Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim Mobile To Go Travel Toy

Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim Mobile To Go Travel Toy

The beloved Infant Stim-Mobile is now available on-the-go! We’ve turned our award winning mobile into a compact, easy to attach travel toy. The Instant Stim-Mobile To Go features 3 reversible, visually engaging cards that display high-contrast images and encourage pre-reaching movement. Attaches easily to most strollers, car seats, and infant carriers with a sturdy, colorful plastic clamp. Wimmer-Ferguson toy graphics and designs are based on scientific research of visual development in early infancy. Each Wimmer-Ferguson toy is designed to engage baby from birth, providing playful opportunities to practice developmental skills. All toys feature high contrast graphics to encourage early visual activity and graphics are repeated from toy to toy to encourage “pattern recognition”. In addition to visual development, the Wimmer-Ferguson collection by Manhattan Toy also offers a variety of toys with features to benefit other key areas of an infant’s developmental growth including: eye-hand coordination, gross motor activity, self-awareness, sense of object permanence, and experience with cause and effect. For over 30 years, Manhattan Toy has been making award winning, high quality, visually appealing toys for babies, toddlers, and kids. Manhattan Toy offers more than 500 exclusive, original product designs distributed and sold worldwide through specialty retail stores, catalogs and websites. All of our products, from the newest concepts to our time-tested classics, are innovatively designed to inspire imaginative play and delight our customers.

Main features

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  • From Manhattan Toy’s award winning Wimmer-Ferguson infant collection – the original innovator of black and white developmental toys
  • Attaches to most strollers, infant carriers, and car seats with the sturdy plastic clamp
  • Introduces baby to high contrast, black and white and color graphics for early visual and multi-sensory development
  • 3 reversible cards display black and white graphics on one side, color images on the other, to be flipped based once baby is acclimated
  • Recommended for ages 0-5 months, top card measures 7″ round, a lightweight, easy to pack activity travel toy for babies

Verified reviews


Interesting concept, more than meets the eye

From my daughter: When I first received this it wasn’t what I expected. It is basically pictures and designs on paper-thin material hanging by a couple ribbons and attached to a clamp. Based on the information on the product page for the full size version of this, it looks like there is some science and research behind the graphics and pictures chosen that are specifically for newborns and young babies.Wimmer Ferguson 201770 Wimmer Ferguson Stim Mobile\On that product page (for the full crib version), you can see tons of customer images with their babies in complete awe of it. If I hadn’t read some of the reviews and seen the pictures for the full size one, I might have been a bit embarrassed to give this as a gift. I think the price could also be a bit lower for what it is. Under $10 seems more reasonable.

Michelle Blakeslee, PA

Great travel mobile

My daughter loves to look at this mobile. You can continue to add variety by changing the sides of the discs she looks at. I can move it between her carseat of bassinet as needed. The only negative is that I have already lost one of the pieces. I don’t know how or when. They seemed to be well secured when they arrived so I am not sure if they became loose at I changed them around.

Kathryn Crandon, WI

Excellent mobile for young infanct & young children

I was unfamiliar with the Wimmer-Ferguson company or the Manhattan Toy Company that distributes their products, so I looked them up. They appear to be highly regarded in the toy industry, and I found no complaints against them.As for the Infant Stim-Mobile To Go, it is an excellent stimulating mobile device, but readers need to understand that it is NOT a toy and should not be used like one. There are mobiles on the market that can be used as toys with a very young child, but not this one.For its correct use, this is an excellent product. There is a large, colorful clip that easily fastens onto crib rails and/or stroller/buggy covers so that the child can look at the eye-catching shapes and colors. The device is made of a lightweight plastic so it can be wiped and cleaned.The center disk is a black and white spiral on both sides attached to the clip with a colorful cord. There are three colorful ribbons attached to the spiral, and each one holds a disk, which then has an attachment for another disk. The upper disks have different simple and colorful images on each side. The lower three disks are also reversible and detachable so parents/caregivers and change the colorful patterns for the child.Unlike some children’s products in simple primary colors, this mobile has a large variety of shapes, colors, and patterns. The patterns are geometric, black/white or colors, and/or animal/common shapes. Research from other sites state that these patterns are mentally stimulating and encourage developmental growth in children.It bears repeating that this item is not a toy. Children should not be able to reach, grab, or hold it. The edges of the disks are sharp and could cause injury especially if a child puts a disk in his/her mouth.

Aida Cooksville, IL

small to carry, easy to clip on, entertaining for the baby

This very light, very easy to snap on mobile for any baby carrier/cart, etc, is delightfully entertaining. when the entertainment is gone, the company recommends that you change the pictures on the device (takes just a few seconds to do). Most impressively, the mobile-to-go is made in the UK, and according to regulations, so there’s no lead, etc.

