I’m certain I have one of the most popular cribs in the US, I got it at Costco after all, and the mobile simply will not fit anywhere on the crib. So then I tried it on the bassinet, didn’t work there either. So then I thought, maybe somewhere on the dresser above the changing table? Nope. I’m going to have to figure out a way to hang it from the ceiling, probably using fishing line and screw hook. Also, it’s made with a very cheap looking white plastic, which will bother people looking for a stylish mobile to compliment their professionally decorated nursery.

Vanessa Rio Verde, AZ

Babies are immersed

Bought this when my twins were a month old and they are transfixed by it. They stare at it when they are awake and love to look at the pictures. I hope they are learning something, they just love it. I also bought a small portable one for them which they also love. I like that I can change the pictures (although I find it a little tricky). I have been holding off buying a mechanical mobile since they are so into this mobile which seems low tech but is so stimulating.

Kristie Winchester, KY

My child loves it!

This mobile works wonderfully. Our child is fascinated with it and it keeps him engaged for a reasonable amount of time. However, the plastic feels cheap and flimsy. It’s quite frustrating to swap the cards on the mobile as well as flipping them.

Joanna Brevig Mission, AK

Good, but limited.

My daughter likes this mobile – especially the picture of the cat. When she first saw it she smiled and squealed (at 11 weeks). It keeps her stimulated and entertained in her crib and allows me to do a few things.What I don’t like about it is not all pieces can be switched out, so you don’t really have as many options as it appears. Not all pieces have a hole to connect to the arms. And I also find it difficult to snap the arms onto the cards, which should be much easier.

Melisa Meadow, TX

Super value!

You can spend a lot more on a mobile, but this one’s a better value. You won’t use a mobile for very long so save your money for something else. You’ll need it. My son loved to look at this mobile. Sometimes I’d tie a soft ribbon to the mobile, and the other end to his hand or foot, and he’d make the mobile move all by himself (while supervised of course). You can change the pictures from time to time. The pictures face down towards the baby, which is nice. We were very pleased.

Deann Oliver, PA

Baby LOVES it and now sleeps in crib!

Theresa New Vernon, NJ

Best thing I’ve bought for my child

This is the best thing I got for my child! I received it as a gift and have given it to all my new mom friends as well. It is extremely stimulating and love how engaging it is.

Marva Crab Orchard, NE

Poor quality

I must admit that my daughter enjoyed looking at this mobile for the first couple months of her life. My complaint is that the product is flimsy for the price. The holes punched in the cards were so small that when hooked onto the arms of the mobile they cracked (many arrived already cracked). The arms and cards tend to fall off if accidentally touched even slightly. And the cards are somewhat translucent so you can see the image on the reverse as well.

Socorro Angelica, NY

Entertained for hours

This mobile kept my daughter entertained for hours starting around 10 weeks old. She just stares and talks to the mobile, allowing me to get things done around the house. Order with the JL Childress Crib Mobile Attachment Clamp and it fits any rock n play or play-yard.

Kelsey Fredericktown, PA