Maple Teether Pair – Made in USA

Maple Teether Pair – Made in USA

Before there was plastic teethers, there was wood. Durable and attractive, wooden teethers are naturally anti-microbial so they are great for the baby. No finishes or chemical coatings – a totally organic teether. Sold in a pair. Product Care Instructions: The teether may be used as is, or you may chose to apply a non-spoiling, food-grade oil for additional protection. Wash by wiping with warm soapy water. Do NOT soak wood products in water or put in dishwasher as they may dry unevenly, causing the wood to be rough and even crack.

Main features

  • Crafted in Vermont from sustainably harvested rock maple.
  • Sanded smooth for little mouths and hands.
  • No chemical finishes.
  • Sold in a pair of two shapes.
  • Shrink wrapped for hygiene.

Verified reviews


really wanted to like these….

I really wanted these to work. I didn’t want my kid chewing some toxic piece of plastic, but she never once stuck these in her mouth. They just sat around unused when offered to her. However, they are nice looking and not rough or splintery.

Margot Nevada, TX

each child is different i suppose

i read so many great reviews on how it helped children who were teething, its aesthetically pleasing and seems like a nice idea. unfortunately my daughter didnt look twice at it. when i had it to her she chews it for 5 seconds half heartedly then drops it and goes on to something else. I got them when she was about 6 months and now she is 1 year and its never been anything else except something fun to throw from the high chair.

Cynthia Manson, IA

It is OK….

but my daughter is not to hot on them. And they are kind off big. I thought she would take to them because they are different, but she doesn’t touch them.

Shari Caledonia, IL

Beautiful product, but he didn’t like them

I would have LOVED it if my son had liked these. We bought these when my baby was about 4 months old and he chewed on them a few times. He really hasn’t been interested in them since. They are so smooth and I love that they are organic. Sadly, my now 10 month old still tosses these aside for colorful things.

Charmaine Steeles Tavern, VA

Excellent quality, Beautiful teethers

These are gorgeous — very well made. My baby is just 4 months old and isn’t too interested in them yet (she’s just learning to grab and her little mouth doesn’t quite fit around the teether)…but I bet she’ll really love them in a couple months. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced Waldorf-type teether (these are JUST as good quality as the super expensive Waldorf teethers I’ve seen) – buy this. And I’m not easily pleased.

Denise Wolf, WY


I’m trying to get as much plastic out of my life as possible. These teethers are perfect! Heftier than I expected, which is great. My son loves them!

Sofia Rose, OK

Seemed like a great idea, but son wouldn’t use them

These teethers were just as described, but our son just would not use them. He didn’t even want to play with them, let alone chew on them! I don’t know if it was the flavor, the texture, the shape, or what, but he didn’t care for them at all. Great idea, just didn’t work so well for us.

Cristina Elkhorn City, KY


Our son never really used teethers (he preferred his fingers), but he did chew on this for a while. They are very well made and very smooth. Do not leave in water or wash in the dishwasher as they are untreated.

Trudy Martinsburg, PA

Great teethers!

My 7 month old daughter LOVES these! I also have 3 of the Waldorf teethers and I like these much better. They are smoother and don’t require waxing. These are very easy for her to grab and get into her mouth.

Reva Warsaw, NC

works for us

My baby didn’t show much interest in these until she was 9 months. While she does gnaw on them, she likes banging them together more than anything. Like many baby toys/teethers, its usefulness depends on the baby.

Marylou Gracey, KY


My son loves these teethers! Since he got teeth early he was chewing through most of his other teethers and these have held up well through his teething/knawing on them! They are easy to clean too.

Allie Mooresville, AL

great teething rings

My baby loves these! They are nice and smooth and a perfect size. Also they are very easy to clean.

Chasity Winterhaven, CA

Very nice, but baby wasn’t interested.

My kiddo (10 months) just wasn’t into these, I think I waited to long to introduce them. I purchased these with hopes she’d stop chewing on all the other wood in our home…nope! Beautiful teethers, though. Maybe just introduce them much earlier!

