Mary Meyer Taggies Dazzle Dots Soft Toy, Monkey

Mary Meyer Taggies Dazzle Dots Soft Toy, Monkey

Decorated with a dazzle dots monkey plush toy and featuring a silky soft underside and plush microfiber top this blanket is sure to be cherished for years to come. With truly innovative attributes and small beginnings, Taggies has revolutionized and redefined how little ones feel secure and engaged in play. Originating with a mother’s observation that her baby was more interested in the satin tags on toys than the object itself, today Taggies offers a broad array of simple but fun products designed to enhance a child’s growth and sense of security. At the core of our brand are the unique, interactive, and patented looped tags to touch and explore. The snuggly soft fabrics, colors, and textures of Taggies help nurture a child and provide simple opportunities for fine motor skill development and sensory stimulation. This Taggies is brought to you by Mary Meyer toys.

Main features

  • Dazzle dots monkey soft toy is 12” tall
  • Made with ultra-soft microfiber fabric and featuring embroidered detailing
  • Taggies are adorned with patented looped ribbon tags that babies love to explore and rub
  • Perfect size and shape for little hands to shake
  • Mary Meyer products are all made to strict quality standards to meet or exceed us toy safety requirements

Verified reviews


Dots Monkey is my daughter’s best friend.

I am back to order my third “Dots” just in case something happens to the first two. We keep a Dots for ‘on the go’ (daycare, car trips) and a Dots at home. My daughter’s first word, besides ma ma and da da, was DOTS. As soon as she saw Dots for sale at a Buy Buy Baby, she was in love. It was the first time she positively lit up just by looking at a toy like that. And ever since, they’ve been inseparable! For her first birthday, I also bought her the two matching blankies… and guess what’s in her crib right now? Her three Dots items. I can’t say enough good things about this monkey. He’s a perfect size – she runs through the house with one arm clutching Dots and the other holding a bottle. As she’s grown, so has her love for Dots. He’s totally machine washable. He’s unique and adorable and gender neutral. He makes everyone smile. Dots is awesome. 🙂

Tracy Allenport, PA

Really nice item.

Granddaughter absolutely loves this. Anything with tags is going to be a winner, one cover with them is a big deal. Well made and seems to be holding up.

Nannie New Lebanon, NY

Fell in love!

My 4 month old loves this!!! He laughs and talks at it and instantly fell in love with it! It goes everywhere with him!

Guadalupe Portland, OR

Daughter loves it

My little girl loves this. SHe plays with the tags and holds it in the car. Shes 9 months old.

Polly Lena, WI

He loves it

My almost 6 month old baby loves this monkey! It’s a great size and is so soft. He snuggles w/ it at bedtime. I bought it at a time when it was on sale and available on Prime – even better!

Lydia Sherman, IL