Mary Meyer Rattle, Mango Monkey

Mary Meyer Rattle, Mango Monkey

Mary Meyer Rattle, Mango Monkey

Main features

  • Easy to hold mango monkey rattle measures 5″
  • Provides tactile and visual stimulation for your baby
  • Voted one of parent Magazine’s toys of the year for 2009
  • Mary Meyer has been making safe, fun toys for more than 77 years
  • Rattle is made to be baby-safe, with no pesticides or toxic chemicals

Verified reviews



I like this rattle alot. I was so sick of all the loud, obnoxious, ugly rattles and teethers at walmart and target, and this one was refreshing and very cute. My baby is too young to play with it yet, but Im sure shell love it. Nice quality.

Candice Kresgeville, PA

Happy baby

Sometimes it’s the simple things that work so well…..this is a perfect example. Baby likes it , I like it !

Zelda Kerr, OH


My baby loves this rattle! .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . . . . . . . .

Cecile Marble Hill, MO

Soft is best

This is a nice rattle because it’s soft. Babies can’t control their motions well but as they age a bit they get some real oomph behind their arm swings. This rattle is soft so no worries of bruises or smashed fingers when baby pounds this rattle around. We like this and our daughter does too — she’s six months.

Lorraine Barrington, RI


I love this little rattle. My daughter is only one month and it doesn’t catch her eye quite as much yet as some of the brighter toys do, but it is a nice little size, and she likes the rattle. Soon she should be able to get her hands around it.

Glenna Stryker, MT


My 4 1/2 month old daughter just learned how to shake her toys, and this rattle keeps her entertained for a good while. It fits her grip perfectly and it’s soft so it doesn’t hurt her when she accidentally hits herself with it.

Ashleigh Mc Fall, MO