Rowena Linthicum Heights, MD

beautiful natural teethers

This will be a Christmas gift for my 6 month old. They are beautifully crafted and I am sure he will like chewing on them! I love that they are natural.

Myrna Harrison, OH

Great – Chemical free teethers

My LO wasn’t so interested when I first got these but as he’s grown they’ve become his teether of choice. He puts everything wood in his mouth so it’s nice to redirect to these great teethers.

Laura Water Valley, TX

Great for 4 month old!

Great natural organic sustainable teether for a 4 month old, it is a good size and very affordable. My baby loves it!

Mattie Dunmor, KY

Awesome, almost perfect

I bought these for my newly teething 4 1/2 month old. He loves them – they’re easy to hold, and must feel good on his gums because he chomps on them all day! However, I did want to wash them upon getting them, and just rubbed them with a damp soapy cloth and then a non-soapy damp cloth… and it caused the wood to get a little less smooth. I bought some finish for these and put it on, hoping it would help, but it didn’t. I guess I could sand them again, but it was just a little bothersome. Amazing otherwise!

Adeline Manitowish Waters, WI

Perfect for Little Hands

I purchased the maple teethers for my twin 5 month old sons. They love them! The teethers are the perfect size for their little hands. They have trouble getting them into their mouths because of the shape, but I think as they get a little better at manipulating items they will be able to put them in their mouths more easily. Whenever I offer the teethers to my sons, they grab at them and like to hold onto them.

Rosemary Blue Diamond, NV


these teethers are excellent quality and they’re just plain beautiful. my son is mostly interested in softer things right now but he likes to gnaw on it pretty often and it’s his favorite thing to bang on the table. it’s light weight and it fits nicely in a pacifier holder that we clamp on his shirt. it washes very easily too- that’s a big plus! all those plastic toys have nooks and crannies! not this!

April Fountain, MN

took awhile… but they’re perfect

It took my violently teething five month old several tries before he liked these. Because, like other reviewers mention, they’re not blingy, the kid really doesn’t want it if there are any other more exciting toys around. But it’s more of an artisan styled tool – I keep one on both levels of the house for the painful moments when he starts to gnaw on his little fists.We rubbed one down with food grade almond oil (letting it rest and soak in overnight) to see what would happen – and this created a beautiful finish that seems to be a better texture to chew.If your kiddo doesn’t go for it right away, try using it when you’re on the go and s/he needs something to gnaw on.

Chelsey Ellijay, GA

Love the concept

I love this product concept — made in VT from maple. I’m a New Englander who finds any excuse she can to visit VT, and I love maple trees, so it caught my attention.My only comment about the product so far is that the rings are a bit thick for my young teether to bite down on. They’re quite a bit thicker than commercial teething products. As he gets older, it will probably get a little easier for him.

Betsy Tuba City, AZ

love these

These are great. I love that they’re splinter free, that they’re one piece of wood each, and that they’re unique. I feel good about my son teething on them (unlike most things he wants to chew on). I gave one to a friend – it makes a good gift too.

Lorena Orrville, OH

Wood. Really.

I know the first time I saw anything wood for babies I was skeptical. Really, it’s not only okay, but it’s wonderful. I have a handful of teething/nursing necklaces with wood rings and beads that my son absolutely loves. These rings were the icing on the cake to his collection. They’re easy to hold and have varied curves and angles to gnaw on. I recommend a food-safe wood conditioner to help prolong the life of the wood, but they are great teethers. I love that they’re made in the US, too.

Olivia Clinton, WI

Great teether for travel

This is a great teether. My son chewed on it from 4 months to now (9 months). The shape is easy to hold and it can easily be tethered to a paci clip when out in public to keep it off the floor! The wood hasn’t come apart at all and the finish is so smooth you might not know it was raw wood. In all, this was a great investment and I think my son will continue to chew on it until he finally gets all his teeth! It’s nice that it is a 2 pack so there’s one for home and one to keep in the car. They clean up well with soapy water just like a wood cutting board,

Peggy Mountain View, OK