Alisa Zanesville, IN

You are getting sleeeeeepy…

Mobiles are always something a baby can use in their early months, and there are tons of different styles out there. Animals are usually the popular option, but over the last couple of months, I’ve seen a bunch of "infant stimulation" videos online that are similar to what this mobile has to offer. Babies love the black and white shapes, moving around, stimulating their minds and helping with development at an early age. Expect to hear a lot of cooing from the back seat when this thing is dangling above their car seat.The construction isn’t exactly the best there is- the pieces are flimsy and if your child is big enough to grab at it, there’s a good chance it’s toast after a couple of days. Additionally, the instructions mention that it’s not meant to be touched. This mobile is best used if you hang it up by a string tied to the hooks above the car doors. You know those little hooks that no one really uses for anything? Tie yarn or something from one to the other, then clip the mobile on. It’s secure enough to stay in place without sliding back and forth.Affordable, unique and visually stimulating, I highly recommend this over the usual types.

Ollie Sand Springs, MT

I like it

This is a simple mobile made of thin, but sturdy paper and ribbon. We have a lot of baby stuff, so what I like about this is it’s not going to hurt my baby like some of the hard plastic toys that attach to his stroller or car seat. Seriously, I have a bumble bee set that is hard as a rock and he’s bonked himself in the head with it.As someone into visual development, I appreciated the black and white patterns and bursts of color. It’s simple, but from what I’ve read, good for developing eyes. The dangling paper shapes sway in the wind, but my baby prefers when it’s stagnant.It travels easily. The clasp works well on both my stroller and car seat – no slipping.Not for teething or playing with. Just for looks.

Ina Bayard, WV

Not Much To It

This is a cute portable mobile and it works well for what it is. If you are thinking of ordering it, you should be aware of what you are getting. There is no mechanical movement. The idea is that it would be used on a stroller or a car seat and the natural movement of whatever the mobile is attached to causes enough movement to entertain the baby. It does a good job.The pieces are ribbon and a hard think plastic. It’s hard to describe. It is a little more durable than a playing card.

Olive Pleasant Mills, IN

Better for bitty babies!

It seems that I made a mistake ordering this for my 9 month old grandson! I would say that this toy would be much better suited to a baby that could not reach very far and who did not have enough dexterity or fine motor skill to actually grasp the cards.The toy is actually made of card type material with a coating on it. The graphics are bright, simple and in basic colors with stark white backgrounds. The “card pictures” are hung from ribbon. The mobile is supposed to stimulate visual scanning, tracking and focusing. It’s not very big. I decided to get this to help prevent baby boredom when my grandson has been placed in his rear-facing car seat on longer outings and possibly for his stroller to provide some stimulation for his eyes and to get his attention. Although the mobile clipped easily onto the car seat handle (that clamp is seriously fabulous and I’m trying to think of a way I can use it for something else), he immediately grabbed the bottom “cards” and had them pulled off in seconds and into his mouth. I was able to reattach them through the slotted openings, but it didn’t take too long before they had been pulled off again. So I’ve just left them off. So there are still parts of the mobile hanging, but I’m not sure for how long!Upon consideration, I think it would be a nice portable mobile for a very young infant only.

Denice Cumberland Gap, TN

Keeps Baby’s Interest/Lightweight

This is Not a Teether Toy, Or a Hanging Toy that you hang and Let Baby Grab for! This little Portable small Mobile, is just the best product on the market, if you are looking for a small mobile that is also portable, it is so versatile! It can be placed just about anywhere, you can’t say that about most mobiles! You would Never let Baby grab a Mobile, or any kind, right, So don’t place this one where your baby can reach it, but place it where baby can Watch it and Enjoy the colors, and be Entertained! It has a great clip on it, holds firm. The Mobile has Red, and Black colors for the newborns, and More colorful sides for the older babies, which pictures you use is up to You. My daughter has a little shelf above the changing table and I clipped it so that it hung just above the babies head and the baby can;t take her eyes off of it! We also take it and clip it to the car seat, and she enjoys it there too. Yes, the mobile is made out of a heavy cardboard, and the clip is plastic, But remember, You hang it Away from Baby, it is light weight, easy to use and portable! People have said it is Flimsy, It is cardboard, but it is lightweight, it moves easily, entertains baby, now isn’t that what it is made to do?

Kimberlee Norfolk, NE

Interesting Concept…

I’ve never seen a mobile of this sort before. This Mobile To Go is an affordable choice if you’re looking for a mobile that is small, portable and relatively durable. The pieces are made of very flat plastic like material. You can hook this mobile up pretty much anywhere. With no electronic gizmo’s on it and the pieces being really light, they move with ease. Since the pieces are flat, you can store this easily pretty much everywhere, including your diaper bag!For the price, this is a cute little item! Seems perfect as a baby shower gift!

