Mary Meyer Wubbanub Pacifier, Okey Dokey Dino

Mary Meyer Wubbanub Pacifier, Okey Dokey Dino

Mary Meyer has made toys that are safe and fun for more than 75 years and has received numerous awards including multiple Oppenheim and Toy of the Year awards. As a young woman, Mary studied clothing design in New York City. In 1933, 29 year old Mary and her husband, Hans Meyer, put their talents together to design, manufacture, and sell tomato and animal pin cushions along with dolls. After several years, they added stuffed toys.

Main features

  • Size 6″ long
  • Made of luxuriously soft, ultra plush fabric
  • BPA and Phthalate free
  • Machine Washable
  • Wubbanub pacifiers are the soft and cuddly pacifier that not only won’t get lost, it will be loved
  • Okey dokey dino wubbanub is 6″ long and arrives in gift friendly packaging that promotes its features
  • Soft and cuddly, with arms and legs that are easy for little hands to hold on to
  • Machine washable wubbanub has a soothie brand pacifier that is bpa and phthalate free, and made from latex free silicone
  • Mary meyer has been making toys that are fun and safe for more than 75 years

Verified reviews


Son loves the longer limbs on this one

I bought this one and a lion one for my son, but he clearly prefers this dino one. I think it is because the arms and legs are a little longer on this one and he can grab them more easily, and the paws are thick but flat so he can get them in his mouth easily. Buying an extra because it’s his favorite.

Emilia Stem, NC

My son loves this one

I bought my son a few of these WubbaNub pacifiers in case one gets dirty or list. This Dino has been by far his most favorite one. Love it and so dos he.

Courtney Ukiah, CA

Life Savior

This is a wonderful product and a second one we purchased so we could wash the giraffe we already had. Not all babies like pacifiers (my daughter didn’t), but my baby son loves it and it is the only way he goes to sleep. If he is cranky this is also often a life savior for us even though we try to limit the use to nap/night time. Something to keep in mind if you use a paci… the attached toy makes it a lot easier for the baby to hold it and find it quickly in the crib. However because of the added weight it is not recommended to let the baby use this while the baby is playing or sitting since it may cause the bite to shift forward. We have the same pacifier without the toy and that is what we give our son if he is cranky and just wants to crawl around with it a bit. When he is in his crib or reclining in a stroller the wubbanub is perfect! That is my advice which I also received from other people and it makes sense, but is a personal choice. In any case for any pacifier lover these wubbanubs are priceless and a must have!!!

Shari Hartford, VT

Son loves this!

I bought this hoping it would hold my sons pacifier better in his mouth… It did! The only thing I don’t like is that the binkie is sewn in the mouth so how do you change it??

Katina Hillsville, PA


Love this ….so well made and great colors, had dog and monkey but this is more eye catching for my grandson!

Melba Monroe, OR


My 4 month old granddaughter loves all of her Wubbanub’s and she was smiling when I gave her Okey Dokey Dino! The bright colors are what really caught her eye!

Katina Hensel, ND

A must have!

Our kid will not sleep without this! If he wakes up he finds it and instantly goes back to sleep! This is a lifesaver! We bought many!

Adriana Durant, MS

Good pacifiers

My son likes these alot! He also has a duck he prefers, they stay in good while resting on his chest when he sleeps, avoids the pacifier slipping out and cry routine…. Once they figure out how to pull it out of their mouth by the creatures leg, its over:)

Kayla Bliss, ID