Kaye Axson, GA

Visual toy – yes. Physical toy – no

This mobile works fine if you want a visual stimulant. There are a lot of colors and shapes to look at. The oversized clip does a good job grabbing onto most anything. The plastic cards are water and tear resistant. I can clip this to my car grab bar above the car seat which works well because it is in the child’s line of sight and is too far away to grab.Don’t buy this if your child is old enough to be grabbing and pulling on it (or has older siblings that will be doing so). The lower cards have a flimsy attachment to the upper cards and will rip off easily. The overall construction will not stand up to much abuse. This mobile is best for babies 6 months and younger who are still fascinated with visual stimulants and aren’t so grabby.Instead of this Wimmer mobile, I would recommend a toy that is both visually AND physically stimulating such as theLamaze Freddie the Fireflywhich is about the same price, can also attach to most anything, and has better durability. Lamaze makes a whole line of such toys which will last through multiple stages of your baby’s development.

Bernadine Waveland, IN

Built well and portable

This mobile is built very well. The parts that hang down are made out of a thick cardboard stock and the designs are eye catching. The best part about this is it is portable and designed to be moved around as you need it. The clip is strong and very easy to use to attach it to the top of a car seat carry handle, stroller, etc.For the price, it’s pretty nifty.

Bettye Granite Springs, NY

Cheap and dangerous!

This product is horribly cheap! My five month old was able to pull off one of the discs….because that’s how strong babies are, even newborns. It’s supposed to be hung close enough to them to see (it’s VERY small) but out of reach. Well, she was still about to reach up and grab the smallest disc at the bottom of the mobile because it’s supposed to encourage grabbing after all. Well luckily it happened right in front of my eyes and I was about to pull it away from her. It’s made of very cheap plastic discs. Don’t waste your money! Get a mobile made of soft materials.

Carlene Everglades City, FL

Excellent mobile for your infant carrier…

I am extremely pleased that this mobile is offered in a smaller version for the infant carrier. It has a very sturdy clip for use on a pack and play or bassinet canopy as well. The mobile comes with three reversible circles that have black and white for an infant’s visual capabilities and a brightly colored side for the older baby. I particularly love the size of this mobile for my infant carrier as some other mobiles that I have used are just too big and swing into my baby’s face or just do not keep her attention. I have found the mobile to be easy to pack into my diaper bag as it just folds up and the parts to be quite durable. The circles have a slick coating so they can be easily wiped off. I will be purchasing this for the baby showers that I will be attending soon.

Tina Noti, OR

Simple, hopefully effective

This is a simple, small mobile that will hopefully keep your baby occupied in the stroller, basket, or otherwise on the go.It is not meant to be hands-on, so it is not super robust, but it is the plastic type of material that can be wiped clean easily. It folds up and won’t tangle or tear easily.It claims to help your baby’s development, and I’m not an expert in anything that could allow me to vouch for that, but in this case, I sort of believe it. There are simple, high-contrast designs that even I could find interesting to stare at for a little while.

Concepcion Warrenville, IL

Wish they made this when my kids were little.

This is such a great concept. It is said that small babies can only see in black and white and giving a child black and white toys from birth promotes brain development. I love that this attaches to the car sear and stroller so that the baby can have something to stimulate him while being transported. I use it for my nephew and it really captures his attention. I had a similar mobile for my daughter’s crib when she was a baby and always wished I could find something for the car seat. Looks like someone thought it up 🙂 This is a great shower gift and I can see this being used a lot in the next 6 months or so.

Kay Woodburn, IN

Very eye catching for baby, but made of thin paper

My daughter loves to look at this and the patterns really keep her focus. However, the package says that it is an entanglement hazard any you should keep it out of your baby’s reach. I usually let her bat at it when I am right there with her, though, and she has been fine.The pieces are very thin and are sort of like laminated paper. They are not sturdy. However, this could be a pro, because it is very, very light and will not weigh down your diaper bag. If you are going for visual and not tactile stimulation, I think this works very well.

Mildred Larchmont, NY

My daughter loves it!

My daughter is 10 weeks old and absolutely loves this travel mobile! I got it for her when she was 4 weeks old, and since then it has delighted her. It easily clips to the pack and play we use downstairs as a second changing table, and it is way more engaging to her than the little stuffed mobile toys that came with the pack and play. And whenever we take a trip, I take it off the pack and play and clip it to the car seat handle. She stares, smiles, laughs, and kicks excitedly every time I lay her under it, and I can spin and rotate it with my hand to provide her further entertainment. It makes diaper changes fun, distracts her in the car, and we take it everywhere we go!

Cristina Rochester, KY

Great for on the go

This is great for the car seat. It immediately caught my 6 week old’s eye. It’s easy to attach/detach and great for her developmentally!

Ola Walpole, NH

Bright and colorful…

Wimmer Ferguson Wimmer Infant Stim Mobile to Go is a great product for your little one. It is small and compact so you can take it with you on the car seat, but colorful enough to keep babies attention. It is a great "on the go" toy that new moms can feel good about taking along. The extra large clip on top will ensure safety when attached to any car seat handle or crib and give you a peace of mind. What a great product for that busy mom or dad.

Lesa Cyclone, PA

Almost Looks Homemade

This is a cute little baby mobile. At first the materials look a little flimsy – plastic coated paper and put together with ribbons. The clamp is nice and once it’s set up it works great. Looking at it closer it almost looks homemade.

Estella Lebanon, PA

Great to look at but made of flimsy materials

This mobile is a lot flimsier than I expected and seems to be cheaply made. The designs and the color contrasts are appealing and will definitely capture a baby’s attention, however I felt paranoid when I read to keep this out of baby’s reach. Anything that I’m going to have in a stroller or car seat needs to be safe enough for my baby to touch. This mobile is great to look at but that’s pretty much it.

Lavonne Kilmichael, MS

Cute but SMALL

This is a really cute mobile. It is REALLY small but I love the colors and I hope my baby finds it to be something interesting.

Bernadette Freeland, WA

4 mo old is happy

This is one of my favorite things I’ve bought so far. For a baby who is not crazy about the car, this mobile is a big deal. I use the clip to help keep a blanket for shade up and I don’t have to take it on and off as I put the handle back.

Rachelle Greenville, PA

Fine For Those Under Five Months

What I liked best about this mobile is the sturdy plastic clip. It affixes securely and is large enough to attach to pretty much anything. The mobile itself is small and seems a bit cheap. The water and tear resistant cards are thin but attractive. The lower cards are easy for a grabby child to pull off. It is fine for very young babies who find the visual stimulation fascinating. But I doubt it will hold up for older and more active tots.This is a simple device with no lights, music or mechanization. It is probably most appropriate for babies under five months as it is not study enough to withstand much physical interaction.PlussesSturdy clipPortableCuteLight weightMinusesCards are pull off easilyFlimsy except for the clipNot ideal for older or more active childrenDurability doubtsMade in China

Judi Kentwood, LA

Portable Mobile!!

This is a very small, simply made mobile. This is NOT the type that you would purchase to put on your babies crib. This mobile is meant for hanging from the babies car seat, bouncer, or swing to name a few possibilities. It has a squeeze clap to attach it to your desired object. The mobile it’s self is made of a thin flexible plastic. As you can see in the pictures it consists of high contrast patterns and colors which are recommended to catch an infants attention. My baby seemed to find it interesting and I loved the portability of it. There does not seem to be many portable mobiles on the market and for the price this is a good option.

Dorothy Riparius, NY

6 week old loves it!

My LO, 6 weeks old, loves this mobile. She has the larger version in her crib. This one is so great for travel. It hooks on her carseat, the bassinet, the stroller very easily and securely. There is a time frame for these items. Very early in development, they like high contrast.

Margie Carson City, NV

A brilliant infant toy!

I bought this for my niece when she was an infant of about 3 mos old. I originally was looking to purchase a travel mobile to hang onto the bassinet, but they were much more bulky and cumbersome than I wanted, and they all seemed to be focused on Disney characters or something pastel so when I found this one I thought it would be great for that purpose but also on a stroller or a car seat. The graphics and colors are designed for babies and their developmentMy niece was immediately infatuated with it. The circles that are horizontal are dual sided. One side is a BW image for younger babies who can’t really see color yet, then the flip side is a colored image for when they get older. Though it is meant to be hung from above, I did clip it on to the side of the bassinet and it worked well. It didn’t spine, but she would stare at it for long period of time, then when she got older she would bat at it to make it move. We also clipped it to the car seat handle and that also worked well.The only downside is that the more you switch the medallions the looser the connection gets which makes it easier for your baby to get them off. However, it isn’t really designed for such hands on play :)I loved this one so much, that I bought one for my sister to have at her house and she recently bought one for a friend who is having a baby. Love it! I would buy it again and again (and have, LOL).

Marci Belton, SC

Baby LOVES this!

The moment I lifted this toy above baby’s head, I kid you not, he started laughing and cooing. He was mesmerized by the images, with big smiles and his eyes glued to it intently. I’d say the designers got it right! The big clamp is well-designed too and is super easy to clamp onto the stroller hood, etc.

Verna Oriska, ND

So nice

My baby loves staring at this! He was 6 weeks when I got it. He is 12weeks now and he still stares at it without fail!

Marsha Sledge, MS